[4] The process continued for several days, concluding when, according to those present, a demon fled the child's body and took up residence within Johnson. Even with world-renowned experts in the paranormal and demonology backing him up, the judge wasn’t sympathetic and he was convicted of first-degree manslaughter. [6] The event inspired the premise of the 2021 film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. However, Ed and Lorraine Warren of Monroe, demonologists who worked on the case and attended the exorcism, said Wednesday that Johnson and his wife ″were very happy.″. [1][2] On November 24, 1981, in Brookfield, Connecticut, Arne Cheyenne Johnson was convicted of first-degree manslaughter for the killing of his landlord, Alan Bono.[3]. Having a younger brother who suffered from delusions and seizures was hard enough for Carl Glatzel Jr., but then came the priests and a well-known ghost-hunting couple who deemed then-11-year-old David Glatzel to be possessed by demons.. Carl Glatzel, now 42, says he was unable to protect his brother in 1981 when David underwent several rites of exorcism, or in 1983 when a book detailing … [1][8] Minnella attempted to submit a plea of not guilty by virtue of possession, but the presiding judge, Robert Callahan, promptly rejected this defense. The last thing he wanted was a book reviving a … The case really began when David’s sister Debbie Glatzel called in Roman Catholic priests and the Warrens to help. The couple initially thought David was using the old man as an excuse to avoid cleaning, but David informed them that the old man had vowed to harm the Glatzels if they moved into the rental home. ″His mental condition was carefully examined. The chair is said to curse anyone who dares to sit in it. ", "THE REGION; Man Is Convicted In Friend's Death", "Defendant in a Murder Puts the Devil on Trial", "Brothers sue world famous psychic Lorraine Warren for false accusations in Devil book", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Trial_of_Arne_Cheyenne_Johnson&oldid=983278059, November 1981 events in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 09:37. [1] This was the first murder in the history of Brookfield, Connecticut. Ms. Glatzel’s brother, David, was the child on whom the exorcism was performed. In her spare time, she loves reading, watching movies, making crafts, and watching hockey. Lorraine Warren stated that profits from the book were shared with the family. An evil (and haunted) rocking chair that is connected to an exorcism and a murder is now located at a haunted museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. She worked at Bono’s Brookfield kennel. ″Possession doesn’t last 24 hours a day,″ Ed Warren said. [6] Johnson and Debbie (now married) wholeheartedly support the Warrens' account of demonic possession and have stated that the Glatzels in question are suing simply for monetary purposes. During that time, the rocking chair would levitate, rock on its own, and even vanish before reappearing again. [9] Lorraine Warren defended her work with the family, saying that the six priests who were involved in the incident agreed at the time that the boy was possessed and that the supernatural events she described were real. And the fact that Zak bought the chair only hours before Lorraine Warren died, well that’s what you call an incredibly eerie coincidence. Callahan argued that no such defense could ever exist in a court of law due to lack of evidence and that it would be "irrelative and unscientific" to allow related testimony. And if the chair’s history isn’t creepy enough, it still has stains on it from the holy oil used by Ed Warren when David was possessed. [1] After receiving a prognosis of multiple possessions from the Warrens, David was subjected to three "lesser exorcisms". Prosecutors said the two had been drinking and began arguing before the stabbing. After moving in, Johnson started to exhibit odd behavior that was strikingly similar to David's, causing Debbie to fear that he had become possessed as well. ″He was an exemplary inmate,″ Fjelman said Wednesday. While in prison, Johnson married, received a high-school degree, earned several other educational certificates and took a number of college courses, according to Hans Fjelman, chief of parole for the state corrections department. [2] He asserted that the Warrens told him the story would make the family millionaires and would help get Johnson out of jail. Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. He was sentenced to 10–20 years in prison, though he served only five. [2][6] In 1983, Gerald Brittle, with the assistance of Lorraine Warren, published a book about the incident entitled The Devil in Connecticut. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. Conn. man sues, saying demon murder claim was a hoax Carl Glatzel Jr. says he's a happily married building contractor. [2] He is currently writing a book, titled Alone Through the Valley, about his version of the events surrounding his brother. Debbie and Johnson began renting an apartment close to her place of employment. After witnessing a number of increasingly ominous occurrences involving David, the family, exhausted and terrified, decided to enlist the aid of self-described demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren (noted for their investigation into the famed Amityville Haunting) in a last-ditch effort to "cure" David. [1][2] It is here that A Haunting veers away from the circumstances of Johnson's possession as described by those involved. Carl also claimed that the book alleged he committed criminal and abusive acts against his family and others. Exorcist Attempts to Purge City’s Demons From a Plane, Mysterious and Frightening Real Cases of Demonic Possession, The Vatican Calls for More Exorcists as Demonic Possessions Increase, Bizarre Law Enforcement Encounters with Demonic Forces. The Glatzel’s telephone number is unlisted and efforts to reach Johnson were unsuccessful. Lorraine and David both claimed to have witnessed the devil sitting in the chair.

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