Can you help me with this? Tried multiple times, reinstalled app, still same issue :(, @Sailorsteve6 The in app support took 4.5 Hours to get back to me. I tried contacting the support but they told me i am not logged in. thank you. @ZarbDennis I've lost my previous number and the app Didn't sent any email to confirm my identity. The screen is completely blank apart from the icons at the bottom of the screen. What is Revolut Rewards? Do they need my new card details? Gruff9090 31 May 2018 08:55 #6. @XedinUnknown Thanks. @mverovinas @DMCD04788748 Unsinstalled and installed again but it is not working. @desaint_pierre Thx, @RevolutApp Spend 2 hours trying to correct your issue, horrendous aervice, @RevolutApp My card payment didnt work as it needed to be verified by the app which was not working and i lost out on buying a Christmas gift as it sold out, @RevolutApp @79gunners I also have same issue guys, can you DM me also. I can't log in, tap "forgot", my code doesn't work, the app won't let me enter the security code sent by text. Hi @RevolutApp I still have an issue about the app, i can't open it even with your email for update, @Fraggle241 @RevolutApp I updated still have same issue. It asks for my phone number and then says I need to create an account. What a joke, @YPywell I am trying to contact some one on live chat and no one is responding. @RevolutApp I allready updated the app still not working, @BridgeNutritio1 @RevolutApp Hi I have updated the app and my card still not working saying balance less than a tenner and my CVV number is incorrect, @cristian_kzn @_Moo5 error iPhone latin character. Camera is working fine away from the app. Hi Andreas. I am trying to log in to my account but app failed several times. I then tried to other avenues to contact Revolut and was told to “stick to one channel”. @RevolutApp Couldn’t reach anyone. Latest app. A bank hold your money and there’s no way to contact them. Please help. Downdetector® is among the federally registered trademarks of Ookla® and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. Or will the verification transfer to my new card? @RevolutApp What's going on Revolut. See if Revolut is down or having service issues today. What can I do ? eke 2 May 2018 06:18 #12. Get the App ... From today, no matter where you are or what timezone you're in, you'll be able to chat to our support agents directly from the app. Help, please? The same can happen to Android device owners who have changed the base system. Those who have an Android version older than Android 4.3 or iOS 10, will not be able to install the Revolut application and will not be able to open an account. I had the same problem & so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Is there a general issue with the app at the moment? Ahmed Ali, @marcinzarudzki Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Revolut Rewards. I tried to login after updating the app but the problem still not solved. Hey @RevolutApp! Now I have to authenticate but my front camera is not working. Revolut actioned in 5 minutes. So, you guys don’t let me use my money? I am pleased to share my experiences with computers, mobile telephony and operating systems, develop web projects and provide the most useful tutorials and tips. Dont accept new customers in these difficult times if u cant take care of them. Live chat is not working.All day i’ve been waiting to get an answer nobody is replying, Hey there, 8 days without an answer guys, for a new metal customer with priority support like me beeing ignored doesnt leave the best impression. @markhorneiom @RevolutApp @RevolutApp In future, please consider sharing updates like this via mailshot or SMS. Hi there. My wife had the same problem and it was resolved today. @JellouliZineb @RevolutApp Kindly dm for any hacking related issues or account/data recovery. @Bloeise @RevolutApp Can you send me a DM please @RevolutApp it seems multiple users on android are having the same crashing issues. My Revolut account is still not working after 2 days. I’ll tag @AndreasK he’s best one over here Thank you. Hi! Was on hold for 30minutes and then you hung up. I have the same problem since yesterday… They hold my payslip and I tried everything to contact them…no way ! What a joke, @RevolutApp I have had an email to say that my card has been frozen due to an unusual transaction (I have not made any recent transactions so this is worrying), but I cannot access the app by either of my phones - very strangely neither app is now working. Plz help ! Hi Andreas, I have been trying to contact support for 3 weeks now, every day the same story… please help me… issue with the account is that I had to replace my card, and I need to restore it both to use Revolut as a consumer and to invest as a shareholder (unfortunately your system doesn’t see me as a client, hence won’t allow access to the crowdfunding). This number does not make outgoing calls. toxiroxi. We'll send you a message with a link to download the app. Only way to raise an issue is through the app and I can’t get access. I'm in Argentina stuck because of the virus, that's my only visa here. This site uses both local and third-party cookies to analyze traffic, enhance performance, and display relevant advertisements for you. I have a problem since yesterday to reinstall the app on my new phone. @RevolutApp App isn't opening for me this morning, is there an issue? It recognizes faceID but doesnt log me in and when i enter a pin it says its invalid. I can't log in, tap "forgot", my code doesn't work, the app won't let me enter the security code sent by text. Authenticity is not working via email. I needed to find out how quick ‘express delivery’ was for a card to be sent - before I went ahead to get one. I got onto them a few weeks ago in Santorini on a Sunday my metal card was too thick for one if the atms over there and would not eject thankfully had a back up card. An update is available, but "waiting for download" forever.

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