I feel like a lot of the people who come on here defending “socialism” and Maduro are unaware just how long these violations have been going on. No matter what socio-economic indicator one chooses to look at, it is clear that the sharp deterioration in Venezuela’s living standards started long before U.S. sanctions in August 2017. It started when Marcos Perez Jimenez (right wing dictator and communist/socialist killer) was removed from power by "social democrats", during Jimenez's rule the VEF currency was almost at pair with the US dollar and even some Americans wanted to come here, this was the new country of opportunities, newly discovered oil, completely safe, heavily respected property, criminals were just eradicated along with any person doing evil things in society, of course there was the drawbacks of living in a dictatorial country, you couldn't publicly criticize the president, at least not on TV/Radio or if you had a somewhat recognizable voice among the population. Trudeau says clause in Venezuela constitution shows Guaido is interim president, Trudeau says clause in Venezuela constitution shows Guaido is interim president – Jan 31, 2019. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Dec. 2nd, 2017: 8 days prior to the rescheduled municipal elections, 169 polling stations suddenly relocate over what the CNE claims are "security concerns". Loyalties around politics in Caracas are more complicated than the West might think. for the latter, see Venezuela, which is an incredibly corrupt government that is allowed to become more and more corrupt because of this state capitalism. This means new municipal governments would not be in place until after the members of the constitutional assembly were chosen. A few years after Venezuela shifted to democracy in 1958, most other South American nations began falling under the iron-fisted rule of US-backed military dictatorships. There's this thing called the Dutch Disease, what it says is that when a country has large amounts of a very valuable resource its currency appreciates to reflect that, and when you have a very expensive currency it makes your economy to not be competitive, as your salaries are more expensive it's cheaper to import stuff than to produce it locally, and all industries other than oil tend to disappear, qnd if they keep operating they're usually subsidized by the oil industry, otherwise it would be much cheaper to just import the stuff. I honestly don't know how I feel about supporting regime change against Maduro now. ", "For years Venezuelanalysis.com has been the gold standard in reporting on Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. Core dichotomies associated with these concerns include reformism versus revolutionary socialism, and state socialism versus libertarian socialism. Pero del resto, excelente trabajo :). When elections are near, all parties and politicians do this, irrespective of if its capitalistic, mixed economy or state capitalist. Full fledged socialism has almost never worked. July 2017: Venezuela calls a referendum, boycotted by the opposition, to approve the creation of an all-powerful legislative body called the Constituent Assembly. Its an inherent conflict of interest in democracy and policy making and not unique to state capitalist countries. The trolls are trying to flood the sub with their misinformation but there are more of us who know better. Dec. 10th, 2017: Municipal elections take place. Imagine when this bullshit regime falls and we have fair elections. One reason for this is the fact that much of the economically relevant knowledge in society is private and diffuse in nature. The move marks a significant escalation of the political crisis in Venezuela, as Maduro called on the people to defeat this “coup attempt.”. This beginning of several periods where he rules by decree: Nov. 2013 - Nov. 2014, March 2015 - Dec. 31st, 2015, Jan. 2016 - Sep. 2017. The UN Special Rapporteur on judicial independence strongly criticizes the move. It is possible that a much better leader than Maduro could have made the command economy work, but we will probably never know for sure.

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