How does a shark family get a vacation started? Perhaps it’s their uncanny ability to clear a beach shoreline in 30 seconds or less. How does a shark plead in court? I mean one is a finely tuned killing machine notorious for biting its prey but the other is a shark. Press Ctrl-C (PC) or Cmd-C (Mac) to copy the sharable link above. Boyne-based Outdoor Beerdsman released a shirt to commemorate a joke by Gov. 20. And, really, sharks are just the ocean’s most misunderstood creatures. What did the shark say to his wife during a fight? by Seraine Page, First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing " And they did. What did the shark get on his biology test? Lopez is sending one of the Outdoor Beerdsman “Shark Week” shirts to Whitmer today. I Like Coffee with a Bite – Shark by propellerhead, 13. What candy must a shark with braces avoid? Share them at the office or use JokerZ email service to send to your friends. Click here to go to your profile page to complete the process. Great collection of Shark Week Jokes to compliment Discovery Channel's Shark Week. to fill in the awkward silences while you and your friends are bobbing in the ocean this summer. 34. What did the mom shark say to her mouthy son? What’s your favorite part of Shark Week? Adrian-based That Gay Guy Candle Company, which makes environmentally friendly handmade candles known for featuring humorous phrases, debuted a candle with the governor’s line, the Freep reports. It’s fin, fin, fin to bake out in the sun and then take a dip in the deep blue sea. It’s also the place for sharks to chill, too. Jaw, man! 31. First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing " And they did. " Detroit-based Well Done Goods has a facemask with the quote in red text above a “Jaws”-inspired shark, the Freep reports. Unless you’re terrified of mother nature’s biggest water playground. 35. I hate how Shark Week tries to playoff Sharks as "gentle caring creatures that are misrepresented by the media". Dun-uh. How do sharks stay up all night? Subscribe to What did the shark say to the surfer? 16. And if you do meet a shark face-to-face? Two great white sharks swimming in the ocean spied survivors of a sinking ship. " Slow swimmers. Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing " And they did. " Ain’t no toothy sharks taking out swimmers on your watch. Why are you casting me out? Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. How does a shark announce dinner’s ready? Gretchen Whitmer that preceded her speech at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, Aug. 17. What did the momma shark say to the kid shark? Is that too much to bite off? You must complete account validation before submitting jokes. Come on in, the water’s fine! Northern Michigan distiller opens 4th tasting room amid pandemic, economic slowdown, 30 famous celebrities you may not know are from Michigan, Geologist solves puzzle of ‘mystery rock’ found near Lake Huron, Traverse City asks visitors to ‘keep it a happy place’ after breweries say staff have been bullied, Wednesday, Aug. 19, coronavirus data by Michigan county: Menominee joins Ontonagon in the red zone. 11. What sharks are the shortest? Tiger sharks will eat anything and everything. What’s a great white’s favorite tune? 1. Chumming right up. Whitmer (D-MI) jokes before going live: "It's not just Shark Week ... it's Shark Week *mouths expletive*", RELATED: Gov. 49. 17. No idea how he got into them. Yet, for some reason, people LOVE sharks. It was not broadcast on television, but still garnered national news coverage and trended on Twitter. 39. You’re just being jaw-matic. Hooked for life. The last ten times I've been to a fancy dress party I've gone as a shark. When they were both gorged, the son asked, "Dad, why didn't we just eat them all at first? Aug 6, 2013 - Explore hobo joe's board "Shark jokes" on Pinterest. A sea-minus. Whitmer mouths expletive on hot mic while waiting to deliver DNC speech, blue T-shirt says, “It’s Shark Week Mother F*****!”, Outdoor Beerdsman’s “That Woman from Michigan”, appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”. 45. Mike Tyson vs a Shark for shark week isn’t fair. And, honestly, sharks just want to be our friends. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you. Follow me son," the father shark said and they swam to the mass of people. " Keep these handy for Shark Week. ", Little boy to mother: “Mommy, can I go swimming?”, Mother: “Certainly not. A shark and his son are swimming around in the water when they see some scuba divers. Plan to avoid the water? Who’s the best baseball shark around? He said “yes, it’s about a shark that keeps eating people”. July 3, 2018. 21. 53 Shark Puns and Jokes for Shark Lovers Everywhere, The Day of the Dead, Sugar Skulls, and Art. Keep these handy for Shark Week. The blue shirt says, “It’s Shark Week Mother F*****!” The word “it’s” appears inside a shark icon that serves as the Upper Peninsula while the “A” in the word "shark" is replaced by the Michigan mitten.Outdoor Beerdsman. 10. Sharks that steal always mako like a bandit. A: Sure, the sharks are all busy filming with Discovery. 28. 51. A new study shows sharks only bite those who swim in the ocean. Why don’t sharks like eating clownfish? Get inspiration, updates, tips, and other assorted awesomeness. The line was met with laughter from those in the room as Whitmer paused to hint at why she didn’t say the actual word: “I have learned about the hot mic,” she said. 48. LOL with Shark Humor. Copyright © 2013 - All Rights Reserved - Used with Permission. Follow me son," the father shark said and they swam to the mass of people. " Dun-uh. What did one shark say to the other after an awkward moment? You’ve got me between a rock and a shark place. It’s more eco-friendly. 2. The creatures of the deep are equal parts graceful, terrifying, and otherwise jaw-some. Well done, son! But registering is FREE and don’t worry, we only need a name and e-mail address, and we don’t sell or share your information with any third-parties (see Privacy Policy). Her: What do you want to dinner? And they did. Spout off your favorite shark sayings and shark puns before diving in deep. How does a shark express disappointment? Shark Week Jokes. A friendly reminder: Sharks live in the ocean. What does a dentist say to his shark patients? Kyle the Friendliest Shark Ever by Ninjasmacks. The young shark says to his father, " let's go eat them". Card sharks. Ground sharks. Whitmer mouths expletive on hot mic while waiting to deliver DNC speech. Add CommentsComment and share this joke on Facebook or Twitter. 29. “Shark Week” is part of annual programming from Discovery that focuses on shark shows. Q: What's a hammerhead shark's favorite song? Outdoor Beerdsman isn’t the only company memorializing the governor’s joke. Nailed it! It can be hard to pick which eye to look into, so we advise avoiding eye contact. What did the great white shark say to the cliff jumper? 24. Ride a shark. You’ll need the best shark puns and shark jokes This contest requires users to be registered in order to vote. If you can be fin-tastic, always be fin-tastic. The massively popular week-long event has become part of pop culture thanks to its unique and informative programs. 9. Save a boat. Now we eat everybody." 27. Gangster shark to human: Shark my words, you’re a dead man. How do you throw a shark out of a bar? You won’t win this bite. 50. The sharks will probably think you’re too hilarious to eat. Q: What do you call a man with his right hand in a shark's mouth? They drink jaw-va. 52. Share below in the comments! What do you call the stuff caught in a great white shark’s teeth? Stand on shark lookout and wear your favorite tee to let swimmers know you mean business. 40. We're sorry, but it appears that you are using an anonymous proxy. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). First we swim around them three times, then we eat them" The son asks, " why ... read more 23. 12. Turns out it was a loan shark! 37. The joke's wearing fin! What did the shark say to the spear fisherman? How does a hammerhead shark tell his mom he passed his test? Jaw-breakers. I’m hammered. The last ten times I've been to a fancy dress party I've gone as a shark. Michigan companies are making shirts, candles and face coverings with the quote. What types of sharks are the shadiest sharks? Why did we swim around and around them?" Gill-ty. 36. I saw a shark singing “You can’t touch this”. 44. Set your filter for kids, office, risque or uncensored. Gov. 42. Gnashville. Gov. 7. Is that too much to bite off? ©Copyright 2016 Jokers Media, LLC - Jokerz and the Jokerz logo are registered trademarks of Jokerz Media, LLC, Comment and share this joke on Facebook or Twitter. 22. Him: Finny you should ask, I wanted to see if you’d like to catch a bite somewhere. How do sharks greet the day? You must be a registered user to submit a joke. They taste funny. Had to swim away from a shark the other day in my swimming trunks. Updated Aug 19, 2020; Posted Aug 19, 2020 . Dun-uh. Don’t de-bait me. 25. A hammering head. Psych yourself up to take a dip when you read these jokes aloud to your beach-going crew. The shark-dolphin just wants to play. 47. Just remember, you’ll never need a bigger boat if you don’t go to the ocean. 32. This makome off as a surprise, but I don’t bite.

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