That’s my best friend in real life. I had people running around with walkie talkies asking me, “GaTa, do you need anything? Send us a tip using our annonymous form. My medicine still had affects from the next day and they saw that. So, shout out to Da Brat, man. Hype man Davionte Ganter, aka GaTa (Rex) The Independent employs over 100 journalists around the world to bring you news you can trust. DEADLINE: Dave is a bona fide hit. Here, he discusses the decision to talk about his condition, the response to that episode, and how he feels about this politicially pivotal time. So, it really makes me sad. I’m so thankful for it too, man. The breakout star of Lil Dicky’s sensitive hit comedy talks to Ellie Harrison about mental health, police brutality and the appropriation of hip-hop, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile, ell no!” says GaTa, recalling his reaction when his friend Lil Dicky asked if he’d reveal his bipolar disorder in the hit sitcom Dave. I could see the fan engagement because my Instagram started going nuts. [Laughs] I just feel like, people just open up to me, and they just want to tell me their whole life, man, just because I put it all out there like that. Unlike other rappers, he has a rehearsal hall that he rents out for weeks at a time, so we can perform our songs and make sure we’re on point. Davionte “GaTa” Ganter, who before co-starring in the FXX sitcom “Dave” had never acted. You’re going to be touching people. After GaTa finished working with Tyga in 2011, he had a manic episode that led to him being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Really think about the things you want to say, about the future, about how you want to look to the people years from now. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. “I wasn’t faking it,” he says. So, he gave me the shot. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. So, my auntie came and got me. It wasn’t easy. Rory Kramer and Amy Disser. There’s a million people in the world just like you.” So, with them reinforcing that, that’s what made me want to share the story. Blair You’re going to be touching people. I watched [Dave] and your episode touched me.”. Me coming from South Central Los Angeles, him coming from the suburbs of Philadelphia. You’re going to be touching people. Brian Nicholson. I really lived that moment. GaTa is an LA native and the spiritual cornerstone of the Lil Dicky camp. So, one day, when I was down bad, I was broke, had no money. Davionte “GaTa” Ganter. GATA: I work very well with him. When I first met Dicky, I wasn’t thinking about the future, I’m thinking about, “We got to do and get this now.” Because where I come from, tomorrow isn’t promised. And that’s what kills me. Davionte “GaTa” Ganter, musician and actor on FX’s Dave series based on Lil Dicky’s aspiring dreams to take over the rap world, recently sat down with Deadline to discuss racism in America. Feel good every day. Keep doing what you want to do.” And that’s the reason why I just want to make it so bad, because I really want to give back to them. Dicky takes his rap career very serious. GATA: Well, right now, everything is on hold. There’s a million people in the world just like you.’ So, with them reinforcing that, that’s what made me want to share the story. Food? I want people to shine and feel bright and know that every day they’re above ground is a good day.”. I had my own trailer. You got this kid from South Central LA, who grew up not knowing his real father or his biological mom. Like I said, I didn’t know my real mom and dad and I was in the foster care. And it makes me feel good, man. I wasn’t even comfortable, really at first, telling you about this. That’s my best friend in real life. DEADLINE: How close is it to your life, especially when you explain your bipolar disorder? So, I was nervous at first, but I think I’m good now. “I’ve been lucky, I’ve been around the world, and I get to tap into so many different cultures. I’m here to be a hype man, but right now I’m laid out on the couch, I’m about to pass out or whatever the case may be. The rapper feels a responsibility to speak up for his black peers now that he has a bigger platform: he is being bombarded with scripts and FX have just confirmed Dave’s second season. When I go to the ghetto man, when I go back to my old neighborhood, the kids, they look up to me, they say, “I love you, GaTa. GaTa had wanted to be a rapper since his teenage years. “One day, I came to rehearsal, and I was a little bit lethargic, lazy, I wasn’t there, I wasn’t focusing, because I was so heavily… I don’t want to say it… I was on my medicine. Lil Dicky. But for the most part, I really loved his music. I was still dreaming and one of the managers that I used to work with, hit me up like, “Yo, I got this new artist that I want you to work with, his name is Lil Dicky.” When I first met Dicky, we met at a recording studio and I’m going to be honest, he really kind of didn’t like my aura. They are actually my auntie and cousin.

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