Section 12.1: The Politics of Reconstruction p.376 Section 12.2: Reconstructing Society p.383 Section 12.3: The Collapse of Reconstruction p.393 4 0 obj Describe the expansion of civil rights and liberties in the Civil War/Reconstruction Period through the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. 3. Reconstruction Era Worksheets This is a fantastic bundle which includes everything you need to know about the Reconstruction Era across 26 in-depth pages. Introduction The process of rebuilding that followed the American Civil War (1861-1865), Since the United States had never before experienced civil war, the end of hostilities left Americans to grapple Columbian Exchange- Native American Contributions, Columbian Exchange-Native American Contribution, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, Go over quiz-fix by tomorrow for points back, Quiz on Chapter 13 Worksheets-Google Classroom, Response to Chinese Exclusion Act Central Question on Google Classroom, Progressives Attempt to Solve Problems WKS, Complete Unit 2 Review on Google Classroom, Dakota Conflict Events, Causes, and Results, Civil War and Reconstruction Reading and Activity Sheets, Chapter 20 Notebook Guide-Spanish-American War, Worksheet: Acquiring and Managing Global Power, Stations-Harlem Renaissance and Great Migration, Fill out google form when done viewing the slideshow, Unit 1 Review-Available on Google Classroom. We hope these Reconstruction After the Civil War Worksheets images gallery can be a guidance for you, bring you more inspiration and of course bring you what you looking for. Reconstruction (1865 to 1877) Worksheet I. �8'����*��ݛ�Dg-izfb߼N�Ɠ��{�Y ���F��ݞ�܁�m�{��{{��\ J޾^�ɢ�ʉq��Ǽ1�%�*���gW23�>����h E)~�����h���v���{��50�} :�l%&@� x������� _nP�7. Reconstruction. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Civil War & Reconstruction Learning Objectives Students will be able to: Materials Needed: Identify the division of the U.S. at the outbreak of the Civil War. �o /�ͱǺ(��eFo[�`ˍ��8�����βg9�VW)�tC[�6ރ�u2F��Y*�t����Uk��i]k2N1�@(��cF^t ����7*�GvZs!%aǎ�H)2%�(�6�LP�B���/K)-%|�ƅ��h��ˎm�Z���,K�Oc�-`�^�>w�x4[M�����3�ʽxyp��/�:B��G��^}��d��.fN�~r/��4��e�Ɂ��&�^)�[���9�A�q/ڦ���Ι������Eذ�K����X�o6��9jbQ����&����8�} ���U���}��Dc�TU�r�(�̞иm�Ge����X�|���"l��'�ټ�P��%q�jWb�ttW��}r���0��&�5�A��*������w���_7��ߢ����8�e-�v��(�)��A��R=D(��+�@��c�|Mp�f���F�"vY4���/hT�)��m���Y��(J�\��ZV ��>e�2s'f�d��Н�� T� ��wδ�|ՙM�*�Ӄ��R�C��\����n���C�O��7�w2q�=�)r58ْ�l��ZW��^��pُMf�r�[e�&R�Y�&x���Q��%��(��]�@�0:��):��;�Uߑ���;tv��N2m�D Continue with more related things such civil war and reconstruction worksheets, civil war reconstruction timeline and civil war and reconstruction worksheets. Reconstruction Packet (Print Out ASAP) Reconstruction Timeline Worksheet (Due: B & D = 1/17) America’s Reconstruction: A Timeline; A Timeline of Reconstruction: 1865 - 187; Reconstruction Timeline (PBS) Reconstruction Timeline ; Reconstruction Timeline ; Gilded Age & … Reconstruction. ��*��e�����/#�V�Q��d�Ž�ӷ� Worksheet; Reconstruction. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> A state must have a majority within its borders take the oath of loyalty 2. Congress refused to accept the rehabilitation of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Dear Students: Letter to Me (Homework Assignment), Settlement North America/Colonial America Packet (Print Out ASAP, Reading = A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn (Chapter 1), Common Sense Reading + Questions (Due: B = 9/25, D = 9/22), Declaration of Independence (Google Form)(Due: B = 9/25, D = 9/22), Constitution Worksheet (Due: B = 9/28, D = 9/29), Alien and Sedition Packet (Due: B & D = 10/6), Age of Jackson/Westward Expansion Packet (Pt 1, Print Out ASAP), Age of Jackson/Westward Expansion Packet (Pt 2, Print Out ASAP), Patriot's History (Reading + Questions)(Due: B & D = 10/18), People's History of the United States (Ch. �5����_�� Introduction; 5.1 Confronting the National Debt: The Aftermath of the French and Indian War; 5.2 The Stamp Act and the Sons and Daughters of Liberty; 5.3 The Townshend Acts and Colonial Protest; 5.4 The Destruction of the Tea and the Coercive Acts; 5.5 Disaffection: The First Continental Congress and American Identity; Key Terms; Summary; Review Questions; Critical Thinking Questions Reconstruction Reconstruction was the period between 1865 and 1877, when the nation tried to build itself after the Civil War. Explain. stream In July 1864, Congress passed the Wade-Davis Bill, their own formula for restoring the Union: 1. Based upon the information in the timeline, what were the top 3 most significant events in the history of American slavery as it pertains to sectionalism? During today’s class, you will work in teams to discuss whether or not African Americans were free during Reconstruction. reconstruction plan, objecting to its leniency and lack of protections for freed slaves. %PDF-1.3 %��������� 1. x��˒����x��S5�I�%+[I*q9�ؚ�q��ڲ �2eσj�g�iv�@�J��@������g���ٍ��XUn>���{��kܧ/�M��wn�޽�?��(l�϶ڃ��yX�ߺ�ܤ�wk7��G���v��{x�>��d4��ݿ\���*W�pW����F�S�h>ܹY=Z��ݝ�����+}��;�o��E��yԪ�Z�s�X���v�E�6��6��恂�No��/���r��6�+P_�{��b�=[mw-l�޻�"�"1�}49�Wt`����y���2�P��Pܰ�m�ִM ��Tw=SW�b ��]+ށU"�a�ɢ,P�ּ�g�x1��Wx�;4k���?�z�soͅ�pk��,O��>����63�o{;�'㙔��� ��[R��-�7I[�S�V��H�u˙���{�S��sf��ի���W}f����kǢ����; �-�c�sw�w7��d���ƶ{3����o�nhqfS/фd������ Video: Underground Railroad; Civil War and Reconstruction Reading and Activity Sheets; Mini-Quiz on Google Classroom; 25. Your goals for today should include looking Reconstruction Timeline Worksheet . #1 #2 #3 2. We found some Images about Reconstruction Timeline Worksheet: Reconstruction. Crash Course: Reconstruction; Mini-Quiz on Google Classroom; Unit 1 Review-Available on Google Classroom; 26. 7)(Due: B & D = 10/26), Andrew Jackson RAFT Assignment (Due: B & D = 11/2), 2nd Great Awakening &  Antebellum America Packet (Print out ASAP), Age of Reform Reading (Not Assigned in 2017), Opponents/Defenders of Slavery (Class Work in 2017), Gilded Age/Progressive Era Packet (Print off ASAP), Patriot's History (Chapter 12 + Questions), People's History (Chapter 11 + Questions), Copy of Questions (also available in packet), Speed Dating: Singles Ad Template (D Block Only, Post by 5:00 p.m. on 3/22), Snap Biography Template (must use hinghamschools account), Causes of the Great Depression (Classwork = 3/29), Link to Padlet: Axis Expansion (Map Analysis), The Cold War as a Global Conflict (Classwork, Episode 2: EOTP, "Fighting Back: 1957 - 1962" (Beginning to 31:00), Episode 3: EOTP, "Ain't Scared of Your Jail: 1960 - 1961" (25:00 - 53:00), Episode 4: EOTP, "No Easy Walk: 1961 - 1963" (24:00 - End), All Souls Reading & Questions: Boston Busing Crisis (Due: B & D = 6/4), Vietnam War Reading (Pt 1)(Due: B & D = 6/6), Image Investigation (Classwork, B = 6/11, D = 6/8), Unfinished Nation (Video), He Brought the People with Him (Due: B = 10/20, D = 10/23), Unfinished Nation (Video), Legacy of an Autocratic Ruler (Due: B = 10/23, D = 10/24), Unfinished Nation (Video), Voices of Reform (Due: B & D = 11/6), Unfinished Nation (Video), Revolution of a Different Sort (Due: B & D = 11/14), Unfinished Nation (Video + Wksht): Master & Slave (Due B = 11/21, D = 11/22), Unfinished Nation, A Decade of Discord (Due: B = 12/5, D = 12/4), Unfinished Nation (Video) - 1920s (Due: B & D = 3/14), America on the Sidelines (Due: B & D = 4/10), Padlet: Axis Expansion (Due: B & D = 4/11), Classwork: Google Map Activity (B & D = 4/11), Manhattan Project + Video (Due: B & D = 4/26), Atomic Bomb Assignment (Due: B & D = 4/27,, 50s Pop Culture Assignment (Due: B & D = 5/16), Presidential Tweets: 50s & 60s (Due: B & D = 5/17), Mama Said Reading + Reflection (Due: B & D = 5/18)(, Civil Rights Timeline (Google Map)(Due: B & D = 5/25, Episode 2 & 3: Eyes on the Prize (EOTP) (Due: B = 5/30, F = 5/31), Episode 4 & 5: Eyes on the Prize (EOTP)(Due: B = 5/31, F = 6/1), The Things They Carried (Reading & Reflection, Due: B & D = 6/13). Knowing what we know now about sectionalism in America, were the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850 helpful or harmful to the U.S.?

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