212 lbs (96 kg) Hometown. carry the same amount. Your email address will not be published. Only minor annoyance was with bear can, I could not put water bottle back in side pocket because the bear can bows the pack out backwards. Right Hipbelt Pocket: 100. Q: DO I NEED THE S-STRAP OR THE J-STRAP? 8 other products in the same category: Washable face mask Quick view Coated Dyneema sacoche. VX07 WEIGHT: 39 OZ | 1,105 GM Then, choose your thread color and font, and we’ll personalize your pack for you. Once rolled, each side of the collar can be buckled to the sides of the pack or the two yellow buckles on the top can also be fastened to each other. VX21 WEIGHT: 41 OZ | 1,162 GM He was part of the nWo stable at the time with Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Big Show, having various versions of their teaming within the stables. This X-Pac version is the same as the X51, with the addition of a ripstop weave to increase tear strength and stitch holding capabilities. It was comfortable with a 30 pound load. Although not necessary for optimum performance, positioning your sleeping pad into the interior of the Circuit (against the back-panel) is also a good solution. The J straps are the traditional straps, and work best on most men with average builds. X-Pac was within the Top 20 in the ranking system and was a constant challenger for the Intercontinental Championship. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The S straps work best on almost all women and men with square shoulders and good posture. Minneapolis, Minnesota. The “HIPBELT SIZE” option above includes numbered measurements. WOMEN Give us a call or send us an email! ADDRESSES. He was also involved in the nWo storyline during Season Mode which also involved Hulk Hogan. S STRAPS Q: WHAT DOES RECOMMENDED BASE WEIGHT MEAN? I was 63 when I tested it out and everything stayed dry while hiking in the rain with my X pac circuit. (WWF; 2000; Used while a part of D-Generation X), "Rockhouse" by Frank Shelley (WCW / WWF/E; 1996–1997, 2002, 2015; Used while a part of the, "Tear It Up" by PowerHouse Music Library (WCW; 1996–1997; Used while part of the New World Order), "What 'Chu Lookin' At?" I would highly recommend this pack in place of the Ohm for a thru hike as the difference in weight is negligible. If you are straighter through the hips, add 3 inches instead of 5. Learn More…, COLORS: Hot Lime & Black, Hot Orange & Black, The Camouflage X-Pac X50™ Fabric uses extra tough 500 Denier Cordura face fabric to create a highly abrasion resistant, tear resistant, high tensile and waterproof material that’s super bomber and can handle even the toughest of conditions.   X-Pac; Height: 6"1: Weight: 212 lbs: From: Minneapolis, Minnesota: Finisher 1: X-Factor: Finisher 2: Bronco Buster: WWF SmackDown! Example: If you wear a size 36 pant, add 2 to get 38. Example: If your waist size is 26, add 5 to get 31. Price €20.00 Quick view Sacoche Mesh. We made a limited number of each size and color so be sure to get one while you can! Price €35.00 Quick view Ripstop HDPE Sacoche. These packs are constructed of 100% waterproof Dimensional Polyant X-Pac material. Marsha But its light and extremely strong. From this large bone, measure (with the flexible tape) down the length and natural curvature of your spine to the top of your waist band, the top of which is resting on the top your hipbone. Standing upright, tilt your chin to your chest. Learn More…, COLORS: Bahama Blue & White, Blue & White, Coyote & Black, Gold & Black, Lavender & White, Olive & Black, Port & White, Red & Black, Teal & White, Ripstop Soft X-Pac VX21 RS™ Fabric features a softer hand than the standard Terrain X-Pac™ VX21, while the addition of the ripstop weave increases tear strength and stitch holding capabilities. The Baltoro is wider and can carry a bear can sideways also, while the circuit is more a slimmer higher type pack. The S straps work best on almost all women and men with square shoulders and good posture. In the case of the Circuit, removable items total about 6 OZ. “Base weight” refers to the total weight of all gear carried — including the weight of your ULA backpack. In general most people can reach back and retrieve a bottle, drink, and return the bottle to the pocket without removing the pack. (verified owner) – August 22, 2020. For most women, measure the smallest part of your waist and add 5 inches. Celebrities height comparison chart is provided here to compare the height of your most-liked celebrity with another celebrity. Price €35.00 Quick view Porte-Monnaie Mesh. game. With no opportunity for resupply, I needed to carry nine days of food and my previous pack was not up to the task. Very comfortable pack. 6″” and Chris sized me perfectly with medium pack with medium hip belt. Your email address will not be published. I used a Gregory Baltoro 65 small size before this, and the circuit is half the weight. YKK Waterproof Zippers on Dual Hipbelt Pockets. Sean "X-Pac" Waltman (her boyfriend for several) said on Steve Austin's podcast Click Here yesterday that she was "5-9". He had a tag team with Road Dogg within the game. VX21RS WEIGHT: 41 OZ | 1,162 GM I needed a new pack for a 127 mile hike of a rugged section of the PCT. While it is rated slightly less high in abrasion resistance than the VX21, it’s tear strength is higher thanks to the ripstop checker pattern. If you are very large in the upper body you might need XL shoulder straps, give us a call for that. He had a tag team with Road Dogg within the game. They both WrestleMania's Main Event Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. HOW DOES IT WORK? COLORS: Black & Grey, Blue & Black, Grey & Black, Red & Blue, White & Red, Terrain X-Pac VX21™ Fabric is one of the most popular high-performance technical fabrics in the industry. Learn More…, High Visibility VX25 Fabric is made with UV resistant dyed polyester face fabric and was made to enhance safety. Finisher: X-Factor First Video Game Appearance: WWF Raw Career Highlights: WWE European Champion (x2), WWE Light Heavyweight Champion (x2), WCW Cruiserweight Champion (x2), World … Used it on Superior Hiking Trail for a 5 day backpack trip to test it out. anonnnn said on 12/Aug/16 Just heard a clip of steve austin and sean Waltman podcast talking about china's height. X51 WEIGHT: 47 OZ | 1,332 GM Had all my gear, a bear can, and 5 days of food packed away in it. If you are between sizes on the hipbelt it’s best to go with the larger size, it gives you more padding and puts the pockets in a better position. This weight also includes things like water bottles and food stuff sacks, but not the weight of water and food as this will vary during each trip. If you are a short torso, but with a larger upper body, give us a call, we may want to give you a slightly longer strap, there’s no charge for it, so don’t be shy, pick up the phone or send us an email. CAN IT FIT HORIZONTALLY? The number you calculated (waist size + 2) will determine the size you need. Packs that have trail names embroidered on them are still returnable, minus a $35.00 fee. by Uncle Kracker (WWF; 2001; Used while a part of X-Factor), "The Band Theme" by Dale Oliver (TNA; 2010), "Wolfpac Theme (Instrumental)" by Jimmy Hart (TNA; 2010), "We're Going to Chesterfield (Instrumental)" by The Sean Waltman Neo-Soul Experience (Independent circuit; 2005–2009), "One Last Time" by The Deadites (Chikara), WCW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with, WWF Light Heavyweight Championship (2 times), WWF World Tag Team Championship Tournament (1995) – with Bob Holly. MEN 2: Know Your Role. Left Side Mesh Pocket: 400 These packs are constructed of 100% waterproof Dimensional Polyant X-Pac material, and seam sealed, with YKK waterproof zippers. Oh my god, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up X-Pac. A: The suspension hoop used in the Circuit is our minimal solution to transferring load between shoulder and hip. X-Pac X-Pac From: Minneapolis, MN Height: 6' 1" Weight: 200lb. Personally, when the loads are kept below 35 lbs, we find this pack to be the most comfortable in the ULA line-up. Q: HOW DOES THE TOP OF THE PACK STAY CLOSED? A:Every bear canister on the market will fit into the Circuit vertically. Weight Class. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. Not only is it a nice personal touch, but it’s a great way of identifying your pack no matter how or where you travel. https://wmmainevent.fandom.com/wiki/X-Pac?oldid=1735, Singles match for the WWE European Championship, "Break it Down (V2)" by Chris Warren and Jim Johnston (WWF; used while a part of D-Generation X; 2000), "The Kings" by Run–D.M.C. We have fully re-engineered how we construct the Circuit in order to be able to seam seal the interior for optimal performance in wet conditions. The X-Pac Circuit has received a couple of new features for when you need to cover some miles in the rain! WWF SmackDown! Love the roll top, the stretchy pocket. Light Heavyweight. Many men with athletic builds, i.e. This X-Pac version is ultra-stronger due to its durable 500d x 1,000d Cordura nylon outer fabric, making it an excellent choice for applications where your pack will be under a lot of heavy stress. A: If you are using an inflatable pad, I recommended storing it in the interior of the pack to avoid punctures. This measurement in inches is your torso length. Full wrestling profile of Sean Waltman / X-Pac / Syxx-Pac, including Career History, promotions he worked with, Real Name, Height, Weight, Age, Face/Heel Turns, Titles Won & Accomplishments, Finishers, Theme Songs, Tag Teams & Stables, Gimmicks pictures, appearance changes and more.

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