This safe zone area is only accessible once you accept the side quest “Do you Believe?” from Mufid in Harran University. Found next to the large town square in Eastern Old Town on top of the large blue-ish billboard. You need a military keycard from Jasir to open the crate. Doesn't last long. Super Molotov - You can find this blueprint in the pumping station that is a quest location (you visit it during a main and a side quest). The blueprint is a reward for defeating a boss - Beelzebufo (Harvest side quest). It's inside a mysterious box. Experimental Military Part - blueprints from this group are found always in the same circumstances, as they are acquired from boxes similar to the ones shown on the above screenshot. Angel Sword (Angel Sword "Troll" Old Town Side Quest Reward), Electrician (Electronic Parts Side Quest Reward), Fire Launcher (Salesman Escort Side Quest Reward), Grill'em And Kill'em (Gas Lighter Side Quest Reward), GTFO 2.0 (Fishing Spot Escort Side Quest Reward), Holy Ghost (Werewolf Escort Side Quest Reward), Puff Puff Pass (Stash Escort Side Quest Reward), Zappo (To The Tower Escort Side Quest Reward), Zombie Classic Mod (Electric Machete, in The Slums "The Prodigal Son" Side Quest Reward), Fastball Special (After reaching Survivor 7), God Hammer (Old Town University Store - Side Quest "Chasing Past"), Components: Metal Parts (2), String (2), Alcohol (3), Power Cable (3), Exploding Throwing Stars ("Posters" Side Quest Reward). The plan is in the hunting tower. Freezes any infected/human that it explodes near. Here are the time-stamps for the location of each individual blueprint: Slums: 0:10 - Night Hunter Booster 0:24 - EXPCalibur 1:09 - Korek Machete 2:10 - SiCK Bomb 3:21 - Bolter Poison. Found on top of Zere's bus near the Tower in the Slums, in a yellow box. 5:21 – Strobe Knight On the ground floor of large Eurynomos Bank. Dying Light Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Found on a desk inside a safehouse during the mission “First Assignment.” The safehouse is just north of the long highway turn. Home » Dying Light » New Blueprints in Dying Light: The Following. Origami 101 - You can obtain this Blueprint after climbing the top of a high white tower. ), Adds: Ability to glide through the air while this item is equipped, Components: Duct Tape (10), String (10), Alcohol (10), Gauze (10), Components: Alcohol (5), Underwater Algae (20). Explodes after a very short duration, suspending any enemy around it in mid-air. You can reach the shelf by climbing or using the Grappling Hook. Found inside a pharmacy during the side mission “Goodnight Mr. Bahir.” Large back entrance leads to a room with a blueprint inside. The above map has been marked for whereabouts of blueprints, where you need to make sure that you read the description of each one, because you obtain some of them as a reward after a quest. This side quest becomes available when you complete the main story mission “Higher Education," on part “Ask survivors about Jade.”. Gas station – Arrows blueprint - You can collect it from Bilal (he's a quartermaster).Discharger blueprint - It's in an opened drawer in Bilal's gas station.Countryside Bane blueprint - Complete the Venom side quest (short conversation with Bilal). This variant electrocutes the target if blocked at the right time. Leap to that next. Get the most powerful melee weapon in Dying Light and crush every undead enemy with ease using this quick Korek Machete location guide. Found in a yellow box on top of the largest main bridge pillar in the Slums. You're welcome. Devil Stick – The blueprint is on a metal balcony at the top of the white tower. Found near a dead body in a corner of an area between buildings that are surrounded with a metal fence in Old Town. Throws a ball of lightning that explodes after a short duration. Jump inside and dive in. makes finding cool things much easier, Your email address will not be published. Stiff Stick – The blueprint is inside one of the buildings of the garm. You find the blueprint in one of the rooms at the upper floor - it is on the bottom shelf of the desk. The blueprint is inside a crate in the hunting tower. The blueprint is the only collectible inside the tower. ИГРОВЫЕ НОВОСТИ, 25 ноября (Half-Life: Alyx, Resident Evil 3, Yakuza: Like a Dragon), Yakuza 7 Main Theme (Ichiban Ka) English Subs, Yakuza: Like a Dragon – The Quest Begins | PS4, Sieht so die echte Next-Gen aus? This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment or Techland. Found on top of the stone tower, just before the stone bridge in Northwestern Old Town. 4:08 – Pyza Suit Twilight Phantom. Once you unlock it, you can find the blueprint on top of the shelves. Used to block incoming damage (Biters, gunshots, etc.). Inside a yellow van near a supply drop of Rais in the northeastern side of Old Town. Together with various materials, they are used to craft unique weapons, upgrades and items. After finding a small canyon, approach it from the east and follow the northern line to a grassy platform area. The blueprint is inside the barn in Jasir's Farm. Find Dying Light's Developer Cheat Weapon With Our Guide, Top 10 Best Diablo 3 Builds | All Classes Tier List, Unlock the "Bite The Dust" Achievement / Trophy in, Get All The Scraps *And Materials) You'll Need In, High-Powered Hardware Isn't Enough to Make Project Scorpio Succeed, Gallery of the Day - Vivid Videogame Zombies, Escapist Digest: Game of Thrones, Monument Valley, Life is Strange 2, and more. 6:44 - Angel Sword Found inside of the Jaffar Wheelstation Garage, on a work desk, next to a blue locker. Hop across to the area with potted plants and onto the railing, then use the railing to reach the rooftop. 5:21 - Strobe Knight EXPcalibur. Hit the box numerous times to make it open and reveal the blueprint. 2:10 - SiCK Bomb The blueprint is in the pumping station. Inside the container you'll find the blueprint for crafting the Korek Machete. Found inside a beige truck in a parking lot in Eastern Old Town. You must dive in to the east of the lightouse and find a Mysterious Box lying at the bottom of the sea. Experimental Military Suspension Part – The blueprint is in the military crate inside a wagon car. You need a military keycard from Jasir to open the crate. Immediately after acquiring the hacking tool upon completion of the, Alternate ammunition for the Crossbow / Upgraded Crossbow. On the last floor of the tower there are a couple of wooden pallets and the blueprint is on top of them. They do 25 damage before setting things on fire. Nailer – The blueprint is in the attic of the main building of the farm and you can get there by entering the building through a window. You must complete a long journey in the tunnels to get to the rooms with the generators. Each blueprint from this group unlocks access to a new, high-quality part for the buggy (the perfect nitro, or suspension, to name few). Found in area between buildings that are surrounded with a metal fence. The blueprint is on a small island on the lake. Key points of Dying Light - Old Town - Blueprints Areas where you can find the blueprints Pyza Suit – On the building roof is located the chimney inside which is standing a green tube. in the Slums, inside a beige colored tent next to a whiteboard. Found inside a locked room on the second floor of the Bites Motel in the Slums. Jump inside and dive in. Found next to the large town square in Eastern Old Town on top of the large blue-ish billboard. 8:53 - Air Strike The blueprint is on a wooden table, below a red and white metal roof, near the vendor. Enter this building through a window and then make your way to one of the uppper wooden platforms. Frost Bite – The blueprint is inside a crate in the hunting tower.

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