I have corrected Zero Link Skills description :). Im maining ark and im wondering what the best links to improve him. Level 1: Prevents damage for 3 sec after being revived. © 2020 NEXON Korea Corporation and NEXON America Inc. All Rights Reserved, Player @ein. o-o, Hi Ayumi, recently in gms we received lvl3 link skills except for hayato(lvl250 cap). 53% crit rate, 38% boss damage, and 85% IED (got some unique lines on this). Those are the best MapleStory Link Skills, ranked in order. Does Xenon’s link skill only give the 3 stats or does does it increase all stats? Rhinne Blessing increases your defense penetration and reduces damage taken, but this does not apply to % HP attacks. Reaction: Destruction II (MAX) Hey I don’t think Xenon has a lvl 3 for their link skill. Only 1 will work. Meet Illium, clever with machinery but lacking his race’s magical skills. Radiant Javelin, Ex, Crystalline Wings (1) @Nevin: Yes, you will need to reach a certain character level to automatically level up the Link Skill. Illium 1st Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything max. Core Aura stats can be changed by using various items. As a reminder: Also the level 3 Xenon link skill was removed, it maxes at level 2 now. Brings out the power of Flora. You get stacks by moving around, making them easy to max out during a boss fight. 7) Angelic Buster’s level 2 link skill when Angelic Buster is level 120: Active for 10 seconds, cooldown 90 Seconds: +45% skill damage for the character receiving it, but +90% skill damage for the Angelic Buster giving(passing) the link skill. There are players who has obtained 24 weapon attack for their Jett after enhancing it 7~8 times. Are Cadena/Illium link skills that good? Ayumi, you should correct Mihile’s link skill. Invincible for 4 sec after being revived. Using Wings of Glory will disperse the crystalline spirit. Required Skill: Lv. Whisks you back to Elluel and blesses you with extra EXP gains through the power of Elven lore. mind telling me why kanna is listed #4 while demon avenger is list #7 whn their link skills give the same amount and dmg i think? Striker / Thunder Breaker got link skill one a? Gracias. 1) 5 levels of Rhinne’s Blessing. 3. I have removed it. Increases damage by 1% when activated, 2% additional increase per stack. Crystal Skill: Deus (Active) I’ll see how to make a brief version of it XD. MapleStory character slots can go from 4 and up to 32 slots. 11) Phantom Summons the Mechanical Friend Makina. Level 40: Ignore Enemy DEF: +20%, Umbral Brand III Boost Ex (MAX), Illium 1st Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything max. Condensed Supernova Dust – Change Core Aura’s stats with a higher chance of better stats. ), level 120 Zen + level 120 Cannon Shooter + level 100 Viper, level 120 Hayato + level 100 Dark Knight + level 120 Demon Avenger, level 120 Flame Wizard + level 120 Luminous + level 120 Kanna, https://www.facebook.com/mapleseafreebossruns/media_set?set=a.834080016687388.1073741878.100002561932116&type=1. Your email address will not be published. Rio (MAX). 17% Chance to inflict curse mark for 10 seconds that increases damage and defense ignored against target by 1%. While under her training, Illium encounters the Crystal, an ancient artifact that Agate has been protecting since the war. 4th job advance at lvl100~ how come unlock at lvl120? Hi Daimond, Level 2 Link Skill is unlocked at Level 120. Level 3: STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT. Longinus Spear | Craft: Longinus (Active) Flora Temperance (MAX), Javelin – Reinforce Regarding +damage link skills & GMS reboot. Level 1: Max Crystal Charge: 150. Required Level: 143 (MSEA) Otherwise, it means that GMS have not implemented Level 2 Link Skill yet. i have hayato lvl 120 but when use he link skill in other chart is LV1. A crystalline spirit forms near the mytocrystal for 30 sec. Level 1: Max Crystal Charge: 30. After you done that, the link skill will stay with characterC forever unless you re-select another character to relink characterA skill with someone else again. You can transfer Link Skills to your other characters within the same world. 9) Luminous 20 sec cooldown. Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Attack and Magic ATT: + 4%, Duration: 40 min. Crystal Skill: Resonance | Crystal Skill: Harmony Link (Supportive + Passive) Sorry for my bad English in my last comment and here. Level 30: Magic Gauntlet Mastery +70%, Damage when attacking Boss +30%, Ignores 25% of enemy DEF, Final Damage +20%, Illium 4th Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything max. Might of the Flora | Flora Mastery (Passive) Note: This skill has max mastery of Level 2. PRIMARY WEAPON: Lucent Gauntlet | Magic Gauntlet I have updated Kanna’s and Hayato’s Link-Skill’s level details. 5. Is it because Hayato’s master level on his Link Skill is 1? It shares the skill level with Craft: Javelin II, and can be linked together. Absorbs up to 3 hits, Damage from Max HP dependant attacks -30%, Damage +25% for 45 seconds. Since crit damage is the second last calculation to take place when measuring total damage, it’s more substantial than base attack or boss damage buffs. Me, years ago.

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