It’s a powerful and flexible ability that has a lot of utility, whether it be zapping small units of skinks around to grab lone objectives or teleporting a block of Saurus Warriors across the board to attempt a charge on a vulnerable unit. Here’s an example 1000pt Saurus list you could start out with: Leaders Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur (210) – General – War Spear – Command Trait: Dominant Predator – Artefact: Eviscerating Blade Skink Starpriest (120) – Spell: Hand of Glory, Battleline 30 x Saurus Warriors (270) – Spears 10 x Saurus Knights (200) – Lances, Total: 960 / 1000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 78. What results is you on average having an extra 2-4 CP a turn – which is great, because this army has a tonne of really useful command abilities to choose from. Containing a good mix of strong units, this is an excellent place to start if you want to focus on an army of the little ankle-biters. Beyond that, it has a small core of skinks to take objectives and block nasty units from hitting your Stegadon, backed up by some Kroxigor to help deal with any larger threats to your frontline. Seraphon, which we’ll go ahead and call Start Collecting! For the Coalesced, you can choose between Koatl’s claw and The Thunder Lizard. At least they can’t use it, I guess. -Some of the best casting in the game. Whilst the Seraphon got a wonderful update to many of their larger kits back when they were called Lizardmen in Warhammer Fantasy, the rest of the range is starting to show its age; beyond our goofy darlings the Saurus, half the range is Finecast. (Some of the lists below may have gotten outdated with changes to point costs). But, to go into more detail as someone who’s tried this list, it is extremely fun, but there are some pitfalls you can easily avoid if you take one or two other units besides Stegadons (heresy, I know). Skinks. WARCRY: STORMCAST SANCROSANCT Cards $11.10. When starting your army, its worth familiarising yourself with the army’s allegiance abilities, as there are a lot of them. You’ll often find that you’re halving the damage output of elite units like Morsarr Guard as their spears go down to only 1 damage, it’s great! This makes Coalesced units especially resilient against your enemy’s powerful units, who often rely on damage 2+ attacks to get their work done. You should now have everything you need to get started, no matter what breed of dino you’ve decided to focus on. In “Getting Started,” we look at how to get started with an army – the basics you need to know, how to start collecting models that will leave you with a serviceable army, and what the best deals are. Guided by the remnants of a Great Plan left behind by a mysterious race of omnipotent beings known as the Old Ones, the Seraphon seek one thing: The total defeat of Chaos. This item: WARCRY: SERAPHON Cards $11.95.

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