GM was simply ahead of the curve with these air ride low tare trucks a good thing usually but in this case too far ahead of the curve, Pity they had some good ideas most of which have since been adopted industry wide, It’s hard to see where being on the development of the Cobalt would have carried more prestige than being on the Silverado development team. A traditional SLA (short arm/long arm) with ball joints. That’s crossed my mind also as things have indeed changed. None of those executives had any skin in the truck game. GM had been building air ride buses since 1953, in large quantities, and putting them under their trucks starting in 1957. . And as we’ll see later, by 1960 a very conventional “crackerbox” with its cab over the axle like the DFR 8000 was added, which quickly became the only version offered. 750 hp with a/c! I remember the big shot from Detroit telling us GMC was in a fantastic position, “We have our own engines and transmissions, vertical integration.” Except nobody was buying our engines and the Allison transmissions were to expensive, not very fuel efficient and not very reliable. Outstanding post, Paul. I’m not so sure that GM’s hubris is entirely to blame. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Aircraft engines, even with the highest octane fuels and dual ignition, still had very low compression ratios. I wonder if GM suffered from this at all. But that just was a stop-gap at best. It also shows a DFR 8000 (right) that has its cab directly over the front axle, and which sat a bit higher too. The sleeper cab added a mere 24″ length; it’s not visible here, but the 30″ wide mattress makes a jog behind the driver’s seat, narrowing it down to 22″. in Oshawa, Ontario. Biggest problem with these trucks was their high cost, which really wasn’t justified by the unique features. 1941 WILLYS POWERLINE PICKUP JEEP 1 OF A KIND DIESEL A/C 5/SP 50 M.P.G. I realize that it’s possible some were made, but I have my doubts. Some of them probably don’t even drive themselves to work. They weren’t listening that closely to truck fleet operators. Amazingly how wrong them seemed to get it. The specs on that 637 V8 caught my eye—7.5:1 compression? The big game-changer in Europe was the 1965 Volvo F88. Other than that, I don’t think so. Learn how your comment data is processed. At least some of its features, like the air ride, became common place later on. Maybe some EMD managers transferred to GMC in the 1950’s. You actually looked under it and saw the IFS and air bags. It’s an excellent piece of engineering. As someone who ordered class 6,7 & 8 trucks not so long ago, I can tell you customization is king. And if you had a bad airbag, it looked like the one in the photo. front axle from Dayton to Budd and put on the polished wheels. Old, rare, muscle cars, street rods auctions, GMC Cab Over 1962 Crackerbox cabover antique truck retro or street rod project, 1951 GMC 630 Classic Single Axle Highway Tractor with Air Brakes, 1978 GMC SEMI TRUCK TRACTOR V-8 5spd ONLY 47,857 ACTUAL MILES REGULARLY SERVICED, 1979 GMC Fivestar General Silver 8V92T Detroit Diesel Truck Tractor, 1985 GMC Topkick Cab and Chasis truck. How did GM not know this? If you look at those brochure images of the inside of the cab, it looks like there was no insulation to speak of. The X-brace clearly would add significant torsional rigidity, which would work well with the independent front suspension. Both the DLR and DFR made it into production, I saw a restored DFR at a California truck show a few years ago. I remember when Mr. Leon Hess of Hess Oil said to his fleet sales representative that he would buy GC tractors only if Cummins engines were installed. Passing the tooling on to Bedford would’ve been a good way to recoup their investment, assuming they had the production capacity to build it. I'm looking for one of these trucks, so If you The French drove French, the Italians drove Italian, etc. My guess is it’s an early DF7000. 1965 Gmc Crackerbox Kit By Clint Freeman Resin 1/25, Ho 187 Sylvan V-139 - 1959-68 Gmc Crackerbox Tandem Sleeper Cab Kit, Ho 187 Sylvan V-137 - 1959-68 Gmc Crackerbox Tandem Day Cab Kit, 1966 Gmc Crackerbox Truck - Aths Achievement Awards, Ho 1/87 Sylvan V-136 - 1959-68 Gmc Crackerbox Single Day Cab Kit, Ho 187 Sylvan V-138 - 1959-68 Gmc Crackerbox Single Sleeper Cab Kit, Mclean Trucking Gmc And039crackerboxand039 And Fruehauf.

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