Callisto is also located in the Wilderness, which means you will have to look out for PKers and dying is a very real possibility which may cut into your profits. Possible reasons for this: our item ID is wrong, osrsbox is down or GE Tracker is down. ? Your actual profits may be higher or lower depending on your speed and luck.--> Callisto drops the Dragon pickaxe which is heavily sought after. +0 Ruthless 3 gives a constant 7.5% damage boost due to high kill rates, and comboes very easily with Equilibrium 4 for additional damage. Warpriest gear drops are based on what pieces the player currently owns, so by banking the cuirasses and greaves, only helms, boots, gauntlets and capes may be dropped, which do not have a warning when disassembled, making them quicker to disassemble during combat. Potion reservoirs are used to allow players to stay AFK for up to five minutes at a time, only checking back in to note potions. Setup. You simply then just have to keep your health high and be on the lookout for PKers as you finish the kill. Callisto is the name of one of Jupiter's moons. +0 The main priority of this setup is boosting damage and accuracy against the warriors to maximise drops. Only use a Slayer Helmet if you do not have the Salve Amulet. Due to this, some of the items below may appear missing, we’re working on fixing this as soon as possible. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. +135 The following items and abilities are useful for fully optimizing experience, kills, and profit per hour, in rough order of most useful to least useful: From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape, Cowhide, green dragonhide, blue dragonhide, Claiming pure essence from Wizard Cromperty, Claiming potato cacti from the Weird Old Man, Making pizza bases in Mess Sergeant Ramsey's shop,, Can also bank the Slayer Codex once the dungeon is entered to save an inventory space. I have a callisto slayer task right now and I want to know what's the fastest way to kill him? The most common tactic to use at Callisto is full Veracs as Callisto has extremely high melee defences. The profit rate assumes 20 kills per hour. Weakness Immune Yes 312 Finally, players with access to Invention can disassemble warpriest gear drops to gather Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak components for free.

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