This cue is showing her that her tongue needs to do two things: move up and move back. Post-market stock scan result for Top % Gainers ( Should produce, “ler.” ~, Quick tip-I worked with one elementary school age (3rd grader) and she persisted in gliding all r’s. Hope that helps! That includes every stock traded in the U.S. (over 18,000!) How long does your scanning process take each day? Move from there to puffy tongue + vowels, then puffy tongue + vowel + consonant, then finally shape it into an /r/! Try scanning for opportunities intraday to help you spot the hottest trends early. And don’t take our word for it, check out STT for yourself. We could go on and on about the differences between scanners …. We play with movement of the tongue forward and back in the mouth until we find their “best /r/”. Sure, you could scan the NYSE and Nasdaq, but what about pink sheets and OTC markets? Once you get your list of stocks, you can then focus on research to narrow down to the juiciest opportunities. I begin by showing the student a picture of the tongue with a cut view of the muscles. See why many of the best day traders use StocksToTrade every day with a … Sounds crazy but it works for most of my kids! The Entire World of R™ approach is to evaluate and treat /r/ phonologically, based on word position and individual sound. I then have the student combine the new sound with syllables and move to words after that. Eeek! But even if you’re not an intraday trader, say you swing or position trades for the longer term, you can still use intraday alerts. There are thousands and thousands of stocks actively traded in the U.S. each trading day. Past performance is not indicative of future returns and financial investing isinherently risky. At age 10, Millennial Mike first hears about online chat rooms. Ask it to find stocks making all-time-highs on higher than average trading volume, or anything else you like to see, and — BOOM — every stock meeting your desired criteria is presented to you. Eventually the student should be able to hear himself when the production changes to /r/. We start with “gr” blends in words. If you’ve spent just a little time around the markets, you might have heard both the terms stock scanners and stock screeners. Here, you’ll learn all about the wonderful world of scanning, plus we’ll share tips and tricks to help you get up to speed so you’re ready to perform your first scan. Key stock statistics at your fingertips: Analyze stocks within seconds. I figured out that if she smiled (think big grin) when she said the r she had more success and her tongue was also further back in the mouth. We even have just about every trading indicator in existence. If you actively trade U.S. stocks — as much of our team does — consider StocksToTrade. Ability to scan for news, SEC filings, and Twitter chatter in real time. Empowering parents with the tools they need to help their little one or big one become a better communicator. If your trading strategy is solid, all you need to do is pick the right scanner and enter your trading criteria. After you have practiced just the sound…use the word list above and practice the words. I tell them that each of those muscles does something different. Check out our StocksToTrade scanner and its many awesome features today. No information herein is intended as securities brokerage, investment, tax,accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy, or as an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any company, security or fund. She works very hard during therapy….and I am happy to say that as of this June 2012…she will be dismissed from speech and language services. Scanning can be easy. - For students. Super-fast, real-time connections to all U.S. equities, for a live view of what’s happening in the markets. Scanners save you time and effort, and allow you to focus on the top trading opportunities according to your criteria. One last tip…please go to Don’t wanna miss out? - Speech Spotlight, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything: Language Building Activities. If you didn’t have the scanner, you’d have to flick through a never-ending stream of charts until your eyes were ready to bleed.

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