Breeding is very simple. publication[1] broadened the definition of P. wingei to include Endler's livebearer. Breeding : Livebearers and not hard to breed. The Endler’s guppy is an omnivore. The fish feels very comfortable in tanks with floating plants. [citation needed]. Mostly fish that won't eat the fins or the fish is a good rule when it comes to keeping virtually and fish. When breeding Endler’s guppies, be sure not to crossbreed with other species of guppies. Males tend to harass females constantly, so the more females in the tanks decrease the chances that a single female will be harassed too much. Amano shrimp – deals with algae in your tank, Guppy – all you should now about this fish. The average lifespan of aquarium Endler’s livebearers is about two to three years. Behind its abdomen there is a small spot, which indicates that they have some embryos inside. With new L.E.D. A ratio of one male for every three females is good. Remember, though that bettas can live in temperature that ranges between 78-82°F. Ideal Tank Size for Endlers Livebearers. Always contact a  certified individual or company for advice on any topic. Endlers do best in a 10 gallon tank or larger. Internal fertilization is performed due to gonopodium (a modified anal fin of the male). The female fins are short and rather pale colored. The large band in the middle of the wild-type Poecilia wingei is also a characteristic of the species, but it appears to be missing in many of the aquarium forms of Poecilia wingei. Most P. wingei from the Campoma region found in the hobby today are descended from those originally collected by Phil Voisin (Philderodez). [1] In 2014 H. Alexander et al. Endler’s guppy habitat is quite small, that’s why due to active human activity this species are endangered and are very likely to become extinct. Endlers are a colorful fish that are extremely active in the aquarium. The edges of its tail fin are red as well and it is transparent in the middle. Their first few hours of life will primarily be spent on the bottom of the tank, where they consume their yolk sacs. Endler guppy is a schooling fish and it prefers small tanks with lentic water, thickly planted with various flora. Here are the optimal tank conditions – temperature from 72°F- 78°F (22 to 26 °C), water hardness dGH — up to 25°, pH 6.7-8.5. Temperature: 24 c to 30 c. Endlers Each batch will produce anywhere from five to thirty fry. As a result of one mating you may get several offspring. For this reason they are best suited to a tank of their own. Species: Poecilia wingei. So if you want to try a different livebearer and something colorful, I would suggest the Endlers Livebearer. Endler’s Livebearer – photo by Dornenwolf. So if you want to try a different livebearer and something colorful, I would suggest the Endlers Livebearer. Very similar to guppies, read the breeding guppies article. His favorite aquariums are biotopes (Amazon River), Echinodorus and Angelfish. Because of their smaller size, they are … They will take care of the rest. Once breeding is successful, remove the baby guppies from the tank and place them in an aquarium by themselves.The tank should have lots of live aquarium plants. Unfortunately, this endemic species didn’t attract any interest among the scientists and for some unknown reasons it was considered as an extinct one for a long time. First this fish was discovered by Franklyn F. Bond in 1937 in Lagoa dos Patos on the North coast of the continent, on the North of Venezuela. The aquarium’s ability to handle the bioload helps determine how many fish can be kept in any size … Although not yet taken up into the IUCN Red List of endangered species, they are in danger of extinction in the wild, as humans enter their natural habitat, polluting and destroying it. The fry can be fed powdered fry food, baby brine shrimp, and crushed flake food. Endlers can be very prolific providing a brood every 23-28 days, young Endlers may have only 4-6 fry at a time, but as they mature, they may drop well over twenty fry at a time. As for the fish lifespan in a tank, it varies from 1 to 2 years. It’s possible to keep only various species of male in the same tank. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds. Females can store sperm for up to one year so they can continue to become pregnant even if there are no longer male fish in the tank. They then become a shelter for juveniles. Since this fish is so close to the guppy, it is kind of hard to write something original for it, but it is also different in the fact that it comes from a different area of the world and it is a different adult size. Depending on their environments, females will range from a pale silver to a dull, dark gold, but have the ability to change their coloring somewhat if they are moved from a light environment to a dark one (or vice versa). P. wingei phenotypes collected from the Campoma bridge location are identified by a numbering system from 1 through 70. Most often, what appears to be a sword extension can be seen as intense coloring along the edge of an otherwise transparent tail. Never set your tank in direct sunlight or where it can be bumped easily. Learn how to take care of your Endler's Livebearer with this quick Endler's Livebearers care guide. published a paper[3] that refutes the assertions and conclusions made by S. Schories et al. How many Endlers can be kept in a 10 gallon aquarium? The information herein is not intended to substitute professional advice. [citation needed] The most popular collecting site in the Campoma region for P. wingei has been the Campoma bridge location.

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