Do you still have the Parent Unit powered on and connected to the camera unit to stream video/audio? Any ideas? 20h24. The BT logo should flash up momentarily then the Parent Unit should link back to the Baby Unit. It’s a lot of moneys worth to stop working after 4 months. Setting up. 11h04. I would have expected the shop to arrange repair, refund, or replacement, even if it has to replace both parts. ‎26-02-2020 please can you advise as to what we should do now. ", on After 8 weeks of fighting they finally replaced it after they tested it and yes it was faulty! ‎26-02-2020 ‎26-09-2019 I think I have factory reset it, hold link and turn off, then turn on whilst still holding link button. You may get suggestions from other forum members. Apparently there's a fix link they will send out via email. Thanks The camera itself is working as I am getting the feed if I log in on my phone.. Is there a way of resetting the monitor itself? It connects to my WiFi okay, but in the settings there is no WiFi strength but it has a mac address so before someone says its my WiFi, it isn't. 10h48 It’s a lot of moneys worth to stop working after 4 months. 16h11. Whatever BT did or didn't I'm glad its working. 16h18. - edited ‎26-09-2019 We have for the third time put our baby down and turned the monitor on for it not to work. on the Baby unit on or off. Plug one of the power adapter cables into the socket marked on the back of the Parent unit charger and plug the other end into the mains power wall socket and switch the power on. That worked perfectly! S9 AND S10. Activate the batteries by pulling the plastic tab away from the bottom of the Parent unit. - edited on If your product is out of warranty contact BT's recommended agent, on I think your best bet would be to contact the Product Support Helpdesk. ‎17-09-2020 Please confirm. Parent unit is not on but does work standalone and arrived paired. on 16h10. 16h15 Won’t turn on. ‎26-02-2020 19h48, on 2. on I have deleted the camera and re added it, 4 times. ‎17-09-2020 I have just spent 45 minutes on hold trying to get through to someone, the shop have said I need to contact BT as they won’t send out a replacement parent unit. ‎26-02-2020 ‎02-10-2020 Thank you! Thank you so much Sarah. we are having exactly the same issue. I have the same problem. ‎04-10-2019 * Full contact name and telephone number. Hi @Roblaff and @Luke_jeyes welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Then try adding the camera again (+ symbol on the home page of the App), If this still doesn’t work, please email back with the following details so that we can escalate this issue further -. * Is your email address the same as the one used for your account? I know its only 2 reports but its highly likely its the connection to where the firmware update is hosted is failing(or the servers simply off and hasn't been restarted) but the software doesn't show where the issue fails which is a poor design in this day an age, its very easy to code an error to a failure point. ‎16-09-2020 Scroll through the menu options. I'm happy you were able to get the baby monitor back working again, on ‎26-09-2019 I'm sorry that hasn't worked. on Have a new one now and touch wood so far it seems ok! 20h41. ‎04-10-2019 Then try adding the camera again (+ symbol on the home page of the App) If so, please fully power off the Parent Unit and then try the firmware upgrade again. on 16h45. All, I've called the number and the team have had a lot of calls about this issue. Shows blue light when charging and a green light all the time. ‎04-10-2019 Any other suggestions before I return it? Can anyone help, I turned on my monitor and the screen is just bright white, none of the buttons do anything, is there a way to reset my device? 19h53. Any ideas? If this should fail: 19h56, on waiting 6 hours while the battery drains completely defeats the idea of having a monitor rendering it useless. on At this point you can release the Link button. Shows blue light when charging and a green light all the time. If the problem remains, please reset the camera by switching this off (using the switch on the side), press and hold the Link button, then switch the monitor back on. Its very simple and cheap to code 1 error code for anything. Thank you for posting back, thats good to know and will help anyone else that comes across this thread that was facing the same issue. Announcements, Guides & Community Updates, BT smart baby monitor firmware update failing, BT Smart baby monitor showing time 6 hours ahead, Bt smart baby monitor firmware not updating, Hold down the "Link button" on the back of your camera, Whilst still holding the "Link button", switch the camera, Wait for around 20 seconds until you hear a loud beep, then release the 'Link button'. Whilst still holding the "Link button", switch the camera on again. I have done all of the above and i can no longer upload my camera at all, this is extremely frustrating, everything was working perfectly well until the firmware update. Hi, I have owned the monitor less then 4 months and the parent unit has just stopped working. ‎26-09-2019 19h59. You would need to contact the shop where you bought it, but first have a word with the product support team. 16h22. Announcements, Guides & Community Updates. ‎04-10-2019 Welcome to the COmmunity and thanks for taking the time to post. I cannot see how this customer to customer forum can help with this, you will have to seek advice elsewhere, but I think the retailer has it wrong. I thought I had done a factory reset with the beep and it didn't change anything. on on I will call them today I guess as the other option is to get a replacement but I feel this would be futile  as I would put a good bet on the same would happen. BT smart baby monitor firmware update failing, Re: BT smart baby monitor firmware update failing. ‎16-09-2020 Thanks, ‎04-10-2019 Just for future reference, once the battery fully drained (about 6 hours for mine) it went off and when I plugged in and turned it on just now it worked at normal.. So I assume it just froze on start up originally and then there was know way of doing a hard reset on the monitor so its just a case of waiting it out. 15h52. Please can you advise of a real solution or let me know how to get a refund for a product that clearly isn’t fit for purpose, which is especially worrying given the importance of its purpose... on on on At this point you can release the Link button. Remember, it’s down to you – you have the right to pursue a faulty goods claim with the retailer rather than a warranty or guarantee claim with the manufacturer. If you don’t have Video, then try to pair a camera again, try the instructions below which include to rebooting the monitor by pressing and holding down the POWER button on the Parent Unit for 10 seconds.

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