No one had ever even thought of killing it. Short answer study questions for Things Fall Apart. The men from Exeudu's quarter demolished Okonkwo's houses and barn, and killed his animals. Chielo wanted to take Ezinma to see Agbala. Among these men is Okonkwo. He told them he feared for their generation because they didn't understand how strong the bonds of kinship should be. What was the reason for the clan's actions against Okonkwo? The bride-to-be went to live with her suitor's family for seven market weeks. However, the Oracle's prophecy would have come true regardless of the townspeople's actions. 4. Spell. Ekwefi hesitates only a moment, and then secretly follows anyway. Write. He was the clan elder so there was a big ceremony with lots of shouting, drumbeating, and gun shots. Things fall apart chapter 11-13 questions. He was the clan elder so there was a big ceremony with lots of shouting, drumbeating, and gun shots. He is also asked by Uchendu to be a source of tenderness and comfort to his wives; Okonkwo has always associated such behavior with weakness. PLAY. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. bookmarked pages associated with this title. Spell. How is Tortoise able to fly with the birds of the sky? Things Fall Apart: Study Questions Chapters 1-25. itsmemaris. As an adult, he was a wealthy farmer & strong warrior. Test. Okonkwo thanks Obierika for his justness and generosity. Although the people of Abame were wrong to murder the white man (and notice that Uchendu stresses this point), the retaliation of the white man is excessive. He took them to live with his mother's kinsmen in Mbanta. Flashcards. Once again, we see the uncanny insights of the Igbo oracles. He addresses Okonkwo, telling him that he must not give in to despair. But the beginning of Okonkwo's tragedy is a complete accident. For the ignorant and fearful murder of one man, the whites respond with a brutal massacre that destroys a whole village. itsmemaris. aurlayy. Not long afterward, three white men arrived with a large number of African attendants. What did Okonkwo do when Chielo took Ezinma? Terms in this set (12) What did Okonkwo do whenever he thought of his father's weakness and failure? The festival illustrates the bonds of Umuofia's community. He has always dreamed of being one of the lords of Umuofia, and now it seems that this setback may have shattered that dream for good. Spell. <>>> As an adult, he was a wealthy farmer & strong warrior. Download Things Fall Apart Study... 2. Write. Ekwefi and Ezinma share the tradition of storytelling in their hut at night. Teachers and parents! Suddenly, Ekwefi hears a noise behind her and turns to see a man standing with a machete in his hand. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. Uchendu grits his teeth in anger and fear. Short Answer Study Questions-Things Fall Apart Author: dbrown.wh Last modified by: dbrown.wh Created Date: 10/8/2013 12:39:00 PM Company: LST Other titles: Short Answer Study Questions-Things Fall Apart

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