This list does not include aviation or other transport accidents involving sporting teams traveling to or from a sporting event. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Benjamin K. Sovacool. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Process of clearing the wreckage took more than a day due to the adverse weather conditions. ", "Mother files lawsuit over 2010 cable car accident", "As Many As 100 Feared Dead in Gold Mine Accident", "19 workers in Wuhan killed after elevator plunges 100m", "Twelve dead in Fujian elevator accident", "11 die as elevator cable snaps at work site in north China", "34 killed, 6 injured in mining accidents", "10 people killed in Istanbul elevator accident", "Solving a Mystery of 400 Years-An Explanation to the "explosion" in Downtown Beijing in the Year of 1626 – Research Paper", "Weatherwatch: Lightning made castles and churches very dangerous places", "Loss of 6000 Chinese troops in explosion of ship disclosed", "No dia 16 de Setembro de 1732, deu-se a explosão do paiol de Campo Maior", "La Red Cultural del Banco de la República", "1,200 Die as Yangtse Troopship Blows Up", "Recordando a las víctimas del Cabo Machichaco", "Vor 60 Jahren: Explosionsunglück erschüttert BASF", "Ammo factory blast in Yemen kills at least 121", "At least 20 killed in Mexico pipeline explosion | CBC News", "The dark side of the 'Miracle on the Han, "100 are killed, 300 injured in blast in China", "Explosions in Southeastern China Kill Scores, Official Report Says", "Hercules Factory Explosion, Kenvil, New Jersey 1940", "Death toll in blast at Zambia mine climbs to 51", "Nigeria oil tanker explosion kills at least 50 people", "Factory explosion kills 22, injures dozens more", "Brazil mourns victims of arsenal explosion", "Explosion rocked the city Disaster: The tramp steamer Alum Chine blew up while loading dynamite in the Patapsco River March 7, 1913", "China industrial park explosion kills 19", "Local woman recalls 1945 Edgewood Arsenal explosion", "Blast at Ecuador Munitions Dump Kills 8", "Recordando la catástrofe de San Juanico", "Mining Disasters in Great Britain – 1850", "Around the World; 65 Czechs Killed in Mine; Toll Is Worst in 20 Years", State of Michigan: Mines and Mineral Statistics, "Det Norske Veritas Report No. It happened when he attempted to pass his slower peer Austin Healey and hit the rear end of the car, throwing his Mercedes into air and crashing into the trackside embankment. 17 people were killed and 150 people were injured in this accident. Chunchu suspension bridge collapse, Napalgunj, a seven-story apartment building collapsed at, At least 17 people are killed in a building collapse in, Wonderland Theatre collapse in Detroit, Michigan, 5 November 1898, La Tienda Amigo clothing outlet collapse in, Schlitz Brewing Company warehouse collapse in, Consumers Power Company building wall collapse in, Johanns Steamship Provisions Company building collapse in New York City, 1917, Television transmitting tower collapse in. I suffer from dystychiphobia, the fear of accidents. Toxicology tests have revealed that Schuler was impaired by both alcohol and marijuana at the time of the crash, which killed her, her daughter, her three nieces, and the three passengers of the SUV she hit while driving in the wrong direction on the parkway. Tacoa Disaster (Tacoa Power Plant, Arrecife, Accidental explosion at disposal of ammunition, just at the time of Japanese soldiers and civilians withdrawal from. Although each of the car accidents mentioned here are equally tragic and devastating, this one is by far the most horrifying of them all, at least in the field of sports. The car impacted heavily into a pole and concrete structure when the car increased its speed even more. Here are six recent-ish ones that are pretty awful. - Extreme Car Accident Scenes Caught On Video For Your Twisted Delight ... 01:44 Fatal Traffic Accident On The Way To Death. The owner of this classy vehicle had bought his car only 6 days before this travestying incident. The Red Cross stepped in and took 45 people to one of their shelters until road conditions improved. There had been warning signs posted but conditions deteriorated too quickly for them to help motorists. It is believed that the cause of the accident was the unexpected breaking of the steering shaft. Kevin Chittum, his fiancée, Whitney Rogers, his 13 year old sister, 11 year old niece, and two of his niece’s friends piled into a car to head to the county fair. FIve years ago, while staying in Arizona one Spring, I witnessed a horrifying accident that to this day keeps me up at night. It is alleged that the driver was bragging to his girlfriend and trying to impress her with the speed of his swanky ride. Virgina’s I-81 is known as a treacherous road that has seen more than its share of accidents. warning these are very graphic and bloody, 28 Expensive Fails That Made Someone's Wallet Cry, Dude Gets Busted Lying About His Fake Girlfriend Dying in a Car Accident, What Most People Don't Remember About WWI is That it Was Brutal, Terrifying Experiments From Mad Scientists, Horrific Abandoned Duplex Found By Neighbors, Complete and Utter Devastation as Semi Truck Driver Kills 4 In Horrific Colorado Crash, Dude Shuts a Skeptical Nurse Up with a Gruesome Broken Arm Display, Wedding Videography Company 'Copper Stallion Media' Refuses to Refund Deposit, Says "Life's a B****' After Woman's Death, Obnoxious Rookie Cop Blocks Emergency Vehicles, Sergeant Lets His Car Get Towed, 17 Boring Photos That Became Exciting Thanks to an Accident, 27 Awkward Times Celebrities Failed at Social Media, 56 Funny Memes and Pics to Help Pass the Time, 43 Funny Pics and Memes To Amuse and Delight, 17 Eye-Opening Things People Learned Online. The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of. Under-construction Kota Chambal River Bridge collapse in Kota, Grandstand collapse at Boy Scout review in, Illegally built seven-story building collapse at, Six-story apartment building collapsed at, A gold mine collapse, Afghanistan, on 6 January 2019. Approximately 100 cars and 4 tractor-tailors were collide in this massive accident which resulted in the miles of blockage. Mahoney had been driving in the wrong direction on I-71. With a BAC level three times the legal limit, Michael R. Gagnon, then 24, sped in the wrong direction in his pickup truck and struck a minivan which carried a family returning home to Maryland after spending the holidays in Michigan in 2007. The driver was reported to be driving his million dollar car recklessly the day before this accident as well. FIve years ago, while staying in Arizona one Spring, I witnessed a horrifying accident that … Though 1% of all these accidents happen out of nature’s play, in the remaining 99% of cases only the driver’s reckless driving and over speed need to be blamed. Its risk was felt closely when in 2008 in New Jersey, USA saw the racer Scott Kalitta’s car engine exploded at the traversing speed of 300 MPH! Steven A. Boyce was 20 years old when he hit a Jeep Cherokee halted at a red light from behind in June 2011. So, not to disrespect the victims in any way but out of sheer curiosity and as a means to make you aware and cautious of what a disaster car accident look like, here’s the list of top 18 worst car accidents ever occurred around the world. It was such a huge episode and this accident has rendered the car racing unlawful. Gagnon was later sentenced to 43 years in prison without eligibility for parole. Jose Banda, 20, plowed into David Barajas and his sons David Jr., 12, and Caleb, 11, while they were pushing a truck that ran out of gas on a road near Alvin, Texas in December 2012. Get your facts right. It's pretty intense. First Assembly of God Church in Radcliffe, KY sponsored a youth trip to King’s Island amusement park on a former school bus that then served as a church activity bus. The incident was reported to occur at the very early hour of the day. Right now to increase the awareness of “Life claiming dangerous driving” among the youngsters and parents, a wreckage of Joseph’s car was put on a public display in London.You can read the detailed story here. (See map and bar graph below.) Mahoney served 10 years and 11 months in prison and was released on September 1, 1999. Drunk driver wipes out entire family of 4 in fiery car crash. Makahali River bridge collapsed, Baitadi, Makahali, Guavio hydroelectric project dam collapse near, a wire rope style bridge collapsed over a swollen stream at. A methane gas explosion at the St. Helena gold mine severed the cable of a double-deck elevator, causing it to fall 1.4 kilometers to the bottom of the mine shaft, killing all 52 people on board. Although he did skip a sentencing hearing in May 2017 and became a fugitive, he has since been recaptured and sentenced to 50 years in prison. Considered as one of the most successful racers of Formula One, Ayrton Senna met his end during the Grand Prix held at San Marino in 1994. Automobile Accidents 28 Expensive Fails That Made Someone's Wallet Cry Car Wrecks From An Earlier Time Why You Never Buy The Cheap Seats Top 5. This is a collection of videos that feature some of the most bone-jarring car accidents you’ve ever seen, and they’ve all been caught on video. In 1955, Pierre Levegh who was behind the wheels of his Mercedes Benz 300 SLR lost his life in a terrible racing tournament at Le Mans. The terrible accident left 1 person dead and 31 more injured. Illegal African immigrants boat sank Mareg, Columbus radiotherapy accident, 88 injuries, Mardaiyar river bridge derail disaster, (, Barwałd Średni trains disaster, (Poland, 1944), Railway bridge collapse, (India, 2 September 1956). It isn't just us normal folks who die in car accidents, of course. The driver of the vehicle had his car reach a dangerous 130 MPH speed on a country road in the state. This tragic and foolhardy accident occurred in the year 2004. However, many times to no fault of the driver’s own, car crashes still occur sometimes due to the irresponsible driving of a fellow driver and sometimes the merciless nature at play. After hours of rescue efforts in the continuing dust storm, 17 people had died and 150 were seriously injured. Since the parachutes itself got damaged due to the explosion, it just became impossible to stop the car. This all led to a pile up of 104 vehicles, including four tractor trailers, along a one mile stretch of highway. Car racing has always been a dangerous sport because of the danger that comes associated with high-speed. To Punish Or Persuade: Enforcement of Coal Mine Safety, by John Braithwaite, p. 78. As it turned out, Cullbreath had already been convicted of DUI multiple times according to state records.

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