Before leaving, craft a Breathable Trash Bag. It is not a contraband item. The fence is a tile that is present on all prisons and can be cut with a File or any form of cutters (Flimsy Cutters, Lightweight Cutters, Sturdy Cutters). Here’s how to fulfill those requirements. Collect: 2 batteries, circuit board, screwdriver and wire. Get 4 items; ductape, rope, and two crowbars. In the Escapists 2, it can only cut fences, decreasing their durability by 1, making them pretty obsolete. This article is focused on single player, but the information within can be pretty universally applied to co-op mode too. To escape, you’ll need to craft a fake gun. If you’re planning to cut through an electrified fence, be sure to have a plan to reach and turn off the generator as well. Ultimately you’re going to need equipment of some sort in order to escape; be that weapons, tools for wire cutting, disguises, or all of the above. Kevin Thielenhaus / This will stop the Medics whisking them away and back to health so quickly. You can safely cut an electric fence, or dig under it, if you disable the Generator. You don’t do any stat boosting on these levels; you start off with whatever stats the game deems adequate for the level. This should produce the goods without you having to faff about. I don't know what we're doing wrong. Follow the path to the Landing Strip. Sometimes, though, there is no standard perimeter. Acquire three crowbars and use them to detach the caboose of the train. Collect the cheap pickaxe from the northeast corner of the map. Electric Fence [edit | edit source] Craft N' Escape. Learn more about The Escapists 2 with Gameranx’s early-look preview. Other crafted items like the contraband pocket can sneak items through detectors, but be aware that they degrade very quickly. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews The Escapists > General Discussions > Topic Details. Just know that you’re free to use creativity to complete each objective. The desk can hide six contraband items, so make use of that. Go to the Generator Room northwest of the lower cells and use fishing line to collect a live fish for Snooty. The Plastic Knife can be found in the canteen's blue utensils tray. For this escape, you’ll need: a Rock Hammer, strong Cutters, the Yellow and Purple Key Cards, a Bed Dummy and a guard uniform. Cutting There are tons of ways to get through every prison in The Escapists 2, but certain escapes have particular requirements. Locate the Cyan and Red Key Cards. Or, you can beat the crap out of three guards in the train cab and steal it. If you’re going for a perimeter escape, remember that at night (11.00pm onwards) there will be searchlights combing the outdoor areas, and in the day there will be deadly snipers. Rooting around in desks is all very well, but sometimes you just want a specific item. Next, all players will need breathable garbage bags. When the power is off, cut through the two fences. if so that’s a bug that’s likely to be fixed), so you can get away with stashing contraband in the ‘normal’ part quite a lot. If you break line of sight with pursuing guards and hide in a locker, you might be able to shake them off your trail. e.g. Reach the stairwell on the north section of the map (tunnel or use vents) to access the roof. Requirement: At least 2 people — easier with only two. 4. In The Escapists 2, electric fences bear electric sparks and shock you if you get too near. For these missions there’s also a little trial and error. Smash through the Sewer Hatch — if the damaged Sewer Hatch is discovered, the prison will go into lockdown. You will be sent to solitary if the guards notice you cutting a fence; to avoid this, you can use a Fake Fence in place of the removed one. Veterans of the Escapists prison yard shouldn’t have many problems adapting to The Escapists 2, but if you’re in Mouldy Toof’s jails for the first time you may want a bit of guidance. Cut through the fence when light’s out begins. These battens are usually 25 mm or 38mm wide by 19mm thick and you will find these sizes, as standard, in most DIY sheds and timber merchants. Collect a Branch, String, Paper Clip, and Worm — find and make a copy of the Red Key Card, too. If guards see you raiding a desk they’ll get annoyed, so keep an eye on their patrols on the mini-map (guards can always see through cell bars unless you put up a bunch of bed sheets – handy to hide activities in your own cell as well). Collect parts for a grappling hook. If you have a specific job in mind but the role is already taken, then you’ll have to ‘disrupt’ that prisoner’s work routine enough that they’ll get fired. Thomas the Tank Engine joins the industrial prison complex. This is not going to be a step-by-step walkthrough of each individual level. Basic escape through the perimeter. You’ll have to do all the stealthy work in-between. (You will take 20 damage, and be sent to infirmary if knocked out.) Use your 60 Intelligence prisoner to create a Glider Skin and x2 Half Frame of Gliders. When you get the Red Key Card copy, steal a disguise from the guard near your cell. Force the plane to land with a variety of items. Get the Jet pack in the Contraband Storage container. Cut the links where they attach to the posts if you want to remove a whole section of the chain link fence. [Work-in-Progress: Check back soon  for new prison escape tips.]. It isn’t entirely clear how to access all the unique escapes in The Escapists 2, so we’re here to help with some quick tips, explaining what you need to do and where you need to go. Plastic Knife Sneak out at any hour of the day. Don’t miss out on clues if you’re ever stuck. Craft a Makeshift Ladder (Paint Cans) and Energy Thruster (Mints + Yellow Energy Drink). Take your bed sheets and collect 3 ropes from the plane. At present, it doesn’t seem like the player gets called out for a desk search at Roll Call very often (maybe never? The Plastic Knife is an item in The Escapists. It is not a contraband item. Construct a crossbow; get string, timber, glue, and a dowel. Fight through the guards in the top floor Control Room to escape. The Escapists. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Cut the fence and head inside the vent near the desk. The Escapists 2: Tips For Completing Every Unique Escape | Prisons Guide, Watch Dogs: Legion – Use This Recruiting Trick To Make Easy Money | Fast Farming Guide, Among Us: Make Every Day Opposite Day With This Easter Egg | Reverse Maps Guide, The Best Video Game Deals Right Now | Discounted Games Guide, England Lockdown May Threaten Next-Gen Console Release. Note that the tiles below an electric fence are not destroyed by cutting tools, but are simply dug through like any other ground tile. Remember that if you get tired while exercising (or reading – that’s tiring too), sitting down, resting in a bed, or showering will make your Stamina return faster than just standing around. It appears in The Escapists, The Escapists: The Walking Dead and The Escapists 2. I filled the hole back up with dirt and dashed to the fence underground. Load up any save file 3. RESULT: These aren’t the only paths to escape in each prison. You’ll also need to create a cake. Simple, just leave through the edge of the map. Prisoners who have tasks for you in The Escapists 2 will have an exclamation mark above their heads. You’ll need a co-pilot. Get a circuit board and wire, finding the guard with the Cyan Keycard, then putting the keycard back after making a copy. It is used to cut open fences. Get the broom and duct tape from the inmate desks. Remember that you can block as well. It is used to cut open fences. These are either unique crafting recipes (often weapons) or advice about special ways to escape. We, re trying to escape from Central Perks 2.0 through the fence. You’ll also need a Guard Uniform. In The Escapists 2, electric fences bear electric sparks and shock you if you get too near. The Electric Fence is the same as a Fence, but is blue and when you are trying to cut it, it will electrocute you. If guards search your cell and you have unhidden contraband in your desk, that gets confiscated too. Steal the uniform off the first guard and take his baton. All rights reserved. 1. Once I got to the right spot, I held my breath and dug my way up. Repair it with tubing and a bolt. I'm playing local co-op with my girlfriend . It loses 15% of durability per use, and decrease the fence's durability by 4%. The prison has designated exercise times, but you can accelerate your learning by training in your free time as well.

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