Mortimer pistols, owned by Lord Nelson, £1,200 – painting of sick child by Caroline Paterson (sister of Helen Allingham) £4,000 – Sewing box made of Antelope horn in India, 1820–40, Internal components in Ivory and Sandalwood, £1,000 $6,000 / £1500 – copper and oak cabinet, 1920s, £150[3], – pair of Royal Worcester porcelain jars decorated with Scottish Highlands scene painted by Harry Stinton, £3,000 / $8,000 Australian £200 – loving cups with names on, e.g. – American Art glass by Lewis Comfort Tiffany, decorated Iridescence gold, 1900s, marked Fabriole. – Puritee (Purity) – Fine Art moulded terracotta bust of beautiful Art Nouveau girl by Friedrich Goldscheider. – 1960s glass ash tray, Swedish, £100 – blue Japanese pot, decorated with silver sparrows, £4,000[3], – Big Pit National Coal Museum – Art Nouveau table by Carlo Bugatti, early 20th century, £2,500 / $5,000 – paintings by Vladimir Tretchikoff, (Balinese girl, Black lady, Chinese Girl (Green lady)), £100s – late 18th century male doll, £800-1000 £4,000 – manuscript Book of hours, c.1450, £8,000 – ornate glass Jar from Dudley, 4 layers of white, clear, white and yellow cameo glass carved by Thomas Webb (glassmaker), 1885–1890, $12,000 / £5,000 Designed by Sir Ninian Comper in 1902 for the coronation of Edward VII – pair of H.W. – doll made by Pierre-François Jumeau of 'tete jumeau', France, £2,000 – 1884 miniature Royal Doulton pot £70 – collection of pots decorated with Indigenous Australian art (Aboriginal art) by Thancoupie (Gloria Fletcher, born Gloria James), £1,000 / $2,500 each – sideboard / dressing table, in Rosewood, Ebony and Calamander wood, inlaid in ivory, and Thuja wood from the Atlas mountains. Possibly Gebruder Heubach, £100-£200 each – electroplate Victorian 'spoon-warmer' modelled as a boat and beachscape. A. Milne's books. – reverse painting on glass and paper composite of Georgian country house landscape by an English painter. – 1906 plate decorated with river and bridge scene by Foy Evans, £150 Plus his sisters Elsie who became Lady Bradford,[4] and Isla. – pair of 1880s clobbered (over decorated) Japanese export vases. – 1920 original illustration by E. H. Shepard for A. – Lost masterpiece, landscape painting by Alfred William Hunt, dated 1869, up to £60,000[3], – Welsh dresser, £5,000, with Gaudy Welsh jugs and pottery by Charles Allerton & Sons of Stoke on Trent – collection of ceramics from Sunderland, Tyneside, Jug from Northumberland Pottery, Thomas Feel bowl £450; Jar £700; Skinners (Addison and Falkener); Dixon & Co; Seaham Pottery; Total value £2,500 £300 – Lars Tharp: 2 pieces of porcelain that survived the Hiroshima blast at over 1300 degrees, which melted the glaze. – electroplated English urn, 1880, £500 £3,000 each probably £2,000 Advertisement Share or comment on this article: – Victorian Breakfast table in Burr walnut, value £1,200 – Royal household memorabilia from the 1950s, Private snapshots and letters from Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. – a painting bought for 10p now valued at £700-£1,000, This page was last edited on 21 March 2020, at 20:25. Twittering pop-up bird on an enamelled silver box. Any person wilfully INJURING any part of this County Bridge will be guilty of a Felony, and upon conviction will be TRANSPORTED FOR LIFE. – 1816 box containing secret cameo bust of Napoleon and messages of homage. – Royal Doulton jug, 1935, depicting King George V and Queen Mary, designed by Charles Noake, £700 – Teddybear by Margarete Steiff GmbH, 1910, £1,500 – scrapbooks of Victorian era Royalty of Europe, £1,000 – bronze sculpture of airman by Dora Gordine, 1942, 4 of 6, £6,000 – 1930s Teddy Tail, toy mouse, from the eponymous cartoon strip in the Daily Mail drawn by Charles Folkard. – Scottish escritoire, Glasgow school of Art Nouveau inlaid, ivory handles, made by Messrs 'A Gardner and sons', (Jamaica Street Warehouse, Glasgow, 1850–1935), 1900s £1,000 – Victorian watercolour of two sisters, gifted by Charles Longley, Archbishop of Canterbury, painted by Janet Russell, 1870, (member of the Society of Women Artists) £2,000 – telescope by Richard & Joseph Beck of London, (R & J Beck), 1837. – 1920s hat in box £80 £2,000 by Hilary Kay | Nov 1, 1992. $10,000 / £5,000 – Gilded baptismal spoon with Saint Andrew on handle, 1634 (Charles I of England) by Richard Cross, £2,000 Antiques Roadshow is a British television series produced by the BBC since 1979. – collection (bound book) of 1820s Chinese paintings of natural history, flowers, on Rice paper (Pith paper) in Gouache. – pair of 1920s bronze porcelain and ivory statues by Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet of Brussels and Paris, £3,000 and £8,000 – jug in the style of peasant art, 1850, £250 Owned by Machine Gun Corps (MGC) member's. – picture of brown trout, signed J.S. – early 17th century Ming Dynasty pot, (Wanli Emperor, 1573–1619), £10,000 from East Anglia Archive Centre. – pair of cups and saucers designed for shakey hands. – Glass cabinet / chest of drawers / Mirror, 1885–1910, Mahogany veneer on Pine base, inlaid with boxwood, satinwood and rosewood £3,000 1910 (sheraton revival) By the Court. – drawing by Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, signed 'Alice, Osborne', 6 August 1886, value £1,500, – Lancaster – late 19th-century Japanese fake of 'porcelain made in China, decorated in Europe (Netherlands and England) in Chinese style.' – Art Nouveau biscuit barrel, in English Tudrick pewter, 1900s. – collection of oriental items, including Catalogue of artistic Japanese bronzeware and brassware. Exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1910, £10,000 – 1920s travelling clock made in solid silver enamelled and machined solid silver, and retailed by Cartier £1200 – tea caddy of glass jars and decanters, (marked George Rex) 1820s, £2500 – rolltop desk / chest of drawers made of Camphor laurel, Scots pine and Tasmanian blackwood by convicts, originally belonged to Dr Thomas Arndell (1753–1821) (see Arndell Park) who arrived with the First Fleet, £1200 / $3000 When she’s not busy running her business and travelling with the Roadshow, Hilary loves being out on the water: sailing, kayaking and windsurfing. – 1900s English Art Nouveau brooch, gold, silver and diamonds, £3,000 – gold decorated Royal Worcester blue plate, painted by Thomas Bott in the Limoges porcelain enamel style £1,500 – family portrait of 15-year-old Douglas Clifton Brown, 1st Viscount Ruffside who became Speaker of House of Commons in 1943. – collection of 1920s theatrical puppets. – town plan of Philadelphia, 1775, authorised by R.M. "practically worthless but priceless"[3], – Spanish Armada shipwrecked at Northern Ireland, certificate and token absolving soldiers from sins Shell case dedicated to Thomas Alfred Jones Victoria Cross and Distinguished Conduct Medal – Rupert Masse: Manderston – painting of Burnthwaite road, Fulham, by Christopher Chamberlain (Landscape and figure painter. Penn, grandson of William Penn, £10,000 £3,000 – 3 original manuscripts by R. M. Ballantyne: The iron horse 16 August 1871; The Lifeboat; Fighting the flames, a tale of the London fire brigade. – collection of theatrical memorabilia, 6,000 pieces ranging from Roman theatre tickets, tricks of Chung Ling Soo conjuror (alias of William Ellsworth Robinson). – portable wardrobe 1920s £60 / $150 – collection of Birmingham City and Wolverhampton Wanderers football programs. – Collection of cycling posters from the 1920s-1960s, Raleigh Cycles, et al., £150 each – rapier with Repoussé (rehammered) bowl made in 1624, smuggled out of Russia by Bolshoi Ballet Company. – Chinese monkey statue made for export to Europe, 1760s, £3,000 for pair – football memorabilia, autographed 1966 FIFA World Cup tickets, £20,000 – group of 1930s Dinky Toys of aircraft (Die-cast toys), £250 each, – Millennium Forum, Derry 1905, up to $200,000 / £90,000[3], – Geofrey Munn: Chelsea Royal Hospital – – chased gold, silver and enamel Art Nouveau brooch showing four faces, made by the goldsmith 'Louis Aucoc of Paris', (The master who taught René Lalique). – autographed memorabilia from initial flights of Concorde 001 and Concord 002. Hilary Kay is an independent consultant, lecturer, writer and broadcaster on antiques and collectables. – box of 100 Magic lantern glass slides documenting the history of Kalgoorlie Gold rush 1898–1901. – 1889 painting of Alfred Nicholson Leeds, palaeontologist. – collection of 200 British Regency pictures, watercolours, drawings and cards from the Hippisley Coxe family of Ston Easton Park in Somerset, £2,000 – Scrimshaw 'love token' with whaling scenes, £2,000 up to £1,000 each – bronze head of Romilly John (son of Augustus John) by Sir Jacob Epstein, made in 1907, £15,000 – Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening by Humphry Repton, 1803, on permanent loan from the Czech National Library (until they discover exactly where it is), £3,000 – Lord Nelson's sword pistol – valued at £20,000[3], – Royal Worcester powder blue vases, 1928–1932, painted by Edward Townsend, Moseley, and Albert Schuck. – shagreen (shark skin) cover containing pocket globe made by 'Cary's Pocket Globes', 1791, £3,000[3], – collection of jewellery £15,000. – portfolio of Graphic designs for commercial products, 1910s, £40 each

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