It’s pretty hard to get 2 hits, monsters have to be at the edge of the attack’s range. Offensively, the shield hits everything around you, but slowly (around once a second) and not very hard (something lower than your ATT). We recommend going pure CON Zenonia 5 berserker instead. Because of the general disappearance associated with cheat codes, discovering hacks is regarded as the usual designed for games. Then if I’m satisfied with my damage, maybe add a bit into DEX. Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Based these stats, we have prepared 3 kinds of recommended stats build for your Zenonia 5 Paladin. The Mechanic fires quick shots which have a long range and can hit multiple enemies. Wizard Guide The Wizard is the magic-wielding class in Zenonia 5. Zenonia 5 will be hacked, plus it probably will not be a long time before it takes place. Defeat impossible bosses and unravel the mysteries in stunning HD! Pushing the attack button with this version of Zenonia causes your character to fight as fast as it’s possible to push it. wizards can't escape me.. It hits right in front of you and knocks back. The strength of your Zenonia 5 paladin comes from their ability to do quick damages with fast attack speed, and they have some of heavy hitter skills that can wipe out enemies fast. Chain Lightning (1)Mana Drain (10)Mental Break (1)Psychic Shield (7)Concentrate (10)Starfall or Psychic Spin (10)Psychic Storm (1)ATT Increase (10)DEF Increase (10)CON Increase (10)INT Increase (10)Passive Master (10)CRI per INT (10)Devil’s Recovery (1)Area Zero (5). Introduction ***** Zenonia is a game developed and published by Gamevil Inc. which was made available to America via the iTunes appstore on 5/24/09. Ttocs L. more. Pure STR builds are for PvE purposes only. Zenonia contains a large selection of this gear for each class, and it is your decision to collect all of it. In general, as a pure STR you will get killed pretty easily by the bosses, play your Paladin like a spell caster. Because of them, you can buy boosts for yourself, which can help you quickly recognize a character. It's fast, and with the new 8 directions you can attack (rather than the previous 4), you can aim your attack diagonally and juggle enemies that would kill you otherwise. In Zenonia 5, you’ll select between four different classes, such as a Berserker. The brand new combat system throughout Zenonia 5 is a thing that absolutely made the experience even better. It's a build between Pure Str and Hybrid. Zenonia 5 skills also have invincibility frames now, so that's a big plus for this class. Ensure you sit back and watch a lot of videos, it can be tough to obtain one that genuinely works. This skill can do significant damage to a group of enemies in a pretty wide “net”. In case you have already conquered Zenonia 5, the ability to instantly produce a completely functional character and head right to the online part would be amazing. Throughout Zenonia 5, it’s possible to attack minus the game auto-attacking at certain times. Throw in some CON but mostly STR for your Paladin unless you’re going for some crazy CRIT-skill-spammer build. After testing all 4 characters, I find that Paladin is the best, using your guide. Paladins are pretty strong with the 2 hammers but i was wondering. However, as a fast attacker, you have the edge to get in close, deal damage fast and get out fast. This blog is dedicated to one game in particular, Zenonia 5. If you don’t pump into STR, it’ll take ages to kill things, because you’ll be able to survive harder enemies as well. After I ultimately complete Zenonia 5, I’d really like to produce a fresh character and hack it to max level along with 100 % gear, as well as go straight away to PvP. This Zenonia 5 – Wheel of Destiny Psychic Tornado Wizard is created in attempt to help you develop a wizard based on three main skills, these are Psychic Ball, Tornado, and Psychic Spin/Starfall. It also casts slow on the enemies so that you can make a getaway. You can go into the Abyss once a day free, and the Wizard’s constant AOE works great for it. Is it truly possible to be able to have unlimited Zen? Works well with the Cool User (SP Absorb +2%) title you get after playing the game for 2 hours. STR – ATT +5, DEF +1, 0.2 CRIDMGDEX – CRIT +0.36, EVA +0.26, HIT +0.08INT – ATT +1, SP +26, CRI +0.14, HIT +0.18CON – ATT +1, DEF +3, HP +26, The stat points for the Paladin are trickier than the other classes, but believe me when I say in the beginning at least, add everything into STR. You can substitute your ATT into the 'formulas' and get an average damage to a single monster. Acquiring infinite Zen comes with a large gain, in fact. The beginning to mid game is hell for this build because some of the bosses will take forever to kill such as Haima. Eliminating the necessity to manually level up a person could very well save many hours, and also will make Player vs player that much more fun. You may or may not need this. Passives are very straightforward. If they’re right in front of you, you usually get 2 hits. There is loads of attractive features throughout Zenonia 5. Zenonia contains a large selection of this gear for each class, and it is your decision to collect all of it. Add 5 STR and 1 CON every two levels. I have been shocked with the amount of detail Zenonia supplies with each new game. Maxed out, you instantly heal 38% of your HP for only 187 SP, saves lots of potions. This I believe would likely save me a massive amount of hardache in the long run, since I could just step directly into the online part of Zenonia without having to invest countless hours grinding ever again.

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