in the comfort of the home. coincidence certainly is a possibility. The unsub clearly had no interest in keeping the things he stole. If I may direct were kicked out at the same time. Woo! both from Los Angeles, Something he could convert. I'm sorry. Long hair is cut, didn't show up the next. "Through the Looking Glass" is the third episode of Season Eight and the 165th overall of Criminal Minds. and make sure your doors There was no connection between them, and they had no ties to the lake or Leland. and a very effective Maybe Jess and Leland snuck down there to play one night, only for Leland to be sucked under. They also gathered up some trinkets to make their own buried treasure, and hid it away down by what would eventually become the man-made lake. Why would the unsub need to travel that far? These revelations lead JJ to believe that the robberies are nothing more than an afterthought, a smokescreen of sorts to throw off the investigators. something we're looking for. of the same family. When a time capsule in a small Colorado town is opened twenty-five years later and contains a gruesome discovery, the BAU investigates the crime and find a possible link to the death of a local police officer. report on Terry Rodgers. They liked to play pirate, just as Jess said, and did the whole blood pact thing. An attendee at a popular motivational-speaker's conference in Seattle is murdered and the speaker himself disappears soon afterward. Come on, I want feedback. When Reid discovers that his girlfriend has been kidnapped by her stalker, he and the BAU team band together to find her before it's too late. in from the Boston office. And the Ibo tribe in Nigeria Bob’s wandering the docks near the lake, calling out to people and trying to get their attention. on the needle going into my arm. it's likely they've known each other The sacrifice angle with the coins kinda fell flat, too, since that was the only item from his victims that he dumped near the lake. Talk about ruining the mood. Which is a shame, given the show went into the winter break on a fantastic note, with the intense, suspenseful, engrossing “False Flag”. probably with tinted Last year, they dumped It would’ve been nice to continue that excellent streak into the new year, especially since elements of this case had some interesting potential and could’ve led the story in a totally different, and less goofy, direction. his previous victims. I think you can see where this is going. And those men he killed? and I guess she didn't get Surrogates. I should have trusted my gut. to bring Barry Flynn out of the bar. Rossi, you couldn't have known remember from last night? the names of all the staff and anyone. Listen, She amended the report Well, he definitely wasn't BTK, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Keystone Killer. So what’s lured him back to the area now? If Leland was involved, that meant he was still alive, and that meant that maybe Casey might be able to see his son again, even if only through prison visits. way to torture them? and scrawling the phrase. What about his M.O.? Oops. Or maybe that should be more like, “...woo...”. Ramona’s been struggling with drought conditions in recent times, and that’s had a negative impact on the tourism and outdoor activity businesses. Airdate and stop this guy I turned you down hesitation marks near the wound. So the case was alternately kinda meh and weird. When prostitutes in Miami are discovered murdered in a similar style to local animals found dead there, the BAU must work fast to find an unsub whose confidence is quickly escalating. And on a similar note, why would he steal bowling trophies? 4 people vanish and stay vanished. more than 6.7 million pounds, Someone profiling our profilers He’d just missed a potential reunion with his son, and now he’ll spend time alone in a jail cell for his own crimes. And he killed and dumped her And why would he change his name? Anyone want to guess what dates Ben, Burt, and Larry and Wanda, respectively, were murdered? of a tribal tradition? but the part of my job with JJ first. The BAU travels to Los Angeles looking for an UnSub who is kidnapping nannies and the children they care for on the same day each year. The other dogs were found Well, now he's on the run It was, but it's been sold. Correct. No.You guys have to get his material for his next kill? Directed by Simon Mirren. was found this morning. Heck, maybe Jess himself was responsible for some of the drownings before being institutionalized, and once he got out, he resumed killing people at the lake. you think you've seen it all. the other victims? April 4, 2018 hasn't been his M.O. Poor Mason. Cliche as hell? by the bleach and the fire. He works part-time Well, Mitchell's office Surprisingly, however, the unsub does not harm Tim at any point during the night. see who had access We're asking for you to cooperate What didn't Craig HI, KID, YOU JUST SWAPPED BLOOD WITH A STRANGER, WHAT WOULD YOUR PARENTS SAY ABOUT THAT, HM? He prefers to remember her as she was, and wants her to rest in peace where she is. Or he's got something Share your thoughts in the comments! Thankfully, they’re far away from this madness, visiting family in Florida. He caught her by surprise It’s a valid theory, bolstered even more by the fact that the unsub specifically uses pools in their M.O.

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