KEY0 – 0x272D6C37, 0x342A6173, 0x3663255B, 0x2B265A4D Can anybody tell me where to find them? Hello, the same thing happened to me, and disguised but hopeful I contacted the support through the chat. I don’t want to buy scal if it’s not going to work :'(. It was already annoying that Cricut Craft Room was somewhat limited as compared to Design Space, but I was willing to deal with it since I have an older machine. Do you have any idea if there is still a way to get the SCAL software and get it to work without design space? I have a Cricut Expression 2. Bring back the craft room to support our machines. KEY3 – 0x303F6863, 0x71646D30, 0x4769457B, 0x6D342569 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You need to change your screen orentation in scal2. Cricut expression is recognized by my windows 10, but when I press cut with cricut in SCAL5 it freezes. You should now be able to choose Cricut from the Company/Brand drop down list and click. Cricut is obviously for those with a higher monetary status and those people who believe having every new Cricut machine that comes on the market puts them in a certain social bracket, not for people like me with a family etc and a bit of common sense when it comes to spending wisely. Will not spend any money on Cricut products. It wants me to add my Cutter but obviously Cricut is not an option so I can’t cut. I was hoping this was just the demo version, but even after I paid $60 for the full version I get the same results so I am pretty bummed if I just wasted that money. Anyone that has signed up for Cricut Craft Room after April 28, 2018 will not be eligible for the $75 off Explore family offer. Utterly ridiculous. I used method 1 to connect my cricut expression to sure cuts a lot. I’m hearing from a few people that it’s not working for everyone right now, so let me try to debug this for you! Hi Ali- I have been working on getting my Cricut Expression connected to Sure Cuts a lot v5. You can combine fonts, pre-existing shapes/artwork, or draw your own. A few months ago they had where you could get a coupon if you had an older machine. Might still be able to get one. I am sure with the advent of the newer Cricut Maker machine, in a couple of years any support for the Explore machine will be discontinued. What a joke Cricut.....I will never buy another piece of equipment from you. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. I actually got better results with this key than the one that was just updated as of September 2020, but it’s only finishing about half the letter. How do I use the keys file? Cricut is a horrible company for effectively pulling the plug on all these machines so I will crack this box once and for all. If I have the image in the upper left corner in SCAL 2 it cuts in the upper right and the image is turned 90 degrees to the right ( so basically the machine interprets the mat is turned 90 degrees to the right. I will never spend in Cricut either. I have a bigshot and a bigshot pro and a Gemini Junior so I will continue to use those machines as I will not wakeup one day and be told I can no longer use them. I have never heard anything like this in my life. I have a cricuit expression and use the original sure cuts a lot version software. Thanks again! Never gonna happen. Unplug it and press the power button a few times. I’m desperate to try and use it again and am loathed to throw it out as it seems like such a shame when there was absolutely nothing wrong with it before the selfish [email protected]£@*#ds at Cricut decided to discontinue Craft Room! Weird! Afterwards it says cutting data was sent to cutting machine. Debug? I still own the Expression. I get the message “Cutting Data was sent to the machine” and the machine reads USB connected but it never prints the image. I followed the steps for Using Sure Cuts A Lot with a Cricut Expression (Method 1). I connected my Cricut Expression (V 2.35) and it recognized it. Here are my results. Then plug it in and see if it boots. Cricut Expression (NOT EXP 2) I have a new Cricut Maker and an older Cricut Explore. It was a sad day when they offered no alternative for Cricut Mini users apart from just throwing away their machines.

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