I do not enjoy malfunctions when shooting. Feed it good stuff, and it generally does OK. The bad news is there isn’t much chance of adjustment. misfired. Yeah the Volq parts are extremely popular for the 597 and are fairly inexpensive on Midway or Brownell’s or whatever. I don’t presume to have the Holy Grail in my gun safe, and to each his own, so I will not bash others for what they have purchased or what they are happy with. The sling issue: I wrote Remington and asked how to mount a sling. Another issue that I have experienced: infrequently the last round will not feed into the chamber, and the bolt will lock open with one round left in the magazine. what did you go with for a scope and mount ?? But before you get disheartened, I’ll balance that with some good news: the first rabbit I shot with this rifle was around the 100-yard mark from a rather difficult fence post top. I remember when I was trying to decide between the 597 and the 10/22. TRIGGER, BARREL AND STOCK I don’t recall any specifics but they weren’t my rifles either. Pop...pop...click. when you've filled the mag should knock the rounds into alignment. It was great for slipping into magazines while teaching my son to clear misfires. Would you like to make this site your homepage? Ranged and rested, I held over for the appropriate drop and took my first rabbit. Now pull the bolt back to push the two bars out, and hold your hand over the bottom of the receiver, as the springs that push the bolt may fly out. Well the last rabbiting session was on a field of freshly planted grass – more of a recce than a serious session. Almost I get much better groups than this at 25 yards. Your email address will not be published. Cyclical deformation and return are much more damaging to springs. And the gun has failed to empty 1 10 round magazine with out a malfunction. However, if you buy the Remington, you are not stuck with the rifle you purchase and nothing else. There are aftermarket action springs, hammer springs, and other things also. It makes me want to shoot my 10/22, but then I look at my dwindling supply of ammo and reconsider. The second grouping opened up a bit at 50 yards, and I am willing to bet that the shots touching the outer edge of the circle could be fliers due to user error, but I will leave that determination up to you. 2) The mating surfaces on the underside of the bolt, and where it rides on the hammer were very rough. Having owned both I much prefer the 10/22 reliability and handling. gun at home, took the gun out again to the range. I completely stripped down the gun and clean all of the parts. Accuracy is good, but being totally unreliable doesn’t give any confidence to use it for hunting. The 30 round Remington-branded mags wouldn’t function even with YouTube hacks. My 597 is a .22 magnum, which isn’t an option for the 10/22.That’s why I bought it. From here, you disassemble the trigger mechanism and the magazine well from the barrel and receiver by removing a single pin located upwards from the safety. The 2nd round blew up in the chamber with a full case-head separation, blowing the magazine loose, leaving part of the casing in the chamber, jamming the bolt open with the case head fragment and spreading shards throughout the receiver region.

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