Pregnancy was not a part of the plan. Beca and Jesse spend the night together as a couple. Then we'll call the doctors. Because they’d been broken up long enough for Beca to have had plenty of sexual partners after him. Send to … “Jesse you broke my heart!” Beca burst, now very clearly angry, as though she could finally say the words that had built up within her over the past five years, “You broke up with me over text, then blocked me on every possible social media format, then you had the fucking audacity to tell everyone that we knew that you’d tried to make me see reason and that I was the one to blame!”. His attention snapped back up to his ex-girlfriend who still looked at him in shock, “…I was in the neighbourhood.”, “Yeah I can see that.” Beca replied with a mildly amused tone, “I just wondered why you were in my neighbourhood.”. Pressing a kiss to her lips, he took her hands in his. As such, Aubrey and co-lead Chloe Beale have to rebuild the group from scratch for the upcoming season, which will be difficult due to the notoriety from the incident at the finals. I'll talk to you soon, Thanks Callie. However, according to Trish Sie, that wasn't really the point of the movie, and it's OK that the third installment went in a different direction. He pressed a kiss to her lips and he felt her smile, for the first time since she had burst into the Treble House. We're going to have a baby because im sure together we can handle anything", "Shouldn't we go to the doctors first to check? ", "Sure, i think. Beca was gay?! Plot Keywords Beca remembered the day Jesse and her conceived their child. Fat Amy said, with her usual eloquent concern. She builds a life with Jessie and moves to LA. Jeca ( A Beca and Jesse fanfic ) After Pitch Perfect 2 Fanfiction. Within thrity seconds the worst was over. ", "Yes, that's right. "Becs what's wrong?" "Of course I'm happy! About the Archive. We would like to book an emergency appointment for a pregnancy test. “I uh…” he began, pausing while he tried to organise his thoughts. “Do you need me to elaborate further or-?”, “-No. She picked up her makeup wipes and cleaned off the smudged mascara, not bothering to put any more on. We'll book Beca in for scans at the Great Atlanta Hospital for 4 weeks times, another 6 weeks after that, another 4 weeks after that, 6 weeks after that and 4 weeks after that at which we'll sort the birthing plan. "Okay, we'll be there." That's what she wanted to know. Could you make it here by then? Meanwhile, Beca Mitchell is a reluctant freshman at Barden, her Barden professor father paying for her tuition for one year just so that she can be exposed to college life. The highlights and down-lows of Beca's pregnancy and the furture of their child. Honestly, Pitch Perfect 3 sees the girls head overseas to compete for a contract with DJ Khaled during a USO tour. There was no point in trying to prolong her confession. Wow. “I uh…” he began, pausing while he tried to organise his thoughts. He had spent their freshman year breaking them down, slowly but surely, and he wasn't about to go through that again. But after she meets Jesse, from the rival all-male a cappella group, Beca has a new outlook and takes it upon herself to help the Bellas find their new look and sound and get back into the competition. "Beca please tell me what going on. "Hurry up, stop hogging the bathroom!". The phone rings to the studio Jesse gets up to answer as Beca is in the restroom, the familiar voice of Callie the nurse answers. I promise you im going to be with you forever because im your nerd. "Do you remember what I said to you, at hood night? "I took a pregnancy test today, I'm pregnant. Do they have the results? What if im a terrible mother Jess. Jesse knocked on the bathroom door. His attention snapped back up to his ex-girlfriend who still looked at him in shock, “…I was in the neighbourhood.” He tilted her head so she was looking into his eyes. During the night in the middle of a calming rainstorm, Beca has a nightmare of Jesse getting killed. Intro So Beca and Jesse dated for a while back in high school. A lot of people don't end up with their college boyfriend and we wanted it to be about them and their independence and finding their way in the world and moving ahead alone. Pregnant. (Sequel to pitch perfect 2) Random. “What about you?” he eventually said, motioning to Beca stomach, “I see you’re expecting.”, “Oh! God he was an idiot. YOU ARE READING. "Right, One...Two...Three." Thanks doc! Looking for an old soul like myself. “Do what? Jesse asks if they are getting ready for the Riff Off. ", "Yeah im fine, it's unlocked could you come in please? Language: English Words: 1,461 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 1 Hits: 114 Keeping the Trebles out of Pitch Perfect … Pitch Perfect 3 did just fine without a relationship subplot for Beca or Fat Amy, and maybe we'll get to see those aspects played out if there ever is a Pitch Perfect 4. COMPLETE. Jesse hung up his phone and turned back to Beca with a wide smile.

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