With those that are the most loose, perhaps Lopez, or Raonic, or Federer…, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVOWNRZzvjc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0jAVOXOkFQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xbC31AQqSg. Slow motion tennis in high definition. Check out other analysis here: I believe this swing exercise together with your “7 steps” method are the most valuable for players who have problems in serving in the right track. ATP Tennis Serve Slow Motion Compilation. That begins with Federer using a continental grip and maintaining that grip all the way into the follow through. At the top of Federer’s wind-up he gets into the trophy position. Typically, the racket will finish on Federer’s left side and. Bob. Instead you need … Tomaz, Your swing and throw is the best presentation of this principle I’ve seen. In other words, this drop increases the amount of forward and upward velocity of the racket once Federer goes up towards contact. Wow! See more: www.youtube.com/txchou. Check the “ATP” logo to see what I mean. You’ll see how little difference there is between a throwing motion where shoulders are horizontal (like a baseball or handball throw) and a serve in tennis or a volleyball spike. Me and my friend are ordering one today after seeing your video. I have a friend who is trying to teach high school girls how to serve who might be able to relate to female videos better than male. I did the bag drill at home and I hit my back, not sure if it´s because of insufficient coiling or because of that I “pause” the movement after the first half (lower) loop (and the bag comes around my fingers and hits me). The serve is based on a throwing motion. Some pros loosely call this position the “back scratch” position, although, the racket never really touches the back. Tim USPTA pro. His serve is a combination of smoothness, fluidity and elegance – similar to the rest of his game. The second serve in tennis is like a mystery to many club players. Slow down your motion to gain more topspin, control, rhythm, and increase tennis serve consistency. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I’m enthusiastic to try this in the court. Would you agree that the throwing motion compared to volleyball, handball, baseball-pitcher, quaterback is different in the way that they all throw from their position to a position straigth forward whereas the tennisserve is a throwing-motion straight up / vertical in the air ? The video gives me such satisfaction. No problem if you hit your back, it takes a bit of time to find the right movements. I have a different question this time (if you want to share): how do you do to “figure out” this conceptual elements of the sport? The best serve instruction ever. I have been using your Unlock Serve for many years. His arm moves slowly up and then suddenly accelerates like a “whip.”. Get weekly tennis news & analysis... Serena Williams vs Venus Williams current Head to Head: 14-10 There is little doubt that Serena (Player Profile) and Venus... Optimum Tennis - Stroke analysis, enabling you to play like the pros. I wasn’t able to grasp the concept and movement from others, but picked it up almost immediately following your step by step illustration. Are one handed or two handed backhands better? The way to develop a better swing and a throw is surprisingly simple.

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