The predominant waves are … A graphic-based computer program that displays climate data in dozens of ways useful to architects, builders, contractors, and homeowners, including temperatures, humidity, wind velocity, sky cover, and solar radiation in both 2-D and 3-D graphics for every hour of the year in either Metric or Imperial units. Thus they play a pivotal role in NZEB design approach as these strategies are one time interventions and their potential benefits should not be missed. She is a senior editor and also a core member of Editorial Team. Passive cooling methods for energy efficient buildings with and without thermal energy storage – A review. Since the site is in close proximity of the sea, the sea winds blow over site constantly from west and southwest direction. Double Flight Staircase!!! Form and orientation constitute two of the most important passive design strategies for reducing energy consumption and improving thermal comfort for occupants of a building. Climate Consultant These mainly arise just before and during the south west monsoon. A rectangular form with a longer axis along the north-south is the preferred orientation. As the fetch and duration of these winds are limited the “significant height” of the resulting waves is now liked to exceed 1 m. with period ranging from 3-5 seconds. Want to know where the sun is for today's date and at the present moment for the selected location? However, this will not always hold true and will vary from location to location. The building form determines the volume of space inside a building that needs to be heated or cooled. The site should be related to existing roads and landmarks. Service cores can act as thermal buffers against heat gain and loss. The thin yellow-colored curve shows the trajectory of the sun, the yellow deposit shows the variation of the path of the sun … The Solar Path Finder uses a reflective dome to overlay a sun path graph with an image of structures that shade your site. Annual Area. Greater the perimeter to area ratio, greater is the heat gain of the building. In tropical climate like India, long facades of buildings oriented towards north- south are preferred. A square plan with a courtyard would be very effective. The alteration in path affects solar radiation penetration patterns during different seasons and consequently, heat gain and loss in a building. Sun chart Sun path charts can be plotted either in Cartesian (rectangular) or Polar coordinates. She looks after Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Vaastu, & Best Home Design sections of Gharpedia, apart from overall supervision. Copyright 2020 GharPedia. In hot & dry climates, the surface to volume(S/V) ratio of the building should be as low as possible to minimize heat gain (compact plans have greater thermal efficiency, e.g. Path Lines. a square plan is more thermally efficient than a rectangular one). This will play an important role in size & placement of openings. In hot & dry regions and cold climates, building’s  shape needs to be compact to reduce heat gain and losses, respectively. (Buildings can be oriented at an angle between 0° to 30° with respect to the prevailing wind direction (. For cold climates, orientation slightly east of south is favoured (especially 15° east of south), exposing the unit to morning and afternoon sun and enabling the building to heat during the day. Apart from writing, she loves painting, reading & travelling. During the continuance of the north east monsoon, north-easterly winds for short durations during the months of October – November. Compact forms gain less heat during daytime and lose less heat at nighttime. Also, a good building location can enhance the sustainability, energy efficiency and passive design features of a home, resulting in to cost savings and greater comfort for the inhabitants. Shadows. How far away is the important major junction? Autodesk Ecotect Analysis is an environmental analysis tool that allows designers to simulate building performance from the earliest stages of conceptual design. Buildings with a ‘rectangular form’ should ideally orient their longer axes towards north-south direction rather than east-west direction. Autodesk Ecotect Analysis SunCalc shows the movement of the sun and sunlight-phase for a certain day at a certain place.. You can change the suns positions for sunrise, selected time and sunset see. Site Location is a first thing one must need to look at. She is a Sr. East and west orientation should be protected by buffer spaces, shaded walls, etc. However, the underlying principle remains the same, maximising amount of solar radiation in winter and minimizing the amount in summers. The alteration in path affects solar radiation penetration patterns during different seasons and consequently, heat gain and loss in a building. Recommendation for composite climate (e.g. She gained her B-Arch degree since 2014. She leads the team Gharpedia. Greater the perimeter to area ratio, greater is the heat gain of the building. Wind Direction: Most of the locations have a general major direction from which the wind comes during different season and time of the year depending upon local climate. Base Axis. Building form for energy efficiency should consider the floor area, perimeter, building height and surface to volume ratio. The statistical analysis that most wave periods fall between 6 seconds and 10 seconds. She gained her B-Arch degree since 2014. It affects the amount of sun falling on surfaces, daylighting and direction of winds. Good orientation can increase the energy efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run. However, this will not always hold true and will vary from location to location. Single Flight Staircase vs. Happy designing! Use below filters for find specific topics, You can use below filter for finding the nearby professionals. Buildings must be responsive to solar orientation on the site. Optimal locations for building service cores are in the east and west.

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