The confusion over this armada and the not-100%-completely-explicit transformation scene have long prompted fans to debate the question—who truly became the one and only Cyclonus who appears in the series—Bombshell or Skywarp? After several years of wasting away, Heart of Darkness #1 he gathered the bodies of his former crewmates to recycle them with honor. Cyclonus wanted to examine them, but was blown away by Galvatron who was more eager to get through the rubble. (Despite this, some fans choose not to discount the existence of the second Cyclonus, and, somewhat irreverently, refer to him as a second character actually named "Armada"). At Maccadam's New Oil House, they barely escaped a bar fight involving Megatron and Impactor. Unfortunately, once extricated from a pool of the planet's plasma-lava, Galvatron proved to have been driven insane from exposure to it and brutalized Cyclonus and the Sweeps before being talked down and returned to his position as leader. Realizing that the only way to stop it was to return himself, Galvatron and Cyclonus to their original time, Scourge attempted to recover Cyclonus’s body from Shockwave, only to be attacked by the deranged Decepticon, who had lost his mind due to the illogical nature of the situation, and had strung Cyclonus’s remains up like a twisted trophy. However, Cyclonus had deeper problems to worry about. On par with Whirl), Speed: Likely Massively Hypersonic+ (Most Cybertronian Jets can travel between planets) with Relativistic+ reaction and combat speed (Comparable to Arcee), Lifting Strength: Unknown (Comparable to Star Saber), Striking Strength: At least Universal+, likely higher (Fought and defeated Star Saber twice. Rewind returned the favor by sharing archived footage of Cybertron from Cyclonus' era with him. The Frail Gaze. This can lead to some big misunderstandings and consequences since he's not much of a talker. He then threw his Great Sword at Megatron through the doorway, and the sword sank into Megatron's chest. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. The Fecund Moon Once down on the moon's surface, the team were attacked by Lockdown's Titan Hunters, and Cyclonus and Whirl disobeyed Rodimus's orders for retreat in favor of a counterattack. While angered by this remark, Cyclonus chose to remain silent. Despite early prejudices against him for his unrepentant actions during the war and just plain looking like your stereotypical Decepticon, Cyclonus' stalwart loyalty to the crew has won over many of them–not least of all little Tailgate, who comes to form a more powerful relationship with the old 'bot than you'd ever expect. Cyclonus is the exception to that rule. At first, he refused, but after hearing the song that was playing, he changed his mind. After Dai Atlas fell to Star Saber, Cyclonus rose to the zealot's call for challengers, and overcame his foe's physical superiority by plunging his remaining horn into Saber's optic. Cyclonus ended up with Tailgate, who was stuck halfway transformed at the moment and unable to walk. Heart of Darkness #4, With Cybertron under his control, Galvatron sent Cyclonus and a number of Sweeps to take the Kimia Facility from the Autobots. Universe Cyclonus is a true work of art. Despite his protests not to touch him, Orion tried to provide medical aid before being interrupted by the believed-to-have-perished Nightbeat, who encouraged them to not touch Cyclonus and to hear him out. Cyclonus briefly became separated from the rest of the group but quickly located them. Later, Cyclonus attended a gathering of the crew and listened to Rodimus address their current situation. Cyclonus and Scourge’s displacement into the past had circumvented the normal mass-replacement method used by time-travel, and had hence unbalanced the space-time continuum, causing a rift to appear in the fabric of space and time. The Transformers: Infestation #1, Though they eventually stopped bickering with Galvatron long enough to defeat Britt, the zombie mastermind, the Autobots refused to join Galvatron's army. Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by anTony, Jun 16, 2020. "Handles on your head are the latest thing," Unicron says to me. He also has brains to back up that dedication, power to enforce Galvatron's will, and the initiative to form plans and get them done. I look forward to more of your work! However, Cyclonus grew even more tired until he fell into unconsciousness. Spotlight: Sideswipe, After recovering, Cyclonus made his way back to Gorlam Prime, where he and other minions of Nemesis Prime began to slowly die after the Autobots disconnected them from the Dead Universe. Lamentations, After Galvatron fed the Heart of Darkness into Vector Sigma in an effort to destroy Cybertron, Cyclonus attacked him, angrily claiming that Galvatron had brainwashed him into serving him and that he had forced him to harm Cybertron, something that made Cyclonus furious. Cyclonus carried him to their room, noting a wary look from Hoist along the way, and unceremoniously dumped Tailgate on the floor. BotCon Exclusive Universe Cyclonus at, TransFormers Philippines: Interview With Floro Dery,

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