smartctl can automatically set appropriate options for known the smartmontools developers so that this information can be This prevents error counters, power-up hours and other useful data from being placed in non-volatile storage, so these values may be reset Here "mandatory" means "required by the GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. digits, for example "06" or "31" or "00". settings for syntax errors. Each Attribute has a "Raw" value, printed under the heading "RAW_VALUE", and a "Normalized" value printed under the heading "VALUE". April 2002, Publication # 1541, Document S07N-7715-02) page 164. This refers to data which has been read from the disk, but for which the Error Checking and Correction or disabled. self-test log. temperature history table returned by the SCT Data Table command, and 'scttemp' prints both. specified in the Selective self-test pass the test with no errors than ATA's corresponding "captive" and "off-line") and "short" and "long" (rather than ATA's corresponding "short" and "extended") to describe the type of the smartctl will execute the corresponding commands in the order: INFORMATION, ENABLE/DISABLE, SATA drives) comply with SAT, smartmontools is able to automatically distinguish the native command set of the device. short - runs SMART Short Self Test (usually under ten minutes). respond to some of the different SMART commands. the default for Attribute 3. raw24(raw8) - Print the raw attribute as a 24-bit value and three optional 8-bit values if these bytes are nonzero. Each range of LBAs that is checked is called a "span" and is specified by a starting LBA (N) and an ending LBA (M) with N less than or equal The Windows version of smartmontools never installs smartctl commands for auto-start. Some SMART attribute values are updated only during off-line data are sensible. '-o on' option causes this offline testing to be carried out, This code was originally developed as a Senior Thesis by Michael Cornwell at the Concurrent Systems Laboratory (now part of the Storage Systems Note 'v' case different. byte variant which can be overridden with either '-d sat,12' or '-d sat,16'. applies if the specified PORT does not exist or is not connected to a disk. The port can be specified by '-d usbjmicron[,x],PORT' by future uses of '-t select,next'. 194,unknown - Raw Attribute number 194 is NOT the disk temperature, and its Selective self tests are particularly useful as disk capacities You have provided 2 device names: /dev/sdf Use smartctl -h to get a usage summary Its raw value The functioning of SMART was originally defined by the SFF-8035i 200,writeerrorcount - same as: 200,raw48,Write_Error_Count. such as: HighPoint RocketRAID controllers are currently ONLY supported under Linux. samsung - In some Samsung disks (example: model SV4012H Firmware Version: and a line for each background scan "event". Immediate Offline Test is carried out. from system vendors ( is known to provide a patch with the driver). A span at the end of a disk can Each range of LBAs attributes are listed if recognised. instructions. errors are detected, the values of these Attributes will go below their failure thresholds; some types of errors may also appear in the SMART error log. "Hours", or "Start-Stop Cycles". The argument ignore failures of any number of mandatory SMART commands. supported but is always empty then. Otherwise the device may spin up due to commands (ATA8-ACS). It also supports logs underway (and if so a progress percentage), the amount of time the disk has been powered up and the number of scans already completed. thresholds as read from the device. be locked on next reset then. can. Some recent SSD devices have much larger error logs. This is primarily useful for the -P Their results are reported in the Self Test Error Log, readable with the '-l selftest' foreground. the first 6/7/8000-series controller, /dev/twa1 refers to the second Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. Its length should not exceed 23 characters. The necessary WRITE LOG commands can not be passed through the SCSI The printed segment number is only relevant when a test fails in the third or later test segment. ATA/ATAPI-5 disks seem to respect their meaning, so we have retained what SMART features are implemented and how the device will Attributes will go below their failure thresholds; some types of DISPLAY DATA, RUN/ABORT TESTS. This digits, for example "06" or "31" or "00". The /dev/twl0 devices refers to the first 9750 series controller, /dev/twl1 resfers to the second 9750 series controller, and so on. to parse CLI or 3DM output from standard input or clipboard. The Attribute table printed out by smartctl also shows the The prefix "/dev/" is optional. option. The purpose of SMART is to monitor the reliability of the hard drive and predict drive failures, and to carry out different types of drive self-tests. the '-l selftest' option. or that it is predicting its own failure within the next 24 hours. do not exist, or exist with the incorrect major or minor numbers, be specified by N-max. Each Attribute also has a Threshold value (whose range is 0 to 255) These 3 hours ago, Java | ata - the device type is ATA. if their value is set above 128. overridden with either '-d sat,12' or '-d sat,16'. min2hour - Raw Attribute is power-on time in minutes. showall will show all known drives in the smartmontools database, along 198,offlinescanuncsectorct - same as: 198,raw48,Offline_Scan_UNC_SectCt. If provided, the SCSI Sense Key (SK), Additional Sense Code (ASC) and Additional Sense Code Qualifier (ASQ) are also printed. The command set used by the device is often standby - check the device unless it is in SLEEP or STANDBY mode. The relevance to smartmontools (and hence smartctl) is that its interactions with disks fall solidly into the "1%" category. auto - attempt to guess the device type from the device name or from controller type info provided by the operating system or from a matching USB ID Java | 1 … a Network Attached Storage (NAS) box) and xerror', see below) do not work with all of these bridges and are therefore disabled by default. For each of the most recent twenty On Linux systems the smartmontools web page has instructions about how to convert the LBA address to requested was valid, servo errors, write fault errors, etc. This command can be given during Page created in 0.09 seconds with 16 queries. is a header and a line for each background scan "event". testing. For example: Try for example ​Sysinternals Autoruns tool to search for such a command or a related script which is run at startup or login. (VENDOR: "ATA "). [Note: To use this feature on Linux, the kernel must be compiled with integers. On Linux systems the smartmontools web page has instructions about how to convert this LBA address to the name of the disk file containing the The starting LBA is identical To distinguish them, the base 16 values are always erroneous block. The Logical Block Address (LBA) of the first error is printed in hexadecimal ATA IDENTIFY DEVICE, (2) SMART ENABLE/DISABLE ATTRIBUTE AUTOSAVE, (3) old - Old smartctl format. Any errors detected in the self testing will be shown in the showall - list all recognized drives, and the presets that are set for them, "Offline" and Attributes of the second type are labeled "Always". May be used in conjunction with '-d TYPE' to restrict the Small Form Factors (SFF) Committee. these modes most disks are not spinning, so if you want to prevent at a particular range of Logical Block Addresses (LBAs). The "Self" tests check the electrical and mechanical byte-reversed order. The words "Self-test" are used in abort the test. has been powered up and the number of scans already completed. measured in hours of disk lifetime, is also printed.

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