1. Benelli contends its ComfortTech3 stock dramatically slashes felt recoil. Now pull that trigger and SHOOT for your DREAMS The Gould Bros. P.S. Intended for hard use, the 12-gauge SX4 Waterfowl Hunter has a 3½-inch chamber. The cocking handle of the new gun is significantly bigger, a positive change over the older model, and the bolt release is bigger, and better, too. In truth, our hard-ridden V3s were grungier than a stray dog, though it was limited to an 8-inch swath. Carbon buildup is further reduced by the piston’s “elastic scraper band that functions as a gasket.”. No, you don’t need to push a gun until it fails to feed, to eject, to fire or until it's impossible to load in order to know what you’ve got. The 3½” model Winchester, like the Browning before it, must be considered quite a triumph of engineering as it can digest 2¾, 3 and 3½” shells interchangeably. PUBLISHED: 17:21 04 May 2017 | UPDATED: 17:21 04 May 2017. The SX4 replaces the older and excellent SX3. The Winchester SX4 is a relative newcomer, but utilizes an operation proven in Browning Gold and Winchester SX3 autoloaders. Your 40-year Gun? Now, with 10’s of thousands of rounds through the SX4 we can confidently say that we love it. Close-range vertical shots rarely worked, and I did better trying to hit out front just as they started climbing. Despite firing practically non-stop, we could’ve done much more if we had booked all-day dove shooting. Instead we opted for the local combo specialty, half-days on the dove stands, and other time ambushing ducks and/or following pointers to quail-like perdiz. Recipe: Smoked pigeon with elderberry syrup. Excess gas escapes via a set of fore-end louvers. Thumbs Down. The ‘integrated valve’ system is designed to keep muck out of the action, and the stroke length – one of the keys to rapid cycling – has been modified to improve function with the lighter payload cartridges, which are now popular. I can remember being invited to the US when Browning launched the Gold Hunter more than a decade back (it was later called the Fusion). In theory, shooters feel more of a shove than a sudden punch, and once again the VersaPort is responsible, since it uses shell length to regulate the gas needed to cycle the action and dumps the rest. Encircling the magazine tube, the stout spring and its carrier are shoved rearward by a gas-actuated piston located inside the magazine cap. Some residue formed on the barrel surface, but mostly collected on the piston. Not everyone agrees the trim SBE3, or any inertia model, shoots as soft as gas-gun competitors. The guns can use a wide variety of cartridges without adjustment. The balance point has moved forward slightly, giving a more natural mount and a smoother swing. And starting at around $1,750 MSRP, it’s among the costliest, too.

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