All rights reserved. Clear editor. also megan racing do one which im pretty sure is identicle anyway. I have heard good things about them from my friends with Miatas, RX-7s and 240s so I figured I would give them a shot. SELECT NEW HUBS FOR ZERO NOISE! If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Most of the cheaper coil overs are tapered inside, so you leave 50mm on the bottom of the strut tube which slides inside of the bottom of the coil over and helps locate inside so it's largely centered. hell idk sometimes you just have to wing it. had them and they sucked balls! And, as we all know, the best place to start is the suspension. Other than that they have served there purpose. if your ok with welding go for a rally designs coilover kit for a mk2 escort, bmw 51mm front struts and mk2 golf front shocks (as bilstein etc are available for mk2 vw's) Those units are nice and are like front strut cartridges used on E36/E46, or five-lug conversions used on an E30. This means aftermarket options are few and far between. KW coilovers for the Mercedes-AMG GT. There is no noise from rubbing springs that is apparent in some lower quality springs. by madmaverick » Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:39 pm, Post Otherwise just get some 51mm struts and coilovers to suit and get them welded up yourself. I haven’t tried them out on their stiffest setting since I have not taken the car out to a track setting, but even in the mid-range the body roll is greatly reduced through freeway onramps and windy roads. The machining was very clean as was the powdercoating. Once the strut is removed the spring can be removed and the new coilover and spring can be inserted. That must mean they are rubish..... You're sure a cocky sonobitch. Does anyone know of a brand that does not require welding, and has 30+ clicks for damping, basically something i can just drop in ", sigpic"If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself." A few days and a couple hundred dollars later I got them in. Hey, seriously looking into a few E30 coilover kits at the moment but cant seem to find the best price or anywhere local? Overall the installation is pretty straightforward, minus the welding.   Your link has been automatically embedded. The only problem with these is that they have to be welded. It opened up my wheel options and gave me bigger brakes. Not sure if theres others. Our new KW classic coilover kits with technical component report differ from the well-known KW coilovers. Call us today at 855-998-8726! The 4" springs are unbearable. I have driven around on these coilovers around LA for about a few months now and haven’t had any issues with them. 9:00am-6:00pm by madmaverick » Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:04 am, Post Sump Armor - Compatible with e30. As a bolt-on solution, the world of lowering our BMWs just got a whole lot easier, presuming you were in the dark before. I run cosmos but I'm def interested in how they cater to E30s. Have you got spare shock boots? Everything from the E9 and 2002, up until the E28, E30, and E34, all use a McPherson strut assembly with the spindle affixed to it. Powered by Invision Community. Stainless Steel Brake Lines (black) compatible with E30. e30's are a bit of a pain in the ass for coilovers. THE BANG-FOR-YOUR-BUCK LIST There has been an ongoing debate for decades regarding the top bang-for-buck mods for your e30. Once the coilovers are installed height/travel/preload adjustments can be adjusted using the collars. These are ready to install units. Jom and raceland coilovers dont require welding. I’m assuming that if you are starting this project you know to remove the tires and brake calipers so I’ll start after that. Another, a bit more inarguable, is the limited suspension options available for these classic cars. Copyright 2020 Bimmersport Ltd Have to have the ABS hole. BC also make them in a 45mm fitment for 4 cylinder cars. Copyright © 2020 CATUNED. yeah I saw that, not crazy about the design. Most likely will have front camber plates built in with pillow ball mounts. SELECT NEW HUBS ... e30 coilover (1), e30 coilovers (1) Customers who bought this item also bought. For those of us with our spindles affixed to our strut housings, however, we've been jumping through hoops for years. Most of the kits cater for the 51mm struts, i went through the same thing in my E30 and i had the 45mm struts to being with. There's the matter of the spring perch in the way. As such, it was our go-to when updating the suspension on Byron Wilcox's '84 318i, and we paired them with a fresh set of H&R sway bars. One for the early four cylinder with the 48mm strut housing, and for the "6 cyl" or any car with the 51 mm strut housing. Overall the installation is pretty straightforward, minus the welding. *Note: they make two different kits. So my solution was to go with a coilover setup. by M20_fever » Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:27 pm, Post Closed, © 2020   Created by JER Development. No problems using 51mm struts in a car that had 45mm ones, they all bolt up the same, so if you can't find 45mm ones, just use a set of 51mm tubes from a 323i or 325i and convert it over. I doubt it would be that cheap or you'd have to do tons like wheel bearings and such. There's nothing wrong with a good spring-and-shock combo. -Ferdinand Porsche. It sort of blows the budget apart though. subscribed, sounds interesting and a fair price. Post This high performance damper is suitable for both weekend race and daily use. They aren't just welded to the stub axle, so size does matter. Unlike most other companies, we can tailor spring rates, shock valving, camber plates etc. 30-way adjustable dampening to be used on different road conditions and weekend race. Please select Ultra LOW if you want the ability to sit the vehicle on the ground so to speak. Please select Normal - They will be welded with the ability to go low but not extreme. We can do all the LVV stuff, welding corner weighting even!! Paste as plain text instead, × Hopefully they do swaps like GC. And an 'i' head swap IS the best bang for the buck on an eta, the head is garbage. Unsatisfied with the Erector Set mentality to coilovers on vintage BMWs, they've made some serious improvements, and they've done it by offering little-known complete coilover assemblies for our classics for years and years. You can use any of the struts, they typically chop the strut tube off and weld the coilovers onto the hub, which you need to have done by a certified welder who can certify the welds which you need for an LVV these days. As much as I wanted to do the installation myself, I figured that this is probably not the best project to learn to weld on, so I took it over to the guys at JER Development in Santa Ana.

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