[12] The specimen is nicknamed Carlo, after the ENCI worker who discovered it. The teeth have a slight posterior and medial recurvature and are noted for having smooth surfaces (which is different from other species of Prognathodon) except for minor wrinkles at the tips of the tooth crowns. This can be attributed to Dr. Henry Wuquoting that he purposely made the dinosaurs with exaggerated traits, asserting that dinosaurs made from pure code are not compatible with high-tech theme park attractions. https://heroes-and-villians.fandom.com/wiki/Mosasaurus?oldid=51325. Mosasaurus had unusual skull anatomy which is actually double-hinged like a snake (albeit aquatic and with fins). Though faint, these impressions reveal scales of "rhomboidal" shape. Thus, it was assumed that ERMNH HFV 197 was a juvenile specimen. However it had a greater bit force, spikes running down its back and no forked tongue. Mosasaurus gave its name to a group of marine lizards - Mosasaurs. [8], Species referred to Prognathodon are variable in terms of dentition. Mosy Mosy then devoured the Pteranodonwhen it flew over the enclosure to recapture her, also swallowing Zara, who was in the Pteranodon's grip. The fossil was remarkable in that it preserved the outline of the mosasaur's tail fins, revealing that Prognathodon, like Platecarpus and later mosasaurs also had a bilobed tail fluke resembling a downturned shark's tail, the shape of which may have aided the creature in surfacing, as well as attacking prey. She has very powerful jaw strength with a bite force of 13,000 pounds, which was at least as powerful as the Tyrannosaurus. Humans (formerly), the park is destroyed, Indominus Rex, Hoskins Such ornamentation could potentially strengthen the teeth. The Mosasaurus then ate the sub, along with a mercenary trying to escape on a helicopter, and when the gates were left open, it escaped the lagoon and swam into the ocean. Based on stratigraphy, the age of the specimen was estimated at 67.83 million years, making it about one-and-a-half million years older than "Bèr". The marginal teeth are stout, bicarinate and smooth or striated. The blunt tip and roughened surface suggest a tooth that was used for capturing fairly hard prey, and the presence of turtle bones as gut contents lends support to the hypothesis that Prognathodon was adapted to crush through hard-shelled prey. Its fins were probably used for steering and balance when swimming, not like plesiosaurs who used their fins as their primary means of locomotion. [5], The margins of the dorsal parietal surface are parallel to one another and the cranial midline to the posterior base of the diverging suspensorial rami, which forms a rectangular field medially on the parietal. It also had a bite force of 13K, one pound higher than the terrestrial predator Tyrannosaurus rex that lived in the same period as the Mosasaurus. [2], It is worth noting that P. overtoni displays heterodonty similar to other mosasaurines, such as Globidens and Carinodens. Mosasaurus more than likely used the same tactics sharks use today to hunt large prey such as plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs by going down far beneath the prey and getting one devastating surprise attack to avoid injury. Vertebral hypapophyseal peduncles were found on all four vertebrae and are very short and end as small laterally compressed oval facets. It was initially thought to be a species of whale or crocodile considering its large teeth but De Saint-Fond still assumed the specimen represented a crocodile. Though Prognathodon and Plesiotylosaurus are routinely recovered as sister genera, Cau and Madzia (2017) did not resurrect the tribe Prognathodontini in their list of mosasaur clades and their preferred definitions, offering no comment as to why not. The Mosasaurus lived in a 3 million gallon pool of water located near Main Street known as the Jurassic World Lagoon and visitors could watch it feed on sharks in the Mosasaurus Feeding Show. This is matched by the also massive pterygoid and various other portions of the skull, such as the temporal region and the braincase, which are all stout compared to other species in the genus. This can be attributed to Dr. Henry Wu sating that he purposely made the dinosaurs with exaggerated traits, asserting that dinosaurs made from pure code are not compatible with high-tech theme park attractions. Mosasaurus was a genus of mosasaur, giant carnivorous, aquatic lizards, somewhat resembling flippered crocodiles, with big elongated jaws. Mosasaurus Name: Mosasaurus Size: 17–18+ meter long, 1.8+ meter tall, 20000–28000 kg heavy. Diet Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The shark has a bite force about twice as big as the pit bull's bite. For this reason, it is likely that adult Prognathodon, particularly of the larger species, would have had larger tail fins relative to their body size. [4] Similar sclerotic rings are seen in several other mosasaur genera, such as Mosasaurus. Giant Sea Dinosaur Lizard and Park Attraction The marginal teeth are massive, smooth and rounded as opposed to most other mosasaur teeth, which are typically facetted and laterally compressed. Anterior pterygoid teeth are noted for being relatively large and comparable to the marginal teeth in size at up to 4.6 cm in height. She was cloned 11 years ago. [8], A relatively small number of teeth in comparison to other mosasaurs (for an example, Prognathodon saturator preserves 14 teeth in the dentary, 12 in the maxilla and 6 in the pterygoid) is a characteristic present in all species of Prognathodon. The Mosasaurus page says it weighs 5 tons while the Mosasaurus Feeding Show states that it weighs 15 tons. The fossil is not only largely complete and articulated, which is rare for Prognathodon specimens, but also preserves significant portions of the integument and a gentle bend on the last few caudal vertebrae. The ventral process of the postorbitofrontal to jugal is indistinctly separated from the moderately well exposed dorsal surface of the postorbitofrontal and the ventroposterior process on the jugal is slightly developed to absent. Movie version of Mosasaurus in Jurassic World. In P. overtoni and other species (such as P. giganteus), the teeth are all fairly uniform in size other than the penultimate tooth base (which is larger). The Jurassic World employees only fed her during showtime, indicating they toyed with the Mosasaurus’s appetite just for tourists to enjoy the show. Comment hidden. There is also a certain degree of variation in tooth number, P. solvayi has 12 teeth on the maxilla and 13 on the dentary whilst P. overtoni has 14 dentary teeth. [2], Prognathodon constitutes one of the largest-bodied mosasaur genera, with the largest known skull (belonging to P. currii) exceeding 140 cm in length. Goals The discovery also lends evidence to the theory that later mosasaurs were even more well-adapted to the lifestyle first occupied by the ichthyosaurs. Zygosphenes and zygantra are absent, incipient or large and functional. The Mosasaurus also had a frill running down its back and lacked a forked tongue as well as lacked a large tail fluke. kianda. 26 dorsal vertebrae are preserved in the specimen, though most are poorly preserved. On the website, it's been confirmed that the species is Mosasaurus maximus. Occupation The coronoid is saddle-shaped and has a well-developed posterodorsal process, which gives the dorsal margin of said bone a nearly 110 degree angle between the horizontal anterior end and the subvertical posterior wing. Additionally, the type specimen also preserved many rib fragments, though all incomplete. Following the escape of the Jurassic World Aviary's residents from their enclosure, Jurassic World employee Cassandra Zara Young was dropped into Mosy's tank after being grabbed by a Pteranodon. The Mosasaurus has become ever alert for any fleshy living being to be unfortunate enough to fall into her water domains.

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