So maybe the original plumber is not completely out to lunch then! Water Heaters are so common most people feel pretty familiar with them, but when a technician comes out for a water heater problem, suddenly things seem a little more complicated than they use to be. Commonly, water heaters are not installed to current code requirements. I knew that the manufacturers and installers were spouting pure BS about ”instant hot water” since the pipe runs are the same length regardless of the water heater type (only a recirc pump or demand point electric heater will fix that). Phone: 214-892-2225, Baker Brothers Ft. Worth Turn the valve off, and you will have successfully turned off the water supply. Suburban 5243A Electric Water Heater SW10DE with Direct Spark Ignition - 10 Gallon, Facon 12Volts Switch Box Panel, 3-Rocket On&Off Switch with Red Indicator Light for RV Tank System, Max Rate 30Amps, Control Gang Kit System for RV Tank Heating Pad, Suburban Manufacturing SW6DE RV WTR HTR 1 PK, JR Products 12595 Black SPST Labeled On/Off Switch, ECO Thermostat Assembly Replace for Atwood 91447 Replacement Part for Water Heater Repair Parts Fit For RV, Motor Home Emergency Cutoff Service Kit, Water Heater Thermal Cut Off Kit Replacement Part, Toilet Part Mobile Fittings Compatible with RV OEM Atwood 93866, Auto Spare Work on Electronic Water Heater, Camco Hot Water Hybrid Heat Kit - Easily Converts Any 6-Gallon RV LP Gas Water Heater to 120V Electricity to Conserve Propane (11673), Camco 07843 Single Element Water Heater Thermostat with HLC, Camco 09214 Stainless Steel Water Heater Cam Lock, 2 Pack, Facon 12" x 18" RV Holding Tank Heater Pad, 12Volts DC, Use with Up to 50 Gallons Fresh Water/Grey Water/Black Water Tank, Holding Tank Heating Pad with Automatic Thermostat Control, Atwood 93866 OEM RV Water Heater Thermal Cutoff Kit - Replacement Part, Toilet Part and Fittings - Pack of 2, SUBURBAN MFG 232306 Water Heater Thermostat Switch (1), in Automotive Replacement Fuel Injection Pressure Regulators, Flame King (KT12ACR6) 2-Stage Auto Changeover LP Propane Gas Regulator With Two 12 Inch Pigtails For RVs, Vans, Trailers, Suburban 520789 1440W Screw In Electric Element, Atwood 91365 Circuit Board Kit for Water Heaters - Use with Gas/Electric 12 VDC, Suburban 520900 Water Heater Element with Gasket for SW-Series - 120V, Suburban 232795 RV Water Heater On/Off Switch with Light - Cream, Suburban 234795 Standard Water Heater Wall Switch Assembly - Cream, Suburban 090562 Thermostat/Hi-Limit Cover, Camco Water Heater Tank Rinser-Cleanses and Removes Sediment that Collects at the Bottom of RV Water Heater, Extends Life of RV Water Heater (11691), Suburban (232319 12V Thermostat Switch Assembly, Atwood 93866 Thermal Cut Out Switch 2 Pack, Atwood Mobile Products 96121 Electronic Direct Spark Ignition Water Heater - 6 Gallon, RV Atwood Dometic Water Heater White Dual 12V Switch Panel 91230 Gas/Electric, Suburban 5247A Water Heater SW12DE - DSI/Electric, 12 Gallon, Super Bright 48 LED 1100 Lumens Max Wireless Water Proof Solar Lights Outdoor Radar Motion Sensor Light Aluminum Housing for Outdoor Security Yard Driveway Garage Wall Light,1 Pack (New Upgrade 2018), Diamond HR6 Hott Rod Conversion Kit - 6 Gallon, Facon 3" x 8" RV Elbow Pipe Heater Pad, Work for 1-1/2" Elbow Pipe on RV, Camper, Travel Trailer and Motorhome, 12V DC(Pack of 3), Suburban 6255APW Flush-Mount Water Heater Door - 6 Gallon, Polar White, UltraHeat - 5 Gang System Kit Switch Package, with Lighted Switches, 13.5 VDC, Facon 8.0"x25" RV Tank Heater Pad, Up to 50 Gallons Fresh Water/Grey Water/Black Water Holding Tank Heating Pad with Automatic Thermostat Control, 120Volts AC (Pack of 1), Suburban 6261APW Polar White Water Heater Door, Atwood 91593 Replacement Inner Water Heater Tank - GC6AA-7E & GC6AA-8E, 2-Slot Rocker Switch Panel Housing Kit [Industry Standard Fit] [Heavy Duty] [Expandable Design] [Professional Look] Automotive Mount Rocker Switch Holder, 6-Gang 12V Rocker Switch Box [60 Amp Max.]

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