(c) Investigations. (b) The requirement at 22.1703(c) for a certification and compliance plan applies only to any portion of a contract or subcontract that- Hearings before administrative law judges are conducted in accordance with 29 CFR Part 6, and hearings before the Labor Department Administrative Review Board are conducted in accordance with 29 CFR Part 7. Site of construction means the general physical location of any building, highway, or other change or improvement to real property that is undergoing construction, rehabilitation, alteration, conversion, extension, demolition, or repair; and any temporary location or facility at which a contractor or other participating party meets a demand or performs a function relating to a Government contract or subcontract. Any revision of a wage determination received by the contracting agency as a result of that communication shall supersede the earlier response as the wage determination applicable to the particular acquisition subject to the time frames in 22.1012-1(b) and (c). (vi)Real estate services, including real property appraisal services, related to housing Federal agencies or disposing of real property owned by the Government. After completing the review, the contracting officer must- chapter 67, formerly known as the Service Contract Act, subpart  22.10), or the Wage Rate Requirements (Construction) statute (40 U.S.C. The contracting agency shall retain payrolls and statements of compliance for 3 years after completion of the contract and make them available when requested by the Department of Labor at any time during that period. (4)If a contract subject to the statute is awarded to a contractor operating Government-owned facilities, the stipulations of the statute affect the employees of that contractor the same as employees of contractors operating privately owned facilities. (e) (ii)Contracting officers shall consider notifying the agency suspending and debarring official in accordance with agency procedures when a contractor commits significant violations of contract terms and conditions related to this subpart (see subpart 9.4). (1)The contractor may satisfy the obligation under the clause at 52.222-6, Construction Wage Rate Requirements, by providing wages consisting of any combination of contributions or costs as specified in paragraph (a) of this subsection, if the total cost of the combination is not less than the total of the basic hourly rate and fringe benefits payments prescribed in the wage determination for the classification of laborer or mechanic concerned. Complaints will be investigated by the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division, if warranted, in accordance with the procedures in 29 CFR 13.43. 22.1502 Policy. The minimum elements of the plan are specified at 52.222-50(h); § 3931(b)(2).                      (B)The contract will be awarded on a sole source basis. 22.1103 Policy, procedures, and solicitation provision. This exclusion is inapplicable to employees performing on contracts covered by the E.O., i.e., those employees directly engaged in performing the specific work called for by the contract, at any point during the workweek (see 29 CFR 13.4(e)).                 (xiii) Equipment charges. (See 29 CFR 4.152.) If the contract is subject to 41 U.S.C. (a)As soon as possible after contract award, inform the contractor of the labor standards requirements of the contract relating to the Service Contract Labor Standards statute and of the contractor’s responsibilities under these requirements, unless it is clear that the contractor is fully informed. (3)Purchases against the account of a defaulting contractor where the stipulations of the statute were not included in the defaulted contract. Contracting officers shall impress upon contractors that each contractor shall be held accountable for reasonably avoidable delays.            (1)If a contract for $15,000 or less is subsequently modified to exceed $15,000, the contract becomes subject to the statute for work performed after the date of the modification.       (i)Eligibility for employment under United States immigration laws. (iv)The apparent successful offeror certifies to the conditions in paragraph (c)(2)(i) through (iii) of this subsection. (c)Examination. All professional employees shall be compensated fairly and properly. (k)Maintenance and repair of all types of equipment, for example, aircraft, engines, electrical motors, vehicles, and electronic, office and related business and construction equipment. If necessary, the contracting officer shall extend the time for submission of final offers; and 22.101-1 General. (e)Laundry, dry-cleaning, linen-supply, and clothing alteration and repair services.            (2) The abuse or threatened abuse of the legal process. (i)When the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division determines that a contractor has discriminated against an employee in violation of 29 CFR 13.6(b), the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division will notify the contractor and the relevant contracting agency of the discrimination and request that the contractor remedy the violation. Upon the final order of the Secretary of Labor that monetary relief is due, the Administrator of the Wage and Hour Division may direct the relevant contracting agency to transfer the withheld funds to the Department of Labor for disbursement. .                 (iii)The contracting officer documents the Registry review in the contract file. The contracting officer shall retain a copy of the notification in the contract file.            (2)Persons who have been pardoned or who have served their terms; United States means the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Wake Island. (c)The acquisition involves the purchase, from any State prison, of finished supplies that may be secured in the open market or from existing stocks, as distinguished from supplies requiring special fabrication. This applies to that area where a person seeking employment could reasonably be expected to commute to and from in the course of a work day.            (2)Act to ensure compliance with the clause and the regulations of the Secretary of Labor- 22.404-10 Posting wage determinations and notice. Further examples are contained in Department of Labor All Agency Memoranda Numbers 130 and 131. (a)Contracts for construction work. (3) Contract award or resolicitation. (3)Any available pertinent wage payment information, unless wage patterns in the area are clearly established. 22.501 Scope of subpart. Except as provided in paragraph (d)(5) of this subsection, the Secretary of Labor has exempted from tthe Service Contract Labor Standards statutecontracts and subcontracts in which the primary purpose is to provide the following services, if the conditions in paragraph (d)(2) of this subsection are met: The contracting officer normally must not base adverse findings solely on employee statements that the employee does not wish to have disclosed. They are issued at the discretion of the Department of Labor either upon receipt of an agency request or on the Department of Labor’s own initiative. (2) 52.222-7, Withholding of Funds. If the contract does not specify a start of performance date which is within 30 days of the award of the contract or of the specified modification, or if contract performance does not commence within 30 days of the award of the contract or of the specified modification, any notice of the terms of a new or changed collective bargaining agreement received by the agency not less than 10 days before commencement of the work shall be effective for purposes of the successor contract under 41 U.S.C. (ii)Financial services involving the issuance and servicing of cards (including credit cards, debit cards, purchase cards, smart cards, and similar card services). Wash.), summary       complaint           press release (11/09/2017)       settlement agreement (09/26/2018)       press release (09/27/2018), United States v. City and County of Honolulu (D. The contracting officer shall furnish to the contractor appropriate quantities of the poster entitled "Equal Employment Opportunity Is The Law." (ii)If the Department of Labor determines that any conditions in paragraph (d)(2) of this subsection have not been met with respect to a subcontract, the exemption shall be deemed inapplicable.                      (C)The contractor or subcontractor has not made restitution; or Outside the United States and its outlying areas, a workweek longer than 40 hours is considered normal if-           (1) The workweek does not exceed the norm for the area, as determined by local custom, tradition, or law; and                      (D)Restoration of leave, or lost pay and/or benefits. (b) Project wage determinations.                      (B) Including employees who qualify for an exemption from the Fair Labor Standards Act's minimum wage and overtime provisions; and (d)Referral by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of any matter arising under E.O.11246 to the Department of Justice or to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for the institution of appropriate civil or criminal proceedings. (c)Disposition of contract payments withheld or suspended-. (iv)Information as to whether the contractor and first-tier subcontractors have previously held any Government contracts or subcontracts. Id. (3)The proposed wage rate, including any fringe benefits, bears a reasonable relationship to the wage rates in the wage determination in the contract. (2) 52.222-7, Withholding of Funds. 22.601 [Reserved] This shall only be done, however, if the attempt to obtain voluntary agreement does not involve the agency in the merits of the dispute and only after consultation with the agency responsible for conciliation, mediation, arbitration, or other related action. However, if the investigation establishes a pattern of possible violations that are based on employees’ statements that are not authorized for disclosure, the pattern itself may support a finding of noncompliance. (a)

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