You'll also need to manually enable the vendoring mode, which can be found in the same settings path. If so, can you attach another screenshot with the External Libraries folder open (just below main.go in your case)? Within Goland I sometimes see the terminal showing different GOPROXY values from the one I set in the preferences. I have also tjhe same issue that forces often to download the code from the repo to solve it. Hello! NodeJS debugging: run to cursor just resumes execution without stopping, Support WeakRefs and FinalizationRegistry, putting parentheses inside jsx breaks syntax, Prettier "On code reformat" breaks live templates expanding, template with angular ng-options reports errors for valid syntax for (angular 1.6.X), Expression marked as "can be simplified" has its semantics changed by simplification, StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on analyzing Handlebars template, ESlint: Timeout on starting language service process, Sass attribute selectors give fatal code errors when combined with placeholders, SASS plugin doesn't recognize min(), max(), or clamp(), Multiline-style comment in a Vue Single File Component in the