}); '); Fewer oxygen molecules per lung-full of air may cause you to feel dizzy and weak. It is hard to fathom the extremes of cold and heat that exist in the thermosphere. alert('Nope! Among vertebrates, _______ can survive a long winter in a semi-frozen state. The following image shows the 5 layers of Earth's atmosphere. Nestled in the rugged San Juan Mountain range in southwest Colorado, Silverton Mountain has one double chair and only double blacks across its 26,819 skiable acres, accessible by hiking (and also by helicopter). ");jQuery("#answer").show("slow");} Plan an expedition!You are going to climb Mount Audubon in Colorado today! }); Because Venus rotates so slowly. '); Which of the following methods are not used by ecologists? Since it’s about 5,000 feet between the summit and the base of the mountain, the temperature at the base village should be about 27°F warmer than at the top (5,000 feet elevation change at 5.4°F per 1,000 feet equals about 27°F temperature increase). d. Excluding one group of mice from exposure to the chemical, but otherwise treating all the mice in the same manner. Additionally, air has low thermal conductivity by volume. Beyond the thermosphere is the exosphere, which is the edge of space. Copyright: Courtesy of Silverton Mountain. Airplanes often fly in the stratosphere, which begins about 10 to 13 kilometers (33,000 to 43,00 feet) above the ground, to avoid the turbulent weather patterns in the troposphere. Why? Which of these statements BEST describes (explains) temperature as elevation in the atmosphere increases? '); Temperatures decrease with increasing height as the ozone layer is left behind and the air thins out with increasing altitude. Which of the following statements correctly explains why temperature increases with altitude in the stratosphere? Tags: Question 10 . As elevation rises warmer temperatures result compared to lower elevations. Zachariah Wavomba started writing professionally in 2007. These regions experience no solar radiation and remain constantly cold. '); In comparison to deeper waters, surface oceanic waters are. alert('You\'re right! jQuery('#surroundedWaterTrue').on('click',function(){ Temperature increases as you gain altitude in the stratosphere and the thermosphere. Suppose that individuals of a particular genetic strain Drosophila melanogaster reproduce at an earlier age than do other strains of this species. In the summer at the poles, there is constant solar radiation, but it is still typically cold (warmer than winter at the poles, but colder than summer near the equator). troposphere. //Air temperature varies in complicated ways with altitude. //--> third order > fourth order. When talking about the various layers of the atmosphere, we often speak in terms of the altitude definition, geography, and how high up the layer goes in relation to sea/ground level. This is true. Which of the following terms refers to a community of organisms plus the physical environment in which they live? Which of the following is characteristic of temperate deciduous forests? Which of the following is not caused by the Coriolis effect on Earth? As you increase in elevation, there is less air above you thus the pressure decreases. Therefore, the further you go from the equator, the cooler it becomes. Air is less dense at high altitudes. 45 seconds . //There is more space between air molecules at higher altitudes. Consequently, places located in high altitudes, such as mountainous regions, experience high temperatures. '); // If you follow the temperature line in the graph above from the surface of the Earth to the top of the atmosphere, moving to your left represents a decrease in temperature, to your right represents an increase in temperature, and straight up represents a constant temperature.

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