• It uses the Elite Battle System and B/W Repel System. Phoenix Rising includes more story then adventure in-game. Each move has a separate cooldown and players have the option to flee from a wild encounter if they find themselves close to fainting. But you can see we added this game 2nd in our list which means we consider it better than many games below. Official Pokemon games can be found only on Nintendo consoles, but you can also enjoy other Pokemon-related media in the form of anime series, movies, merchandises, and others. Download from: https://pokemonuranium.co/. You can also find the latest version too which is better compare to sites who may not upload updated version. This game receives mixed reviews and some of considering it best compares to every game in the series, others think its normal game. Pokémon Ash Gray is a fan-made Pokémon game based off Fire-Red which simulates Ash's journey in the original Pokémon animated series. Players downloaded it over 7 million times within one week of release. • You can use evolution stones throughout the game to unlock the various Pokemon evolutions. Pokemon Alchemist is a fan game made with the Essentials engine, which offers the combination of Generation 3 to Generation 5 elements. • It features the graphics from Generation 3. This game has a completely new environment than other Pokemon games. Unlike other games, you may see too many cities build even underwater, space, and everywhere for this best fan-made Pokemon game. As the player, you must investigate the strange cause of events that take place within the region. More than 200 new Pokemons are there to connect within this game. You came from Greenleaf Orphanage, getting ready to become the Pokemon master in this region. Game creator Amethyst Liddell created this downloadable PC game from a completely unique perspective – Pokemon Reborn features a dark fantasy plot line, incredible graphics and a new region called Reborn. They added 3 other regions too which you can access after completing the adventure in the 1st region. Please note that all links starting with geni.us will redirect you to Amazon. This fan-made Pokemon game is by far one of the best hacks ever made and is the 2009 ROM hack version of Pokemon Ruby. It’s not possible to capture a Pokemon if its control of other Trainers. This game features all generations and regions of Pokemon, and it aims to bring as much nostalgia for the players as possible. This is considered to be one of the best Pokemon fan games. Pokémon Reborn is another fan game that uses RPG Maker XP’s engine to deliver a new Pokémon experience modeled after Pokémon Emerald.The game is set in Reborn City, a decaying metropolis plagued by rampant crime and pollution. This game can be played on the GBA system or a GBA emulator on your device. 12. A unique storyline is created in this game Rejuvenation which you can never see anywhere in all types of games. A fan-made the updated version of Pokemon Ruby with a complete new look. If you’re looking for such inventive Pokemon games that are fan made, here’s a look at some outstanding versions –. Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Pokemon fan games ever made: This game is based on the hack of Pokemon FireRed. As a fan-made game, it offers plenty of features not commonly available in the official release of Pokemon games. This game tells a story of you as someone who has lost your memory, waking up in the region of Hoenn only to find out that the region has been attacked by swarms of zombies. • It can be played on Windows as well as Mac (using the Windows Emulator). Pokemon Phoenix Rising is a RPD fan-made Pokemon game available for PC. Reviews in the Pokemon Community about this game are really positive. Also, you can play battles against other players in the world online. Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Pokemon fan games ever made: As the player you’ll have to battle thousands of Pokemon, but the field effects are spectacular. In this game, your story is to embark on an adventure that will save the world of Hoenn from the zombie attacks. This fan-based RPG is an improved version of Pokemon Reborn created by SuperJanPro that takes place in the region Aevium. • You can play as your Pokemon, directly controlling your team members. The graphics are also great so if you want a cheaper alternative of the Pokemon Red, this hacked version is the best possible choice. • The number of starter Pokemon available is 216. Best Pokemon Fan Games - Pokemon is the most popular RPG game and there are millions of fans who love to play it. There are more than 8+ gym leader in the game with some new Pokemon. Some games are made by fans. It’s important to reach a goal point for players while stoping their opponents to do the same. • There are various custom-made Pokemon added. Visit here to read about the complete list with the facility to play online for free. • There are also many side quests that you can complete in this game. • You can use the synthetic evolution stones as many times as you want. This game offers features that are not available in Pokemon Crystal, allowing you to control the team members directly. • It offers new scripts, worlds, and sprites. Aside from allowing you to play this game on your browser, you can also install it on your Windows machine. • It features the field effect system that affects your battles. The concept is the same, you need to explore large newly created regions, with great story waiting for you. Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S – Which Should I Choose? • You can find various Pokemon creatures that are picked from Generation 1 to Generation 7. The main feature offered in this game is the DNA Splicer, which was available on the Black and White 2, which allows you to combine 2 different Pokemon into a new Pokemon. The 7 Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers, The 7 Best Dolby Atmos Soundbars You Can Buy, Want to Add News Headlines to Your Website or App? • You can uncover the original storyline around the Rialtra Region, which is geared toward more mature players. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best Pokemon fan games ever made. Players really love this game, making it one of the best selling games of all after purchased over 12 million copies. The Difference Between Fan Made Pokemon Games and Pokemon ROM Hacks Fan Made Pokemon Games. There are new characters, clear and precise graphics and there’s the second part of this game also available now. Uranium is a very popular fan-made game and you may never see any other perfect game created by fans similar to official series. The track leads them into the Naljo region, a previously unexplored area obsessed with industrialization. Xbox One X vs Xbox One S – Which Should I Choose? The game features a medley of Pokémon from Generations 1-4 and introduces new mini-games, TMs, and Gas/Sound/Fairy elemental typings. With you being one of the survivors, you are trying to find other survivors of the plane crash on this island. Pokemon game series is very popular and you can see each game is sold millions of times. Related: Play Nintendo DS Games on Android, Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulators For PC & Android. You will need to defeat the gym leaders around the Aloma region in order to be the best trainer in the world. Pokemon Apex is the Pokemon fan game unlike any other. Please Share “20 Best Pokemon Fan Games – Updated List of Free Games for 2020” with Friends and Family, Your email address will not be published. • You can find creative dialogues among the NPC in this game, making it even more fun to explore. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. • You can solve various mysteries in the land of Urobos. They made this game in 9 years, added over 150 new species of Pokeman, all fans created only, one full new region like original games. Here’s a walkthrough for this hacked version, Pokemon Flora Sky is complex and quite frankly has a difficult game play which needs massive skill. During their mission, they meet with many different Pokemon. Pokémon Uranium focuses on the tale of a young Pokémon trainer attempting to uncover the secrets of a nuclear explosion in the Tandor region. Completely different types of Pokemons are discovered which you can use for different purposes in the game-like fight against other trainers. Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S: Which One Should You Buy? Your character is tasked with restoring the region to its former glory by forming an alliance with other trainers and defeating the evil organization … • The graphics are updated to resemble the style of the Diamond and Pearl version. • The game follows the original story of the anime series. The game is fully completed which means there is no need to look for updates, all bugs are fixed & tested by too many players already. They made this game in 9 years, added over 150 new species of Pokeman, all fans created only, one full new region like original games. You can catch and evolve hundreds of Pokemon in this game. Pokemon Alchemist is a fan game made with the Essentials engine, which offers the combination of Generation 3 to Generation 5 elements. Almost every region is unlocked in this game and also you can play using all Pokemons from each generation in this game. Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends is a fan-made Pokemon game based on Pokemon Ruby, which is available for the GBA system. The development of this game takes about 9 years from 2007 to 2016. • It has finished the latter half portion of East Godra. The Pokémon community has produced loads of fan-made games, which are packed with new adventures, features, and characters. The game also introduces a special Pokémon class called Delta, which are essentially different typing/coloration combinations of existing Pokémon species. Based off of the popular Pokémon Ruby version, Pokémon Light Platinum features impressive graphics and a wide array of Pokémon along with new regions and gyms to keep any Pokémon fan occupied for hours. In this game, you can explore the region called GENTO with four main islands to visit. You can explore new maps and Pokemon. Pokémon 3D is a surprisingly refreshing fan-made project. This game is all about how you can get around the Aloma region and go through your way to the top. This game is a hacked version of the original FireRed series that begins with the original plot, where you’re an amateur Pokemon enthusiast. • Your goal is to become Urobos League Champion. You’ll be facing against the evil organization called Team Xen, battling grim gym leaders and find out the harsh truth behind the region’s destruction. After adopting a Lavitar who’s lost their trainer, the player embarks on a journey to gather 20 gym badges across two regions—Naljo and Rijon (Pokémon Brown). • It includes special Pokemon, which are Shadow Lugia and Baby Lugia. These are top fan-made Pokemon games that you must try. There is no official website there which provides the latest update but both links on Reddit & Discord can help you download updated versions for this game. Despite having a legal problem with Nintendo, this game is still available online to this day. It is a battle simulation for Pokemon that you can play online, which you can customize based on your own preferences. In this game, there are 3 different regions that you can explore, and you can also find Pokemon from various generations being featured in this game. This game has more than 800 Pokemon and 50+ Gym leaders. 9. Clockwork includes appearances from Gen 1-4 Pokémon and introduces a plethora of unique features including a quest system, day/night cycle, time travel mechanics, new moves, gameplay rebalancing, and dynamic Pokémon evolutions that can occur mid-battle.

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