Attire - Never wear earbuds or large noise cancelling headphones late at night. This is primarily used alongside your driveway to detect incoming assailants. Salt Supply s1 Pepper Spray vs. Mace Pepper Gun 2.0 with Strobe LED. Hold the can in your non-dominant hand, and use your dominant hand to clear a path to their face. SABRE isn’t just used for police, but for United States Marshals, as well. Technically, an alarm is anything that will bring attention to your position–especially if you and your party have devised a warning signal ahead of time. It looks like a miniature flare gun, and it may be enough to off-put any attack just by looking at it. Some of the most effective are non-lethal guns. Handgun Ammo Handgun Ammo. Burglars are much less likely to break into a home if they believe that the occupants are awake. Of course, this does once again go back to the dog’s training, so make sure that you keep up with that in terms of regularity and breadth. It burns out your TV so fast, and it’s a waste of your electric bill. Trip Advisory - In this case, it’s lack thereof. These weapons are often easier to use, require less technique and physical strength, and can be debilitating. Both have two shots and have excellent range. The world can be an intimidating place, so why not have something to defend yourself in a hairy situation? That said, rock salt guns have a bit of an advantage in some respects due to the fact that they have secondary deterrents built into their design. The fourth non-lethal gun available is the SALT Pepper Spray Gun. . CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. In order to help you find the right non-lethal self defense weapon for your situation, I’ve decided to break this guide into sections. View All . The LED flashlight is an 80-lumen model, so you get ample light and can carve your path to safety, leaving your attacker in a heap of pain. All rights reserved. OQ: What is a non-lethal handgun? That made him realize that everything can change for the worst in a very short time. Both are electric weapons and capable of taking a man down quite easily. First, we’ll cover peppery sprays because they’re by far the most common non-lethal self defense weapons. These barbs strike the opponent and shock them as the user pulls the trigger. Watch the included video for extra information on independent laboratory testing to verify maximum pain output, and understand the true power you’re wielding. This also means that untrained dogs are far less likely to provide a meaningful response as they are, at best, most likely to simply corner the opponent and wait for them to act–someone who likely has a weapon. If your attacker is using a blade, they’ll quickly realize that they aren’t just outclassed, but that they’re holding a conductor. This is especially important for self-defense because most people are unaware of how physically taxing a hand-to-hand fight actually is. Pistols; Rifles; shotguns; Ammunition ; law enforcement; military; Pistols. For pepper spray, the capsaicin is contained within a tube of pressurized and saturated fluid that is sprayed onto opponents–primarily the eyes to blind them. If you find yourself in an alternate environment, especially one where you’re not used to the area, such as a parking garage late at night, public park, or an enclosed cityscape area, you’ll need to think fast. With pepper gel, you can spray up to 18 feet away, hit your mark, and not worry about runoff fumes blowing back into your eye. A user can actually train easily, and learn how to aim and use the weapon effectively. As the editor of Survivor’s Fortress, he is committed to providing with the most accurate and up-to-date tips and information to help you become more self-reliant and keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you.

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