Lost lots of gear, weapons and patience... One raid worked fine and with the next one it started to really disappoint me... We are talking about around 15 trys now; any chance to get anything of the gear back?! 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created by Battlestate Games. 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 traces.log #EscapeFromTarkov First logs are me searching for a customs game, solo. 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 backend_queue.log. Dschango 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log You can attach them here. i only get awaiting session start after alt-f4 then trying to reconnect to raid. I had the same problem but i'm not sure what fixed it i mean you can try to instal game on ssd if you have one. The profile cant recover from servers and cant get into game. 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, Does anyone else who has this bug get synchronising with players 100% for ages first? 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 application.log 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 pools.log By 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 application.log Hi! Silverhaze5X Какие у вас хара-тики ПК и сколько выдаёт ФПС. LethalsLoaded Was for me thougj. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. I get stuck in "awaiting session start", "waiting for players" or the "deploy counter" runs to 00:00 and nothing more happens.. Alt+F4 and reconnect also doesnt work. Waited 6 minutes and cant back out either/ Alt + F4 and come back to still in raid. 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 application.log It happens to roughly 50% of the games I try to enter. #locked. Started November 29, 2017, By 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 traces.log If this does not eliminate the issue then please submit log and any pics video in the launcher. 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log (dont know if panelty applies, but as a scav it wont count 30 min’), Just confirm leave - your stuff should still be there but I can't guarantee it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EscapefromTarkov community. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Since 5 hours now i'm trying and trying! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Go to C:\Battlestate Games\EFT\Logs, or Where ever your game is installed and just drag the log files to where you are writing the forum reply. 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 application.log By Hopefully this really was only the first part of the fix. 目標をセンターに入れてスイッチ New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EscapefromTarkov community. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The unofficial Subreddit for Escape From Tarkov, a Hardcore FPS being created by Battlestate Games. Started 2 hours ago, By 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 application.log 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 errors.log 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 pools.log 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 traces.log. Can they not spread spawns out so you don't get shot at within seconds? I am desperate for any useful feedback on this- I'm lvl 56, 3,000+ hours in this game without any issues but around two months ago it started getting stuck in the loading screens- Awaiting Session Start, Deploying or Synchronizing with Other Players and stays there until the raid ends. BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED. Might happen with RAM, had a similar thing with pagefile on Ramdisk, while testing. Anyone else getting stuck at Awaiting Session Start... for customs every match? Please fix it as fast as u can; all my friends are able to play and im the only in the crew that can not -.-, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 application.log 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It's infinity loading screen on hideout and on a raid it's "Awaiting session start". I get it all the time, Just use task manager end the game, start back up and join again. 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 pools.log haven't had it happen to me twice in a row. Today is a very important day, the birthday of Battlestate Games! It's the new "Awaiting Server Response" bug, it has just been renamed. The loot, map and every other part of the loading goes by i get to the end and it says "awaiting session start". 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 pools.log Does not matter how many times I try to reconnect to raid, it sits on that screen and never loads in. 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 errors.log Weird side note it also closes my Discord or makes that DC too, No fucking clue why. 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 traces.log Only submit LOGS. 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 errors.log 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 errors.log 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log 2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 traces.log2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 application.log2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 errors.log2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 application.log2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 traces.log2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 errors.log2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 traces.log2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 errors.log2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 application.log. Can run scavs no problem. 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 errors.log 2020.10.15 The birthday of Battlestate Games! If it is not a bug, glitch or exploit report, please ignore this message. 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log Waited 6 minutes and cant back out either/ Alt + F4 and come back to still in raid. 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log Started February 8, 2016, © 2020 BATTLESTATE GAMES. Also getting stuck in the Synchronizing with other players (100%) aswell as this. We are aware of a current issue with awaiting session start. The loading circle then freezes and sometimes it crashes sometimes it just never does anything and i have to alt+f4 just to try reconnect and the same thing happens. sometimes happens a few time, but if you keep trying it will join yup. I alt f-4 from that too. It happens to me too..alt f4 the game then relaunch but leave the session and then restart the join process, you will be assigned to a different server. Every time I try to load into a PMC raid with decent gear, I get stuck on either "awaiting session start" or "deploying in 0:00:00". TheColdVein, October 29, 2019 in General game forum. I have not been punished after doing so in these circumstances. 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 inventory.log Once again, we'd like to thank you for all your support and patience as we get these issues under control. 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 application.log Please fix it as fast as u can; all my friends are able to play and im the only in the crew that can not -.- … I've been wondering if it's been happening to anybody else. Press J to jump to the feed. 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 pools.log If your post is about a potential bug, glitch or exploit with Escape From Tarkov please report it through the Game Launcher. 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log On another account same computer, same files game is working so its not the game files that are broken. Didn't get the crash reports myself, if you have the crash reports - you can try to peek at those, should tell something.... Lower your settings all the way, that’s what I had to do. 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 nvidia.log 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log 2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_15-21-58_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_15-41-45_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_15-49-50_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 pools.log, 2019.10.29_16-06-09_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 pools.log, 2019.10.29_16-22-20_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019_10.29_16-09-12_0_12.0.4829_errors.log, 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_16-09-12_0.12.0.4829 pools.log, 2019_10.29_16-09-12_0_12.0.4829_traces.log, 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_15-03-13_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 pools.log, 2019.10.29_14-10-20_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 pools.log, 2019.10.29_14-02-26_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_16-44-57_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_16-44-57_0.12.0.4829 pools.log, 2019.10.29_16-44-57_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_16-44-57_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_16-44-57_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_16-44-57_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_16-44-57_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 application.log, 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 backend_queue.log, 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 errors.log, 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 pools.log, 2019.10.29_17-04-15_0.12.0.4829 traces.log, 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 errors.log, 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 inventory.log, 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 nvidia.log, 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 pools.log, 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 traces.log, 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 application.log, 2019.10.29_17-25-33_0.12.0.4862 backend_queue.log.

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