Terry learns that more money does indeed bring more problems. While looking into a break-in at Holt's mother's house, Jake discovers a secret she’s been keeping from her son. Join over 250,000 others to get the top stories curated daily, plus special offers! Holt and Jake become suspicious of a new Nine-Nine employee. Gina gets hit by a bus and becomes pregnant with the child of a Boyle cousin, Milton. The squad competes against the MTA Police in a holiday singing contest. Jake and Holt are placed in Florida as part of the witness protection program until the Nine-Nine helps them take down Figgis. Notes: I have a fever and I wrote this within 15 minutes because I got really sad and emotional about the show's Florida arc. Jake ruins the precinct's annual beach house getaway when he's pressured into bringing Captain Holt. Sparks fly when a neighboring precinct moves in with the Nine-Nine. The end. Jake gains the upper hand, but Sheriff Reynolds arrives to arrest Jake and gets shot by Figgis. A parking mishap drives a wedge between Holt and Boyle. Holt braces for a visit from his melodramatic sister. Work Search: A now-partnerless Jake encounters tourist Jess Day in his quest to nab a thief. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Holt tries to get a reluctant Amy to express anger with him when he loses her favorite pen. As Jake begins an intense interrogation of a wily dentist suspected of murder, an opera-bound Holt jumps in to assist. Meanwhile, Gina is bequeathed an important Boyle family heirloom that belonged to Charles' recently deceased aunt, but she accidentally destroys it. Yes, we know that the two will wind up back at the 99 within a few episodes (just as Jake did after his undercover assignment, Holt did after his transfer, Jim Halpert did after going to Stamford, etc. Jake and Amy embark on a romantic cruise, only to find an old adversary aboard. A competition ensues when Hawkins indicates there might be room for one of the two on her task force. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". The precinct takes down the accomplices and Jake ends up facing Figgis. Meanwhile, C.J., the new captain of the precinct, has a hands-off attitude and lets his subordinates do whatever they want. Although "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will still be full of comedy gold for which it has been known for, it will also deal with some serious matters. Boyle helps Rosa with a romantic dilemma. When one of Nikolaj's relatives unexpectedly appears, Boyle turns to best bud Jake for support. Meanwhile, Hitchcock and Scully are given the task to watch Terry, as the crew suspects he has something up his sleeve when he refuses to be a part of the heist. Gina invites Jake and Terry over to her new place. Figgis is certainly a formidable foe—what with his connections inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This thread is archived. Witness Protection d2fmeasurement. Jake's reunion with an old partner yields an unhappy surprise. Jake's attempt to connect with his half sister goes off the rails. After making an arrest with too little proof, Jake has 48 hours to get evidence or the perp will go free, forcing the team to work over the weekend. When Jake's absentee father visits, Charles suspects he's up to no good. The Nine-Nine precinct attempts to defeat the MTA Police in the annual Christmas singing competition. Learn more about our use of cookies and information. Holt begins to thwart Jake plans by choosing Charles for his team, while Rosa fully commits to Amy's antics. Jake pulls off a major surprise during the squad's annual Halloween heist, a cutthroat competition to claim the coveted title of Amazing Human/Genius. A whirlwind engagement sends the gang scrambling to throw twin bachelor and bachelorette parties. They were punished for going to Florida so could put in the night shift. Gina sets Rosa up on a blind date. 3 comments. Even the witness protection officer assigned to their case may end up being Figgis' associate. Work Text: “Greg, can we talk?” Estelle asked. A missing person case forces Jake to confront his issues with therapy. Without delay, the two were whisked off to Florida with fake identities and were put under witness protection. When a motorcade detail is delayed, it leads to a wacky competition, and Charles must get an incriminating videotape from Hitchcock. Kevin and Holt fight over a math puzzle. Fellow inmate Rosa keeps Holt and Terry busy with a never-ending to-do list. Excuse my feverish brain's excuse for angst. Amy goes into wedding-planning overdrive after Rosa and a freshly resurfaced Pimento decide to get married in just 14 hours’ time. Figgis escapes, but is forced to surrender after his car is smashed by Gina and Holt's semi-trailer truck. Jake Peralta and his dysfunctional coworkers' lives get demanding. But the night of revelry takes an unexpected turn. The following day, a hungover Jake and Rosa are forced to participate in Hawkins' latest bank robbery. Holt's bid to boost cops' public image sparks a backlash. Jake and Boyle discover Scully and Hitchcock weren't always super-sedentary pencil pushers, and the precinct's cramped quarters make tempers flare. All of the squads are being audited, and the 9-9's auditor is Amy's ex-boyfriend Teddy, who hasn't forgotten that Amy dumped him with encouragement from Jake. At Jake and Gina's high school reunion, he investigates an old accusation while she spins a web of lies. Captain C.J. Jake gets jealous over another detective's romantic interest in Amy, and Terry is tempted to accept a job at a private security firm. Jake and Terry go undercover at a costume-packed fan convention when their favorite fantasy author reports his much-anticipated manuscript stolen. Didn't that mean that the precinct had two captains for a while? This cop show with hilarity and heart holds two Golden Globes: Best TV Comedy and Best Actor in a Comedy (Andy Samberg). Gina inherits a Boyle family heirloom. Back at the Nine-Nine, Terry experiences a crisis of confidence. Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Amy and Gina teach Charles about proper texting etiquette to get him back on the text chain. This work could have adult content. On a solving streak, Jake decides to spend his weekend off with Sgt. Jake and Holt eventually break out of jail and decide to call the Nine-Nine for help. Terry learns he needs to work one more case to catch Hitchcock, who has closed the most cases in the history of the 99th, mainly due to being there 20 years longer. Adrian returns and resumes his romance with Rosa, but they call off their wedding and decide to take their time getting to know each other. Jake and Rosa compete for a spot on their idol Lt. Hawkins' task force, but Hawkins turns out to be a dirty cop and she frames them for bank robbery. Gina proves who the "Ultimate Human/Genius" is. And, with no one from the precinct around to have their backs, Jake and Holt will surely find themselves in even bigger trouble. “If you’re going to ask for the recipe for my deviled eggs, you know I can’t give that to you,” he said. Boyle holds auditions for an undercover assignment. He and Rosa try to pick up right where they left off, stating they will get married in 14 hours, which sends wedding planner Amy into high gear. Figgis is certainly a formidable foe—what with his connections inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Freed from prison and back on duty, Jake hunts for a sneaker thief under Holt's watchful eye. Connected by phone in the same home but 20 years apart, a serial killer puts another woman’s past — and life — on the line to change her own fate. As phony, status quo-upending cliffhangers go, Jake and Holt being put into witness protection is pretty decent. So if you want to know more about this secret organization (without ticking off a mob boss), read on for the truth about the US Witness Protection Program. Jake is assigned a lowly graffiti case as punishment for being late to roll call. Rosa offers to help Amy pick out a wedding gown. 1. Didn't that mean that the precinct had two captains for a while? Holt refuses to believe an old nemesis is really dead. Charles becomes an unlikely commodity as the precinct holds another heist to decide who truly deserves the title of Ultimate Detective Slash Genius. Holt throws down a brain twister challenge. After getting stopped and mistreated by an unfamiliar cop, Terry receives some disappointing advice from Holt about how to handle the profiling. When the precinct goes into lockdown on Thanksgiving night, it's up to Jake to keep morale high, even as things spiral out of control. Charles's convoluted bachelor party plans frustrate Jake, Terry and Holt. Terry and Holt build a model train set for the kids in the lobby to enjoy and compete over which set is more appealing. She looked up at Holt with a serious expression that made him nervous. Terry and a very stressed Charles hire a hacker to trace the source of Cayman Islands bank accounts that were somehow created in Jake's and Rosa's names. To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Another shakeup at the precinct spells trouble for Jake and Amy, while a string of disappointments sends Holt into a downward spiral. She soon learns Rosa is upset because Pimento hasn't yet returned from witness protection. Holt's birthday party, Jake, Amy and the other officers try to make a good impression on Holt's husband but fail miserably. Meanwhile, producers have assured fans that they are working at a storyline that will deal with Peralta and Santiago's (Melissa Fumero) blossoming relationship.

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