By making it explode, you will destroy a first rock. After you do enough damage, Windblight Ganon will fall to the ground, immobilized. Once his health bar half gone, you’ll see the second form of Windblight Ganon. There’s a carousel attached to a rail that will move back and forth as you tilt the Divine Beast. Once inside, the familiar voice of Revali will tell you what’s up: to take control of Vah Medoh back from Gannon, you’ll need to get a map of the Divine Beast, and then activate all the terminals on board. With Vah Medoh in the high position, run to the far end of the room and then glide back, using the wind to reach a chest above the pressure switch. It’ll come in handy later. Align it, and tilt the Divine Beast once more to send it crashing into the switch. The ball will roll twoard you. If you’re running out of arrows, wait until Windblight Ganon comes close to the ground and go towards him, you’ll be able to hit him with your weapons (picture56). For the most part, Teba will draw the cannon’s fire away from you, but the cannons can and will shoot at you instead. Resetera users elected BOTW as the game of the decade. The sphere will roll and hit a pressure switch, unlocking a gate and your path to the second terminal. When the Malice is gone, tilt the Divine Beast left - and look across the wings from your position for the fourth terminal all the way across. Using Magnesis, move the sphere back over to the side with the crystal switch, and line it up with the Remote Bomb channel. Tip Vah Rudania over onto its side. 2 of 8 Once you have enough height, draw your bow and take aim. The ball will roll along the track and hit the switch, which lifts the gate and reveals the third terminal. You’ll find the Rito elder, Kaneli, at the top of the village. Then talk with Teba who will ask you to do a test in the Flight Range, accept to do it (picture14). Hop down and destroy the eyeball on the ceiling at the far end of the room. The guidance terminal you’ll need to hit first is on the far end of this main room. Image from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, taken via Nintendo Switch screencap function by C. Wassenaar. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Tilt Vah Medoh down. By the crystal switch, you’ll see a receptacle — the kind you put Remote Bombs in. Map: Once you're inside the beast, immediately look behind you, towards Vah Medoh's tail. Windblight Ganon has a laser gun, but it doesn’t make cool sound effects, sadly. The second will then roll down and be blown across the room. You will then have to jump into the hot air stream with your Paraglider in order to go high enough to reach the metal platforms (picture24). It’s also a good idea to warp to Ta'loh Neg shrine near Kakariko village and visit the Great Fairy to upgrade your new snowquill armor. It will fly around and stop to shoot, and that’s when you jump up with the help of the convenient fans. Destroy it, then use the stone to get a map of the Divine Beast. Anyway, before you even walk inside, turn around. This will slide the slab you’re on over to the right wing. This will cause a large metal boulder to be unveiled. She’ll explain that her husband has gone to the Flight Range at the foot of the Hebra mountain range. Exit, interact with terminal. With all terminals active, the Main Control Unit will now be active on the roof of the Divine Beast. Paraglide down to where you placed the giant ball, grab it with magnesis again, and put it in the room across the way from the room with the first two terminals. Go back to the main room, go down a floor and head to the right wing where you will find two terminals to activate (picture26). Now to finally put those Divine Beast controls to use. Here’s how to activate all the terminals in the Rito Divine Beast, Vah Medoh, and then take out the boss at the end. Hit the prism once more to close the window and tilt the wing down. Fly there to start the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest. You can glide across the length of the room while it’s tilted to get the chest on the far ledge that holds a Knight’s Claymore. Open it for 10 ice arrows. Look on the ceiling, and you’ll see another eyeball. Shoot the Calamity Eye you’ll find on the right side to open up a chest. Upon returning to Rito Village, speak with the Elder Kaneli to finish your quest, and you’ll receive Revali’s Champion Bow - the Great Eagle Bow, capable of firing three shots at once! In the Vah Medoh Dungeon, walk to the main room of the area (picture22). At the Flight Range, head up into the building and meet Teba, the Rito Warrior who wants to bring Vah Medoh down. How many shrines do you have to do in order to be able to get modifiers for the hylian shield? With the gate to the other terminal sealed and no way to get past from this angle, keep the Beast tilted left and glide all the way back into the middle room and onto the platform you got the chest from to find a gate of Malice nearby. There are two ways to accomplish this. To succeed in validating this mini-game, you will need to use your Paraglider to move up and to get close enough to a target (picture15). Drop the bomb in, and then hit the switch to trigger a gust of air that will guide the bomb to the corner. In both phases of your fight with Windblight Ganon, it's all about updrafts and bomb arrows. A large mallet will strike the button in the room as the wing tilts, opening the gate where you can activate the first terminal. Fly forward and toward the right and slow time by drawing your bow. You will then see Revali, the Rito Champion, who will give you the Revali’s Gale (picture58). Several Rito have tried unsuccessfully to get near it, and now only a lone warrior named Temba seeks to continue the fight. Before joining Teba, go down one floor and buy the Rito’s Snowquill Set to withstand the cold (picture8): you will need 600 Rupees for the Snowquill Tunic, 1000 Rupees for the Snowquill Headdress and, finally, 550 more Rupees fort the Snowquill Trousers (picture9). Terminal #2: From the first terminal head back to the central chamber and then glide across and down into the left wing, shooting the evil eye blocking the path as you go. Keep moving and fire when you can. Continue down the hallway, and interact with the terminal to get the map of Vah Medoh. As the Divine Beast moves, jump and Paraglide to the terminal. Use magnesis to bring it ot the other side of the room, where you put the bomb earlier. Tilt Vah Medoh straight so you can walk up the ramp and get in the gondola. Kill the Guardian Scout and keep moving forward to find the mechanism that will give you access to the Divine Beast’s controls (picture25). Go back down to the lowest floor, and walk out onto the edge where you destroyed the eyeball at the beginning. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Make sure the crystal switch is still activated. Head back up the nearby structure and ride the wind to your first terminal. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an enormous open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. Use the map to turn Vah Medoh to its lowest position. It’s to your benefit to do this with the fewest arrows as possible, and there’s very little danger up here. Before you proceed, head back to the entrance of this room and use the advantage to glide to a … Now, hit the crystal switch to activate some wind that’ll turn some fans on. If you don’t have enough money, sell your gems and various monster parts until you do. The path to the Flight Range is treacherous, as it’s guarded by Black Bokoblins on horseback, and a few camouflaged Ice-breath Lizalfos. How to deal with Illusory Waterblight lance shot? Kill the Guardian Scout and keep moving forward to find the mechanism that will give you access to the Divine Beast’s controls (picture25). Use magnesis to pull the left magnetic block close to you. If you can't see Windblight Ganon (like, say he puts a tornado between you), drop to the ground and run to the nearest updraft. And Divine Beast Vah Medoh involves some of those.

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