The family of Rob Bironas is ready to ask a Davidson County to agree to an asset distribution for the estate of the late Titans' kicker, who died in a car accident on Battery Lane Sept… With their huge family and closest friends in attendance, the couple radiated happiness, and as they were pronounced husband and wife, Rachel literally jumped for joy. ", His family said the true picture of who he was can be found in his nickname, "Uncle Rob.". His passion for music and admiration for those with musical talent led Rob to support music education through The Nashville Symphony and the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame. "Rob Bironas participated in 83 benefits during one off-season. Yet he could get to that point where he could go out on the field and, you know, there were times that it locked up and some of the misses were caused by his back locking up, and it was getting worse and worse," Larry Bironas said. Bironas' active professional career began in Arena football. “I feel pretty good that what happened in his death is not a picture of Robert. “His back would hurt so much that he couldn't get out of bed sometimes. From the moment 9-pound-2-ounce James Robert Douglas Bironas came into the world, his parents, Larry and Anne Bironas, knew it was going to be the ride of a lifetime. “Each box probably had, you know, $2,000, $3,000 worth of shoes that he would take the time to gather up, get the box, cart it home and either bring up to Louisville or have me bring to give to the teams.". He created the Rob Bironas Foundation for Kids. On June 28 of this year, Rachel Bradshaw became Mrs. Bironas on a beautiful summer evening in Dallas, TX. His technique involved focus, preparation and almost always overcame adverse elements. Bironas played nine seasons with Tennessee, until general manager Ruston Webster and new coach Ken Whisenhunt let him go last spring despite his having made 25 of … The connection between Rob and Rachel was immediate. The disputed agreement also calls for Rachel to vacate the family residence by May 24 of this year. “He kicked his complete NFL career with a bulging disc that they would have to give him shots for, you know, before the game and at halftime sometimes.". He was a member of the Charleston Swamp Foxes, Carolina Cobras, and the New York Dragons before achieving success with the Tennessee Titans. During his time with the Titans, Rob Bironas became a dad to his son, London. Rob was tragically taken from this Earth on September 20, 2014, too soon for a young man in such a beautiful moment in his life, happily married with an exciting career opportunity on the horizon. Larry is the backbone of the Bironas family. Even with a schedule like that, his family said he always made time for them. It's sad the way he died, but he wasn't perfect,” Larry Bironas said. He was always -- he was all in, and he was going to hit the top usually in everything that he did. What fans didn't know was that he did it all injured. It was never by chance. “We lived a life of favorite moments as a family. You were a man of principle and truth, and have supported us every step of the way. Their mutual love of music was evident throughout their home. "That's one thing that we loved most about him was that he loved our kids and nieces and nephews, and so we have our childhood memories, but he was always involved in family, and that's what means a lot to us,” brother Blake Bironas said. All together the estate assets total an estimated $3 million. Over the course of six years, tens of thousands of dollars have been distributed by Rob’s fund to the children of Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. That didn't work out because the agent didn't give him that many showings. ", Click here for more on the Rob Bironas Fund. Rob dearly loved the Nashville community that supported him throughout his career, and he remained loyal to his home state of Kentucky, never forgetting his roots. He always knew he wanted to be a professional athlete, but he didn’t expect it to be in football. He holds a franchise-record 11 game-winning field goals, including a historic 60-yarder with seven seconds left in a game. It all started at Trinity High School, in Louisville. It is no doubt that such a deep connection between the two will never be forgotten by those closest to the couple. Rob’s sister, Mitzi (38) lives in Brentwood with her husband Chad, and their three children, Lilly (6), Annie (2) and Samuel (10 mos). 1 year after his death, Rob Bironas' family remembers son, brother, From the moment 9-pound-2-ounce James Robert Douglas Bironas came into the world, his parents, Larry and Anne Bironas, knew it was going to be the ride of a lifetime.“From as young as I can remember, he would be off somewhere talking to people," Larry Bironas said. Rob had a cadence – the bounce on his toes, the steps toward the ball, the way his foot made contact, the ‘hang time’ in the air all before the ball made its way through the uprights. The second of four children, Rob’s family is a picture of a rare, enviable close-knit, fun-loving, casually competitive unit. He was working for me and I told him, I said, ‘Take your cellphone; call every coach. Signed to the Tennessee Titans in 2005, his road to the NFL was not without adversity and had many stops along the way. Discipline, Focus, Preparation, Overcoming Adversity, and Recovering From Mistakes. He provided needed funds to area schools to purchase instruments for children with musical talent whose families could not otherwise afford them. If he didn't, he was persistent, consistently trying to get there and so when he did get there, it was normal," his brother, Greg Bironas, said.During his time with the Titans, Rob Bironas became a dad to his son, London. "His focus was on children. He holds the NFL record for the most field goals in one game, eight. He eventually walked on to Auburn University and Georgia Southern University.“He had decided that he was going to kick in the NFL and he got an agent for almost a year. Each year he looked forward to the Kevin Carter Foundation’s “Waiting for Wishes” event, attending and raising money, but also donating a kicking clinic each year to the silent auction. Funeral arrangements are as follows: Visitation will be held at the Woodlawn Roesch-Patton Funeral Home located at 660 Thompson Lane in Nashville on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. Funeral Services will be held at the same location on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 2:30 p.m.

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