News & Articles Alex Coleman Kime Has Been Reading. Guys how to set gibbed to give me a perfect slag transfusion? Axton is mainly an offtank with some damage potential. Männlich And hey, maybe that’s why he’s still my Number 1. Explosive Build Guide. How many Bee boosts can one DPUH shot get? Erlaubt dir zwei Sabre-Geschütze zu platzieren. Useful for when getting out of FFYL, or just when low on shields in general. In the meantime, go with whatever you think works. The standard item layout consists of specific roles for specific types of weapons. Rockets. There’s a damn good reason for this; they’re incredibly powerful in Axton’s capable hands. Sorry, dude. happy for you! Shield: Free slot… again. +14% Waffenwechsel- und Zielgeschwindigkeitpro Level; +7% Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit beim Zielen pro Level. They’re simply a guideline to be used when you’re building your own death-dealing menace. That means throwing points into the health and shield regeneration skills is not quite as important. At this point I had actually ran out of skills to really invest in, so this skill is pretty much a throwaway. Now it is time to focus on improving that Sentry Turret! What is great about the Sabre Turret is that it deals damage and can distract and take damage from enemies, allowing Axton to freely shoot enemies while they are focusing the turrets. It’s neat, and might work okay with longbow, but as it is it’s not worth the point to have your turret stick to the back of cover because you weren’t thinking of where you were aiming the turret and now it can’t shoot anything. Slagged enemies take additional damage from all non-slag attacks. Man I wish that the Rifleman had comparable boosts to the Cat class mod 100%+ damage is absurd. Playing Axton alongside other players isn’t actually that much different to playing him alone. More grenades is always nice, but running out won’t be much of a problem with the grenade mod we’ll be using, so no need to spend extra points here. Sabre Turret Action Skill. +5% Waffenschaden und +3% Feuerstossrate mit nicht-elementaren Waffen. If you’re still looking for guidance though, on the next few pages you’ll find a collection of max level builds for solo or multiplayer gameplay, along with a couple of focused ones built specifically to utilize Axton’s unique abilities. This means that your turret is more capable of dealing damage while your shields regenerate much faster, allowing Preparation to be used to full effect. Everything about Borderlands: Characters, shift codes, news, tutorials, guides, cheats, farm, glitch and more. Yeah. * Ready (1 point): More reload speed is always welcome. Due to me being a cheap-ass, I can't get any of the DLC, so I capped out at fifty, and I'm kinda torn on what else I could do. This guide will discuss some general Axton builds that are decent in both solo and co-op play. Does the second build work on all raid bosses? Demonite I know that the Impact Rifleman is theoretically the highest DPS with Axton, but it really is just so much less survivable, I feel like, than the Legendary Soldier. This is a fun build because you will be the one in the action dealing huge damage, while you can deploy turrets to distract enemies’ attention and with Double Up even Slag enemies for you causing even greater damage. Let start from the beginning with this Best Borderlands 2 Axton Commando Build guide. A new challenger appears! That ain’t what he calls Rock n’ Roll. For most of the time, your shield will be full and the turrets will do the job annihilating everyone, if they don’t the enemies will be slaged and easily killed by Axton. I mean, we’ll be tossin’ out our turret anyway, so why not get more benefits from it in the process? Meanwhile at the final tier, Nuke sounds bada$$, but we don’t have enough points to spare to afford it. With the grenade mod we’re using, that’s incredibly useful if we ever get knocked down. With the class mod we’re using, that’s a +40% boost! Here’s our guide for how to build Axton in Borderlands 2 in the Handsome Collection. Thank you for making this! After that’s been done, bounce back over to the Survival tree and max out Last Ditch Effort. Mensch When it comes to everything else there are a few choice talents to make solo gameplay easier. Double the gun, double the fun. Mouthwash is a simple relic- it buffs the damage done by Toothpick, the rifle I mentioned earlier. Why was he running so fast anyone got answers, I love Axton alot and he is my favorite character. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,, Now time to start building the Survival skill tree to get Gemini. For this build first, let’s focus on the Guerilla tree and unlock the following skills: Willing, Onslaught, Grenadier and Double up. * Rocket Pods (1 point): Because, you know. Per level: •Shield Recharge Rate: +15% •Shield Recharge Delay: -12%, Level 5:•Shield Recharge Rate: +75%•Shield Recharge Delay: -60%. And we’re only on the first tier of the tree at this point! ***For this build, I recommend taking all your points off Ready and putting them on Willing and also pulling points off Preparation. Grit can sometimes be imperative to saving your life since it’ll offer the chance to ignore damage and regain health. Axton stands out as being something of an all-rounder in the world of Borderlands 2. Spiel Skins They’ll bounce off the ground and pretty much immediately home in on a target. IF I was to level an axton say as a fresh character what would be an ideal build for playing him the first time through the game? I call it the Throwback ChallengeHere are the rulesPlay UVHM (No OP levels)…yetBuild your character without using the last 22 points you get from the additional level packsUse only Generation 1 class mods i.e (legendary Siren, Berserker, Soldier.. ect) No Pearl weapons i.e (Bekah, Godfinger, Sawbar…ect)No E-tech Relics i.e (Bone of the Ancients, Skin of the Ancients..ect)No Tiny Tina DLC loot i.e (Chain Lighting, Grogg Nozzle, Antagonist, Class Mods… ect)No OP gear… yet, If this challenge already exists someone please point in the that direction. I don't seem to be getting the amp effect of the bee during thoughtlock? Of course you’ve still got the ability to tear enemies apart with double turrets but when using this, make sure to remind your co-op partner that they can ask for a shield. * Do or Die (1 point): This is the last skill in this tree we pick up. I think. For this, you should unlock the following skills: Sentry, Scorched Earth. Ablenkung. With this build, the skill points will be concentrated on extra gun damage and increasing all explosive damage. Once the first Turret is deployed press [Action Skill] again to deploy the second. 1/1. Axton ist die Commando-Klasse in Borderlands 2, der Nachfolger des Söldners, Roland. Level 37-42: Points on Crisis Management skill: You gain increased Gun Damage and Melee Damage while your shields are depleted. Per level: •Fire Rate: +12% •Recoil Reduction: +15%, Level 5: •Fire Rate: +60% •Recoil Reduction: +75%, Level 31-32: Points on Longbow skill: Your Sabre Turret can deployed using Longbow technology allowing you to deploy it much further away. Without further ado, let’s get to leveling.

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