Although they could no longer produce ADAM themselves, their exposure to the substance made them grow taller than most normal girls their age and granted them incredible strength. If you are using a heavy weapon or Single-Rigged you may want to switch to something faster for this fight. A Big Sister is seen as she carries away the Little Sister that speaks to. For example, the Little Sister vent located at the, It is a bad idea to try to retreat during a Big Sister fight in order to recover, using hit-and-run attacks as one might during a Big Daddy fight. Do this every time a weapon is used until the Big Sister arrives. Then, my game crashed. 666 - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope [Vinny's View], Celebrating FAHM with Fam! Released Nov 09, 2018 PC; PlayStation Network (Vita) ... My Big Sister last edited by Patcha on 01/15/20 06:52AM View full history Big Sisters are much faster than Big Daddies as well as more agile, and thus will be able to catch up with you quite easily. Always move around when fighting a Big Sister. Always try to exploit the scenery as much as possible: try to lure the Big Sister in the path of hacked. Free health restoration after gathering ADAM Repeatedly freezing the Big Sister with Winter Blast will allow you to defeat her with ease (Big Sisters will not be obliterated when killed while frozen). A Big Sister will screech about 3 times before she appears, blurring the player's vision as they sound. A Big Sister attacks when the third Little Sister has been Rescued or Harvested. It’s just a weird bug I found. The first Big Sister the player battles (in Adonis Luxury Resort) cannot be defeated and she will automatically leave when a certain amount of time has passed attacking Delta. BioShock 2: All levels except Atlantic Express and Inner Persephone Minerva's Den:Minerva's DenOperations Delta is first attacked by a Big Sister after a Little Sister speaks to him in the foyer. Just like Big Daddies, Big Sisters can be killed with the Winter Blast's "shatter" effect while still leaving a corpse to be looted. send you an email once approved. by riostarwind. Received Spitfire Rod V2.0. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Don't get pushed to the center and you'll be fine. Game » consists of 5 releases. + Maximum EVE capacity This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Multiplayer: Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, BioShock 2 was almost a semi prequel hybrid, "BioShock 2: Why there's more than one Big Sister now", One is seen in the corridor just before entering. One more problem with the pubescent girls was that traces of Plasmids found in the ADAM they recycled began to show in the girls' genes, allowing them to use these dangerous powers against anyone who crossed them. He gets the v2 and kills 2 arms during phase 2. Thats when the Arms do their Lunge attack in the most time.Dodge when they lunge and attack them with R1,R1,R2.Phase 2:IgnorePhase 3:At the first the Boss MAY kick you back once, but you CAN dodge that and he may miss you if you stick to the outer edge of either side.Attack the Pole in the Back, where the Boss is mounted for about 200 dmg, you'll see a spark.Then attack the Boss itself, Camera WILL lock on the Boss itself when you hit him once. Continuously Drill Dashing the Big Sister will not only deal good damage but will shortly disorient her. It's dumb, that during first stage arms are switchable same way parts of the body are, but during the second stage arms and head are being treated as separate enemies (LB/L1 + left stick click on a gamepad). You can use the Hypnotize Plasmid on her to make her attack a Big Daddy, or hide behind him so that she attacks him by accident. A Big Sister is seen outside underwater through the large window by the Kitchen of Tomorrow in. 3 Shooting the cloud will cause the tank to explode, dealing an enormous amount of damage to the Big Sister. The strategy here is the arms will alternate attacking one of 3 attacks, a lunge, a smash attack and a swipe attack. Once the player invokes the wrath of a Big Sister, there is a delay before she arrives. My Big Sister From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games This page is a stub: it lacks content and/or basic article components. A Big Sister is seen outside underwater through the large window after hacking the Door Control to get into Pauper's Drop from the Atlantic Express station at the start of the level. Released Nov 09, 2018, My Big Sister last edited by Armor-piercing ammunition will deal extra damage against Big Sisters. If low on ammo, immediately buy some at the nearest vending machine. Two Big Sisters can be seen swimming by the windows in the Lobby and New Accounts of. Luring her into a cramped space will limit her movement and make her an easier target, although it will be harder to dodge her attacks. * Read the most helpful review Using Security Command 2 or 3 would also be very wise as having two personal flying security bots would boost the player's damage output quite a lot. Drill Vampire Gene Tonic. One attacks when the third Little Sister has been Rescued or Harvested. However, it is impossible to shatter a Big Sister (or perhaps, they have so much health that this isn't an instant kill if done when they are at full health). Location Plasmid. However, this is unadvised if the player wants, or requires, the ADAM and other rewards off of the Big Sister's body, or to research her. Honest this boss is too easy compared to every other boss, use single rigged and use your slide attacks, easy win even a caveman could do it, I did it first try on my first run and on NG+, hardcore kill is easy, ripping off its arms is honestly wasted time with just how quick she goes down, so yeah, as the saying goes, Git Gud, but you don’t need to be good when single rigs exist. BioShock 2 Research Rewards This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other If the player plans to use melee attacks, moving into a corridor can be advantageous to be in position for an ambush. As seen in the gallery above, the gauntlets of the Big Sister were altered before being finalized in the current version. My Big Sister. Big Sisters mainly appear after dealing with the last Little Sister in the current level, so the player should prepare for a Big Sister fight before taking a Little Sister to a vent, or harvesting her. Use the Decoy Plasmid to avoid attacks when in danger. Big Sisters are significant enemies in BioShock 2. My Big Sister is a game about Luzia and Sombria, two sisters who are trying to get back home after being kidnapped by strangers and Luzia takes it upon herself to ensure they both make it home. Just make sure to constantly draw attention from the Big Sister or disable her through Plasmids, as she can easily destroy security bots. However, the corpses of Big Sisters contain valuable items, including ADAM. Two to five Big Sisters are seen or encountered. This time can be used to prepare for the battle, to set up traps, or buy ammunition and health from local vendors. Swipe attacks won't reach you and when it's getting ready for that top-down hit just move to the opposite corner. The Big Sisters are unusually tall and gangly since they are at the stage of sprouting from youth to adulthood. If the player is careful in avoiding her, it is possible to complete the battle without losing any health or having to use weapons or Plasmids. Eleanor Lamb is the only Big Sister who retains her will (and sanity) due to her mother Sofia Lamb's efforts to break her Little Sister conditioning. Roughly eight years after the events of BioShock, the Big Sisters began traveling all over the world, in order to abduct little girls and bring them back to Rapture as replacement Little Sisters.

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