I believe that one of those parts in the trigger assembly also prevents the bolt from sliding back once the gun is cocked. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I hit a 6" gong 15 out of 15 times from about 40 yards with iron sights ... rapid fire while standing. Join Date: Mar 2004. I have two of them, one made in January 1957 and the other December 1960 (safe queen). Has anyone done this before? Thanks. Junior Member . "...separated the barrel from the receiver..." Why? A good buddy of mine got one back around '62-'63, we were in high school, man that was and is a sweet shooting little .22. I have a 572 made in dec 1954 according to costomer service at Remington. I have my Dad's Remington Speedmaster 22 that is a tube feed semi auto, I really like that rifle, and think maybe this pump would be a nice one to pair with it. Had you purchased a Remington Model 572, you would have had NO problems to fix. I hope when you figure out what the problem is, you will update your thread with the new info. Maybe my weakness for 22s has something to do with it also. I'm betting it will be quite accurate with the Rem 700 type sights, plus it is grooved for 22 tipoff scope mounts. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! It has been in a friends safe for 30 yrs. Log in to see fewer ads As the title suggests I have a 572 thats giving me a little trouble. First, it is a basic gun with very few frills but solidly made. The 552 isn't often called "the jam-o-matic" without good cause. If you still feel you are qualified to post in those subforums, please contact "Shane Tuttle" (the mod for that portion of TFL) via Private Message for assistance. A new one lists for $600 so $300 would be a good deal ... providing it is in excellent condition. It turned out that one of the fixed studs in the trigger group had worked loose. Reason: typo 08-04-2017, 07:13 AM #13: t-star. B. Wish I had it today, it was a nice rifle. Senior Member . With a scope I can get 2 in groups at 100 yards. JavaScript is disabled. If you'd like a copy PM me yer e-mail address & I'll sent it to ya. I bought mine new in 1967 mine is walnut but it isn't the fancy BDL .I have shot every kind of ammo through it I could find. Posts: 1 Remington 572 Fieldmaster issue. As you know, it's been too cold in Nebraska to do much range testing but I did run a full tube of ammo through it. I owned one for a while and it was a decent plinking rifle. Mine had the varnish chipping off the stock so I refinished it ... looks like a new gun now. Posts: 3,874. eastern arkansas. In the trouble shooting section there's a part on 'Gun Fails to Lock" with about 8 different causes & possible corrections. It shot perfectly. I think 572 production started in the 50's and is still made today ... but only in the BDL model with the fancy wood. This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service. #6819953 08/29/12: Joined: Apr 2008. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. That appears to have corrected the problem. I read the manual on doing this and was aware of the need to "not mess with the receiver bushing." It has never let me down. I just bought a Remington 572 Fieldmaster 22 rimfire off of gunbroker and I am curious as to the kind of accuracy I can expect from this rifle ? If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. Thanks for the replies, the owner says it has a walnut stock and the pics look like walnut to me. It has a aluminum alloy receiver (black powder coated), a birch stock, and a trigger group that is designed identical to a Rem 870 shotgun. I hope you are enjoying your 572 as they are wonderful rifles and accurate also. I have a number of pump action rifles, have never encountered the behavior you describe, and I for one would be most interested to know what caused this behavior. they were introduced in 1955 and my dad bought it used for me when i was 15(1963). All parts are available from Remington. Password: Forum Rules: Firearms Safety: Firearms Photos: Links: Library: Lost Password: Email Changes: Register: FAQ: Calendar: Search : Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read Thread Tools: Search this Thread: March 28, 2018, 07:44 AM #1: bikermj. I picked up the gun for 200 Canadian with prior knowledge that it had some misfiring issues. I have a 1974 Fieldmaster 572. Copyright Complaints: Please direct DMCA Takedown Notices to the registered agent: The Art of the Rifle: Bolt, Lever, and Pump Action, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFCrJleggrI, http://stevespages.com/ipb-remington-572.html. the foregrip is ribbed. The Remington 572 pump .22s have the reliability of the venerable 870 action, so you can bet they’re well made rifles. Haven't shot it in many years but pulled it out recently and introduced it to my son and grandson at my range. Join Date: March 27, 2018. Joined: Apr 2008. Shouldn't ever be a need to do that. It is a very good rifle. What is the purpose of the bushing? … He has no problems breaking his down, very easy to listen to and understand. Like Sub sailer said, closely inspect the trigger group, but also check the rear end of the action bar. I'm still envious. My dad had the 1957 572 and used to hang it in our hog barn office on a nail for years to dispatch a hog or so, stray cat or rabbits. yours, sw Last edited by stand watie; 08-03-2017 at 05:48 PM. Reassembled the rifle and shot it again at the range. Such emails will be ignored. Got to be a part broken or worn either in the trigger group, or the end of the action bar. Might be better to ask your question on The Smithy thread. The barrel is very good but the rest of the rifle is somewhat handicapped by the design. I had one as a younger person that my Uncle gave to me; he apparently never cleaned it and it would fail to eject after every round...at the time I knew nothing about cleaning guns so sold it to my friends father. Remington 572 Fieldmaster 22. I believe that serial numbers weren't required on firearms until sometime in the '60s, so it's possible that Remington didn't use them. I don't see how to install it. Remington 572 action problem . I am not sure if this will help or not. The 572 was introduced in 1955. greg5857, I picked up a 572 at an estate sale recently and learned a lot about it. Upon cleaning it, I noticed that the barrel lock screw and receiver bushing were missing. OP. My gun was made in 1979 ... a mere 35 years old but works like it was brand new. Paid $48.00 and it is well made. Fingers crossed! On u-tube a site called gunblue490, this fella really knows his way around a 572. = Them old 572 pump-gun shoots EVERY time & will digest any .22RF round that I've tried. If you are experiencing difficulties posting in the Buy/Sell/Trade subforums of TFL, please read the "sticky" announcement threads at the top of the applicable subforum. You won't be sorry. I would suggest that you pull the trigger assembly out and inspect it for any loose studs that support some of the complex little linkages in the gun. There's a serial number on the left side of the receiver. But when out shooting the gun would slam the pump back and eject the round its self with no reward pressure. B. bcraig OP. Hello, anyone have any experience with one of these rifles? Seems ok. takin it to the range with my mini 14 next week. bcraig. I purchased a used 572 that had some problems. A forum community dedicated to Ruger firearm owners and enthusiasts. Worked great when I was a kid, i just cleaned it and racked it a few times. Mine has a steel receiver because I scratched it putting on a scope. Campfire Guide . I have one. Well I got this rifle bought last night for $250. I have a 572 Remington Fieldmaster that I bought in the late 1960's. I was taught to respect my elders .... problem is, I'm having a hard time finding them.​. In cleaning it afterwards, I separated the barrel from the receiver (this was probably the first time that it had been done.) Posts: 3,874. eastern arkansas. My dad have it to me as a Christmas present in the mid 80's. How do you do it? Campfire Guide. I ordered the two parts and when received could not understand how to install the rubber receiver bushing? It was my first gun. I peened the end of the stud over so it was tight and not wobbling around. Remington 572 Fieldmaster accuracy ? This email link is to reach site administrators for assistance, if you cannot access TFL via other means. It is the Remington Field Service Manual & contains complete assembly/disassembly instructions as well as trouble shooting tips, parts list, & 'exploded' diagram. So if you know anything about them please reply, as far as problems, value, reliability etc. The only difference in the new models and older models is the front sight and of course the stock.

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