Straightforward business current accounts at no monthly cost to get started for sole traders, consultants and contractors, Limited companies save time with accounting integration, invoicing directly from the app and Team Cards for easy expense management, Upgrade to our Plus or Premium memberships when your business needs more support and enjoy exclusive perks. Common sense should be utilised. Tide Platform Limited designs and operates the Tide website and app. After months and months of trying to set up an account with the big banks, we got tired of the long process and explored the option of smaller business banks. I don’t think this would be classed as a bank account by Amazon. We review and present information on UK banks and our readers rate them based on their experiences. combine, analyse and profile your personal data. Make purchases with your Tide card on your Apple devices in-store and online. Without the FSPS cover I doubt I’d want to use it to keep my money in. Link your account to software like Xero, QuickBooks and more. Since Tide is app-based, you won’t have the option of going into a branch, but you will still be able to access everything through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Download the Tide app to have instant access to your business bank account balance, monitoring expenditure and making transfers without having to visit a fixed branch. Not only do we, All rights reserved. Public access can be utilized off the Seminole County side of the intersection of Highway 17/92 and I-4; the north side of the lake off of Enterprise Road; and at Monroe Harbor Marina in downtown Sanford. Do not use this company. We're always making your business finance admin less scary. So you can get back to doing what you love. Tide Platform Limited designs and operates the Tide website and app. Tide accounts come packed with smart and time-saving tools, letting you focus less on admin and more on your business. Quint Group Limited is Upload receipts, auto-match them to transactions, add a note if you like and it’s all stored digitally. the best decision we have made. Established in 2015, Tide is a bank designed for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their money on-the-go via their smartphone app. Powerful and simple. All customers receive the Mastercard wholesale rate. The app automatically picked up my registration number from companies house and I was able to scan in all of the requested ID documents, using the camera on my phone. Accounting integration means that whether you use Xero, Sage or anything in between, you can integrate your existing accounting software to ensure you can keep track of your long-term financial history. They stand out amongst their peers for offering a free business bank account with minimal charges for transfers and also offering business loans straight from the app for those looking to grow or expand their fledgling business. See and manage any Direct Debits in the app, Set up or edit standing orders and one-off payments, Monthly and ad-hoc statements, download as PDF, Export your transactions in multiple formats or share with your accountant, Instantly link your transaction feed to accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, Easily review your account limits and request changes directly in the app.

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