The Doors of Guf open and Lilith starts collecting the souls of every single person on Earth. In Terminal Dogma, Gendo lies on the ground. Episode 07 | Episode 08 | Episode 09 | Episode 10 | Episode 11 | Episode 12 | Episode 13 The event is viewed from his perspective. Officially produced by Production I.G and Gainax, the film contains live-action clips from Episode 26', as well as additional clips not used in End of Evangelion. SEELE is confident that the time has come to restore the Tree of Life, so they order the MP EVAs to activate their S2 engines. Another post has the cross from Misato's necklace affixed to it, but the nail holding it in place has rusted away. Unit-01 pulls the Lance of Longinus out of its body, which destroys The MP EVAs replica Lances and kills them. Now wearing Misato's necklace, Shinji then asks Yui whether she will be okay. Episode 26 begins, and Instrumentality rockets toward its conclusion. The members of Nerv turn into LCL, seeing the one they love and trust the most (Hyuga: Misato, Aoba: Nobody, Fuyutsuki: Yui, and Maya: Ritsuko) before this happens[5]. Hearing the sound of a drop of liquid, Shinji turns and sees a vision of Rei hovering over the banks of the LCL sea. It's a far cry from a theme as straightforward as "Get in the robot, Shinji!!!" "I see. He inserts his right hand--which has Adam grafted on--into Rei's body to initiate Instrumentality. The monitors in Central Dogma show his psychograph going down; Fuyutsuki realizes Shinji won't be able to last much longer. Meanwhile, Shinji is still screaming over Asuka's death. Shinji looks at his hand and sees that he is still holding Misato's bloody necklace. Investigation on Nerv and re-encounter. It’s a secret organization controlled by the U.N. 3. Bursting out of Lilith's eye, Eva Unit-01 lets out a mighty roar and grows Wings of Light. He tells a sullen Asuka that he wants to be with her forever, that she is the only one for him. He holds her hand and says, "Thank you.". It starts the same as the actual ending, on a beach with petrified MP Evas. The End of Evangelion was meant to replace or complement the original episodes 25 and 26, in order to better explain the events of the ending. Shinji admits that his hopes of connecting with other people will eventually ring hollow, and at some point he will be betrayed or abandoned by others. But Shinji feels that this fear is not present in him, as he thinks that he might not need to exist, because he feels unwanted and useless. He asks if they are dead, but Rei answers, "Not quite. He has Rei lower her A.T. field. 20 Quotes From Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji has made himself believe all these bad things about himself, so that he has to do things like pilot the Eva because he has nothing else of value to give. Gendo lies on the ground in Terminal Dogma, finally reunited with his beloved Yui. The Evangelion then bites off the upper half of Gendo's body, killing him.

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