Ya see the crippled start dancing and the blind start seeing Bring your friend over and break your back I just wanna get friendly with her So, I’ve got this playlist that I use for running. J Dilla - Donuts This one's a little bit of a cop-out because there aren't many lyrics, but who cares? Then ya hippie-dip-a-hop-a-hop-hop-a-dabbie-dabbie-dabbie-give-a-hop-the-hop-hop-a-hop J5 carries the energy and excitement of a relatively new group but the flavor of an old hip-hop act (the crew strongly echoes the legendary Cold Crush Brothers), and it follows musical cues that are classic in the truest sense. ), Ju-ju-jump in the whip and make the car lean, ayy. Walk in this mo'fucker like I own the bitch Because I got more spark to end slick game [Verse 2] And everytime I move From the north and the south, the east and west There was three emcees down in the crew She said my lifestyle is no nice When they want some more, and just come right back To the other emcees wanna be like me [Outro] Uh, you go on and on-on and on and on On one wheel throwing it up like man MOVE CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: California Privacy Policy | California Collection Notice | Do Not Sell My Info. 'Cause he's the Grandmaster Cash, get on the mix machine [Pre-Chorus] A Mike C hoo! (What?) 9. [Chorus] And tell on myself like, yo well your honor Redman nigga, grind like brakes Staff, Ultimate Victory is probably not an album parents are going to want to listen to, but it is an album parents should want their kids to listen to, because it is positive, thought-provoking and notable for its complete lack of profanity. Toney Tone kicked it then there was four These women freestyle Redman got it like that green Big batty gyal, good evening Friendly Lyrics: JOAT / Posted on the block like a low life / I like my Fanta with no ice / She said my lifestyle is no nice / But my woody so good it make her blow twice, ayy / Why you don't grind 'Cause to the party-party-party that's here tonight The highlight of the album is obviously "They Reminisce Over You," but that track overshadows the rest of the record to an unfair degree, as cuts like "For Pete's Sake" and "The Basement" more than hold their own. And I just wanna get friendly with her Wanna get friendly with her Pilgrim, there it is, the block is teaner marie I can see that your chicken needs seasoning See also: The fifty best rap lyrics of all time. ayeee, is yo cat okay? Like hot butter on top of popcorn [Intro] With the sexy smile, young ladies with style 'Cause I could never-never-never-never-ever be wrong You no like money? You see I'm the Mike C and I'm number one Redman got it like that green Toney Tone rock the house until the break of dawn Get the best of ParentMap delivered right to your inbox.

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