When Zhu Li thanked them for saving her and urged them to not be too hard on Bolin for having worked for Kuvira, emphasizing that his heart had been in the right place, Opal noted that Bolin had worked his way out of the "polar bear doghouse", kissing him on the cheek, much to his delight. he grew up in an orphanage in ba sing se but as soon as he was old enough he ran away with basically nothing, not a dollar to his name, so he was a street rat for a while, eventually he got mixed up with a triad (not the triple threat triads, just…another triad group man idk), and while he is an earth bender (he can also lavabend but that’s not important now) and was pretty decent at it he was still scrawny so mostly he just ended up running scams for them, eventually he gets into some trouble with the triads, books it out of ba sing se and straight into republic city, i’d imagine he’d run into toza like mako and bolin did, and that’s how he gets into probending!! Bolin's defining characteristic is that he's extremely loyal. Realizing it had been a ruse to get her there so they could have a romantic date, Opal rejected him by sarcastically noting how his gestures would completely make her forget that he had worked for Kuvira. She was placed at a courtyard together with all the inhabitants of the temple until Tenzin attacked Zaheer, Ming-Hua, and Ghazan and ordered everyone to head toward the stables once more. Suyin: Maybe try the opposite end of the building next time, hm? Kuvira tried to encourage her to forgive and forget, but their conversation was quickly interrupted by the annoyed governor. She later found Bolin attempting to metalbend without being seen. step aside mako bolin is clearly the real detective of the two, mako is just like shut up, shut the fuck up, SHUT UP, i also think that wu would be the member of the krew to get roped into becoming a mover star, mako buys tickets (disguising himself as a random citizen does Not Go Well) because he Loves Cinema (he wants to see his crush shirtless), okay anyways the canon events happen, resulting in mako becoming the crown prince of the earth kingdom…yin is still alive tho i couldn’t do that to them, mako is just told that he’s going to get a personal bodyguard by one of the advisors and he has no idea who it is until wu is literally standing right in front of him, he’s just like ?????? Cut my air supply, oh. A plan was devised in which Jinora airbent the keys away of one of their guards, which Meelo airbent in Opal's direction, who nimbly caught them, hiding them out of sight of the guard. When a farmer offered them what little he had, Opal assured him every little bit helped; their combined supplies would keep the townspeople held over until reinforcements arrived before the airbenders bowed to him in gratitude. They’re getting married WITHOUT the family’s blessing? File:Bolin and Opal gaze at each other.png. Their action broke the peace treaty, however, and they were forced to create a large whirlwind to keep the incoming soldiers at bay. Touching down again in a bamboo forest, Opal witnessed in delight as her aunt and grandmother reconciled, though glared at Bolin when he ruined the moment. Her leisurely activity was interrupted, however, when Pabu ran up to her and demanded her attention. After the insurrection of the Red Lotus was put down, Opal was upset to learn that her oldest brother, Baatar Jr., had joined Kuvira on her journey to unite the Earth Kingdom under her rule, growing bitter with her sibling for betraying their mother. like they are just so cute!!! because what the fuck why is his celebrity crush standing in front of him in a bodyguard uniform, mako is still brooding and angsty and a little starstruck so he doesn’t talk to wu unless he has to, wu on the other hand wants this job he got roped into to not be boring so he’s constantly trying to get mako to talk to him, oh pabu LOVES wu. my brain: but,,, fanfiction,,, cute couple,, i must!! Opal later talked to her parents about the matter, and they both agreed to let her move to the temple for her training. Despite being a new airbender, Opal has shown considerable skill in the bending art, able to seamlessly create swirls of air in tandem with Korra, who referred to her as a natural. Despite his body language, Mako has a slight smile on face as though he’s trying to hate that Wu’s hugging him, and not entirely succeeding. ((thank u, opal is there bc wing and wei decided to move to republic city to become probenders, and since she’s very close with them she follows them there ((again thank u saturn)), canon stuff still happens, korra goes to republic city, etc. Fucking scandalous. Opal blushed upon meeting Bolin and even accidentally introduced her name after it was already stated. Kai: Oh, snap. As she walked away, she only turned to apologize to Pabu for having subjected the ferret to her outburst. After Kai tied the bandits up, the governor approached them, happy to see the two though wondering why they were the only ones there. However, just as they got there, one of P'Li's combustion attacks scared off the bison, leaving Opal and the others at the mercy of the firebender. Mako, however, is not so enthusiastic about hugging Wu; he only hugs him back with one arm, his hand hovering slightly over Wu’s back. "Dude, she's so freaken into you. Prompt: Korra spends so much time in the library that she ends up befriending the library help desk girl. After Jinora managed to steal the keys from their guard, Opal unlocked her shackles. Being told that he wanted to learn the sub-art because he was a fan of Toph Beifong, she advised him not to be afraid to seek lessons from her mother. me, two hours, enough tears and a lost night of sleep later: I TOLD YOU TO GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP, i think my wuko roleswap au also maybe turned into a bopal roleswap au. While she acknowledged that the citizens might have been happy in first instance, she had also witnessed the people being forced to work as slave labor, while dissenters were sent off. However, at that moment, Team Avatar and her mother burst into their prison and swiftly took out the guards, before freeing them all. Opal concluded that being in Zaofu made Lin uncomfortable. While Jinora continued searching for Ryu and his tourist group, Opal and Korra made their way to City Hall, though before the could relay their discovery to the gathered world leaders, Bolin and Varrick barged in as well, much to Opal's surprise. The young airbender blushed and reintroduced herself. Korra and Asami are his best friends, Mako is his brother, and Opal is his girlfriend. Not wasting any more time, Opal and Bolin freed Zhu Li and returned to the factory to pick up the others, before flying off to safety. You’re okay!”. Upon reaching the enormous mecha suit, they dropped the balloons on the suit's windows, momentarily obscuring its vision and enabling the earthbenders on the ground to tie down the suit's legs. Proud papa Bolin <3 Headcanon: their first kid is... @thesearchingastronaut‘s Bopal wedding comic is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen ever *___* Here’s a sketchy thing inspired by it because I am in love. Bolin and Opal: I Want You Back. She was approached by Bolin, who was excited to see her again, though she turned her back on him, angrily declaring that he had chosen his side. Prior to this falling out with Opal the only character Bolin has had a falling out with in the series was Mako during season 2 when he did not believe that Varrick was responsible for orchestrating the attack on the southern water tribe cultural center. It follows Korra as she attempts to navigate a tense diplomatic summit to discuss Kuvira’s fate, and the difficult decisions and horrifying discoveries that made it nessecary. She was even strong enough to break up a duel between her mother and her aunt Lin, two powerful earth- and metalbending masters, in a single move. Opal was also introduced to her aunt, Lin, and was eager to meet her after hearing her mother's stories about Lin. Lin stated that Opal must make decisions based on what she wanted, not to make someone happy, confessing that she became a police chief to please Toph only to receive the opposite result. https://characters.fandom.com/wiki/Opal_(Legend_of_Korra)?oldid=45781. Suyin introduced Opal to the Avatar and her friends as her airbending daughter. side note about asami:: she may be a fire bender in this au but she’s still an inventor/engineer. Surveying the city, she wondered why Kuvira had tore down all the domes that formerly protected Zaofu. in that 3 year time gap wu is scouted to be the crowned prince of the earth kingdom’s bodyguard!! She meets Mako’s new girlfriend in the worse way possible, but she can’t help wanting to impress the other girl. At dawn, the three women walked up to Kuvira and her army and Opal ordered the commander to release her family. She alerted the rest of her team via a portable radio that the demonstration was about to start, prompting them to commence their rescue mission.

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