I think Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Mito are all likely to eventually have kids. If anything, I might suspect Killua to be more inclined toward being controlling/ overprotective of his child(ren) until like him, they go bonkers and threaten to run away. I got this ability in exchange. [44], Distraught, Melody resolves to carry on nonetheless. SOOOOOOOO it would be really cool if he helped Senritsu return to her normal self which turns out to be some beautiful woman (like Palm 2.0). Kacho then asks her why she thinks she is doing it for someone else. Her life changed as the result of one night of drinking with a friend. Eye Color Mito is the type of person who I don't see staying single for much longer. It is activated with the press of one's thumb and used to send coded messages, for example through Morse code. Their adventures take them from the Hunter exams, to Killua’s family mansion, to a giant fighting tournament, to an auction run by mobsters, to a video game… there are few people can’t find an arc which suits their tastes. If anything, I might suspect Killua to be more inclined toward being controlling/ overprotective of his child(ren) until like him, they go bonkers and threaten to run away. When Keeney finishes his performance, Melody bows to King Nasubi and begins to play, putting all listeners into a trance for three minutes. For Gon there's no pairing that wouldn't be gay or weird, Chimera ant Kite? Keeney tells Melody he sensed someone appear in Kacho's bed the night before as if coming out of a manhole. [3] As a bodyguard for Kacho Hui Guo Rou, she wears a black suit and a tie. Kurapika I could never see as much of a family guy, but if he had children, they would probably be well educated as you say and maybe a bit snooty to boot. Lol! Peace my ass, Hisoka will be all over that kid. Though Killua would definitely do his best to keep his kids away from that side of the family. Occupation I know it won't happen though, ha. Just a little lighthearted thread before Heavens Arena premiers on Toonami later. Her appearance before the Sonata changed her is unknown. [25] She confirms that Gon and Killua are not being manipulated during the hostage exchange. Unlike in the manga where she brings a piece of Dracoderma skin in order to become a Nostrade bodyguard, In the 2011 anime adaptation, Melody first encounters Kurapika by passing by him after he receives a job from the, Melody's ability of listening to people's heartbeat is reminiscent to. [6], Melody, along with Basho, Baise, and Kurapika, return to the mansion and deliver the specified items to Dalzollene. She suggests contacting Neon's father Light Nostrade about the situation at hand. [16] She updates Kurapika of the situation immediately. Palm? [14] Upon Light's arrival, he orders Melody and Basho to escort Neon until she is safe back home. Honestly, I wish Mito would just become a Hunter. [46], Flute: Melody's main medium for her Nen ability is a flute, similar to a Western concert flute. Senritsu is short, fat, balding, eyebrowless, and buck-toothed. Subsequently, Melody gained supernatural hearing; she can hear things as quiet as heartbeats. But I'm sure the characters have all grown on us and we can imagine them beyond what the author writes for them, right? In the Nippon Animation anime adaptation it's shown she can play the piano. Honestly she seems to lead a rather boring life, and it'll get pretty lonely once her grandmother is gone. Melody muses that they have everything they need to organize their escape, but is worried that Kacho's Nen beast has not appeared once, and that it might even become hostile to them if it is a warlike one. I can imagine him having a hands-off, "They'll be fine," approach to parenting, though hopefully not to the same extent as Ging. [3], Melody is a Music Hunter. As they walk away, the investigator claims to have been swayed by her music and give her suggestions on how to help the two princes and change King Nasubi's mind. I tend to watch a lot of shonen anime – that is, anime marketed for boys aged approximately nine to fifteen. I think she has the talent for it. That's the idea here. Thus showing that kindness like Kurapika's can go a long, long way in the Hunter x Hunter universe. I thought about Leorio a bit but he doesn't seem like the type to have children. She won't be lonely, she could be taking care of Gon's kids! Plus all those "old man" jokes directed at Leorio have to count for something. [18] She informs Kurapika the next day that the hunt for the Troupe is canceled, after the Mafia found out they are from Meteor City. Debuts Don’t Play With Our Emotions. Killua might actually be an okay parent. Melody hears a faint heartbeat from underground, as the Shadow Beasts members Worm, Porcupine, Leech, and Rabid Dog arrive to confront Uvogin,[9] but are easily defeated. I know she is older, but she's not terribly older. I expect any dispute with his own family to be long since resolved by he time he'd have children of his own, so I don't anticipate any drama there. She has a special affection for Kurapika and watches out for him, and was not swayed in the least by his determination to kill her should she reveal his secret. Shoot, Hisoka could already have little bastards all over the world and we would never know... Kurapika would end up with Senritsu after she regains her appearence (?) [28] Outside of Hatsu, she can use at least Zetsu. And despite her supposed “ugliness,” she is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and interesting characters in the series. Having listened to a single movement of the violin solo part of the Sonata of Darkness she was deformed. I don't want anyone else to suffer like we did. This subreddit is dedicated to the Japanese manga and anime series Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and adapted by Nippon Animation and Madhouse. Dalzollene orders all remaining bodyguards to pursue the thieves[8] until they arrived in Gordeau Desert. Female [21], Melody is an Emitter who projects her aura when she plays her flute. A lot of people end up with families, so it's a good thing to treat these characters like actual people and explore what their future might bring. And in spite if his complaints about nagging, old ladies, I think he would make the nagging-est teacher out of all of the characters! Senritsu’s goal is to find a way to reverse the curse which was cast on her, and she will use whatever means necessary to do so. She tries to get in contact with Squala, who has the Scarlet Eyes, but does not receive any reply from him. [4] She's later contacted by Kurapika, who asks her if she's spotted any Guardian Spirit Beasts, but she claims she hasn't. I went into the most recent adaptation of Hunter x Hunter with very much this attitude, and with good reason. I mean, they both think Ging is a total poop, so what else matters? Type English Voice If Meruem and Komugi didn't died, I think they would have a very kind child and normally it should be a queen but I'm sure it would be a good strategist since he would always play with his parent. [35] She then accompanies Gon and the others assists, as Gon goes to meet Leorio in the auditorium where all the Hunters were voting for the new chairman of the Hunter Association. She is informed by a proxy of Mizaistom's that Fugetsu was found in Tier 3 of the ship, which confirms her suspicions about her Guardian Spirit Beast and makes her wary of the word spreading. [15] Melody and Basho then accompany Neon and her attendants on a shopping spree at Lingon Airport, and subsequently lose sight of Neon. Morgana Santilli is an aspiring comic book writer/artist and an avid viewer of anime and reader of manga. She silently wishes Kacho would stop pretending to hate her so that she will save Fugetsu if forced to choose between the two of them, thinking that the prince's kindness would make her sister herself unhappy. [27] On September 6th around 2 P.M. Kurapika wakes up and is brought up to date about all that occurred while he was in a coma by Melody. Alive She has a serious degenerative skin condition because of a curse placed upon her from hearing an ancient musical composition called the “Sonata of Darkness,” but the audience has no way of knowing whether or not that same curse – which was meant to kill her – had any affect on the rest of her appearance. I think Leorio will have a whole sleeve of mini oreos running around while the rest of the main boys will have the normal 1-2 kids set up. After Gon and Killua are taken hostage instead of Kurapika, Melody regroups with him and scolds him for his reckless behavior. Have a tip or story idea? when she finds the sonata of darkness and a solution or maybe he'll accept her the way she looks now, this pairing just makes lots of sense, she's been tagging with him for so long and she's the only one who can calm his rage, maybe she'll calm something else in the future ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Manga Debut [3], Sometime after the auction began, reports say that the auction items have been stolen. That reminded me that I needed to change his age to 12 and Alluka to 13. [3] She is able to track targets or eavesdrop on conversations from hundreds of meters away. Email us. His kids would probably be normal and very educated. After the introduction with him, hooded assailants ambush the room and attack Melody and the other applicants. Things We Saw Today: Satoshi/Ash’s Pikachu Might Be Evolving!? [17], After the ensuing battle in Cemetery Building, Light assigns Basho and Melody to take Neon on a shopping trip the following day, much to their chagrin, especially Basho's. [2] When the Black Whale 1 departs, she overhears Kacho's plan to form an alliance with Prince Fugetsu to take down the other princes and learns that her entire self is a lie. We already know he's the best dad lol. Portrayal We were drunk. ), I don't believe Mito will have another kid: Gon's her adopted child through and through, Latest Chapter Spoilers, so unless Togashi comes up with a good enough reason/plot device for Gon to have a "step-brother", I doubt he'll make Mito have another child to raise. Have a tip we should know? [43] They decipher Mizaistom's code and Keeney shows Melody a picture of his late wife and daughter that he keeps in his pocket watch. Bonolenov would have little mummy-babies ;-; And Franklin would be best daddy with Shizuku. "My friend who played it died-- his whole body turned into this... his friend had taught him on the condition that he never try it. [24] At Lingon Airport, Melody confirms that Pakunoda is the real one and assures Kurapika that she can identify if Killua is being manipulated. However, his heartbeat sounds strange to Melody, too calm even for a professional, leading her to suspect that he is being manipulated or anyway that he is trying to thwart the twins' escape plan. Along with Kurapika, Leorio, Gon, and Killua, Melody returns back to Yorknew City.

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