When a hitter is done, she moves to right field. Before you do any other work, get the players' muscles warm and loose. Softball Excellence: The Perfect Pre-Game Warmup. Engage your kids in practice. While static stretches of the various muscles of the body are one way to do this, dynamic stretches -- in which motion is incorporated into the stretch -- are a better way to go as they bring more blood flow into the muscle. It is one of the best softball warm up drills I have seen/used. Warmup Drills for Softball – Triangle Drill. That is one complete circuit, includes a grounder, fielding a grounder, making a short infield throw, catching a short infield throw, and several short sprints. If there are more players than positions, fill in with more people in the outfield. What you do before the game starts can impact your success when the first inning begins. On your command, the front person in this line (group 1) rolls a grounder to the group to their left (group 2), then runs to the back of the line they just rolled to ball to (group 2). © 2020 Softball-Spot.com. With the ball in their right hand they reach around/over their left arm, twisting and the receiving player receives it in her left hand by reaching around/over her right arm, twisting. Softball Drills and Practice Plan: Defense. Encourage each player to jog to the next position to keep their blood flowing. Split team into 3 groups. Everyone in the team is involved and moving. By setting up a good warmup routine for your softball team, players will be ready to throw, hit and field the ball with ease. The warm up for softball should be done before every exercise session - whether it be competition games, on the field for training sessions, or gym workouts. Engage your kids in practice. During the drill, the batter stands in the batter's box while you stand to the side. We have been doing a core Stretching and Speed drill that the players … (1 in each direction) straight leg kicks 30′ X 2; leg swings 10 – 15 sec. Encourage them to do this at home against a wall with a tennis ball to improve on their skills. If you can't get onto the field to do hitting, practice hitting off a "T" in a corner of the field. Start with arm circles, swinging the arms forward and then back several times to stretch the arms and shoulders. The one with the softballs passes the balls to the other who doesn’t have one. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. The first person in that group (group 2) fields the grounder, pops up and makes a throw to the group to her left (group 3), then runs to the back of the line they just threw the ball to (group 3). 100% Privacy Guaranteed. Needed for this drill are the golf ball size wiffle balls and the batter's broom stick. Have the outfielders move from right field, to center, and then in to third base. We will never share your information. It is one of the best softball warm up drills I have seen/used. The best way to do this is by moving the body for five to 10 minutes, until the players break a light sweat. The final sequence will be with a glove. Name of Warm up Drill: Quad-Group Bunting Who: Entire Team Duration: Rotation through the entire team Explanation: The team is broken down into groups of four. Two-Ball Drill. Same for the second ball but opposite hand. Take a look at these [tag]warmup drills for softball[/tag]. Improve their skills. Take a look at these [tag]warmup drills for softball[/tag]. She's also a lifelong athlete and is pursuing certification as a personal trainer. Though the pitcher should have her own routine for warmup, the entire team can take part in the rest of the warmup routine while practicing their fielding techniques. 100% Privacy Guaranteed. arm circles 10 – 15 sec. Running a good softball practice is all about balance and consistency. All Rights Reserved. Get players into their respective position, and then have outfield players lob fly balls and grounders to each other, with the center fielder in the middle, throwing to the right and left fielder in succession.

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